Saturday, March 29, 2014

Celebration Dinner...

Hello everyone.. 
Hope you are all doing well... 

Just wanted to post some pics of our 44th Wedding Anniversary dinner as requested.. smile.. 
The first photo is what it looked like here in Maritime Canada on our anniversary day..  
These are the pics of the table..

Do you like the candle holders?
I bought these in Pa. a couple of years ago to sell in the shop. 
Someone came in and bought quite a few and told me that this is what she planned to do with them.. 
Needless to say I saved the rest for home here.. 
For a little centrepiece I took an old milk pitcher and put in a stem of hydrangea and put a little pip berry wreath on top.. 

We had a Caesar Salad first with homemade dressing... 
1/2 cup of mayo 
1/4 cup of milk
1/4 cup of Parmesan 
1/2 - 1 tsp. anchovy paste 
1 clove of garlic, chopped and smashed
squeeze of lemon 
pinch of red pepper flakes (opt.)
salt and pepper to taste
Whisk together well and let sit for flavors to blend for a bit.. 
This is just a top of the head recipe I use.. 
You may want to add more or less of some of the ingredients.. 

And then we had Seafood Pasta for the main dish.. 
I had thought we would have some garlic bread but decided we didn't need it.. 
I made a dessert but we passed on that, too.. 
Our drink was Mountain Dew.. smile.. 
Next week we hope to go to a special place for our Celebration Dinner..  

Well, girls that is all for tonight.. 
We had Keepers of the Home today so I will try and post about it at the first of the week.. 
It was a great day.. 

Thanks so much for all of your kind wishes .. 
We appreciate them so much.. 
There was even a special phone call from our sweet friends the Mayo Family in Wisconsin.. 
Their blog is HERE..
Thanks so much for calling, Lori.. 
It made my day.. 

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day and we are having potluck after church so I need to go and make a dish.. 
They are calling for bad weather once again so we are praying that it will hold off.. 

Take care, dear hearts... 


  1. What a lovely table! Congrats on your anniversary! Quite a fete nowadays. Angela

  2. Your tablescapes are always so beautiful. I love your glassware. Happy anniversary, a little bit late!

  3. Table is beautiful, Faye. I love the glasses. Are the candles hooked on the side of the plate? Your menu is perfect! i think I would have had a teeny bite of dessert! 😉. xo

  4. Faye, I think your table is prettier than at any restaurant and I bet your meal tasted better too. Just lovely. Be safe tomorrow if you go to church. We're starting with snow here then changing over to freezing rain. It will be dangerous. Hugs. Pam

  5. looked so lovely, blessings to you both!

  6. Truly a romantic setting, perfect for a celebration of God's blessings.

    Happy weekend, Faye!

  7. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Your dinner sounds lovely and I too love the soft colours of the table. Hugs Sue

  8. Lovely table setting , you dinner looks and sounds YUMMY ! We got a blanket of snow this morning when we woke covered all the grass that was finally showing , but the temps are rising and sun is shine so it wont last long thank goodness ! Thanks for sharing , have a wonderful day !

  9. Your table looks beautiful, Faye.

    From the look of these pictures, I think you were already at the special place!


  10. What a romantic day and night. Stormy weather outside, romantic and cozy inside.

    xx oo
    Love, Carla


  11. Olá amiga, vim desejar-lhe um abençoado final de semana.
    Doce abraço Marie.

  12. Your anniversary dinner table settings are lovely. Candle holder that clamps onto the plate? What a novel idea! I enjoy candles as well. Light scents.
    I made applesauce yesterday. Lots of it and still need to get some put away today that I put in a bowl in fridge last night so I could was the big bowl. i'm behind but well it's done! Have a blessed week in the Lord!

  13. Faye your table looks so beautiful! I love the pink bowls and the candles. What a great idea. Happy Anniversary to you. I wish you many many more!
    Fran C

  14. Awww...what a special dinner! Happy Anniversary!

  15. Dear Faye,
    A beautiful setting for your Anniversary Dinner! You are such a romantic! Love Ya, Char

  16. Wow! It actually let me post a comment, Haven't been able to do that in a very long time. ;) Char

  17. What a beautiful table filled with so much love.
    Happy Anniversary.
    Many love prayers and blessings.

  18. Beautiful table for a beautiful couple!!!
    We had pot luck at church yesterday was a celebration of folks who were 90+ year olds. We have 6....isn't that great??!! Since it was special, I set pretty fancy tables and had flowers etc.. They were pleased, and everyone had a great time. Hubster the chef, cooked a huge ham, and everyone brought veggies, salads etc.. One lady baked a monster sheet cake and decorated it with "Happy Birthday 90 year olds". It was all wonderful!!
    Blessings to you and have a blessed week,

  19. Oh Mrs. Henry,
    It is I who was so blessed! I hung and said thank you Lord for this sweet sister.
    I also want to wish some of the miles away....(wink)
    I am also thinking I held that sweet lil-pretty dinner up a bit? Hope it did not get too late?
    Looks yummy and the set so lovely and all with love! ;)
    I can only pray that if the Lord allows Rog & I that many years together we will still have the health and all to celebrate like this.
    Thank you both for your example to all and may God bless you with many, many more years together to celebrate! (maybe a lil- less snow) ha
    Hugs & blessings~

  20. So very pretty...
    Those candles would give my husband a heart attack - but I like em. :) Cute idea...
    There is a story about he and candles and our wedding!! lol. That's why I say it that way.

    Wishing some GREEN for you - up there. Stay warm and safe.