Saturday, January 24, 2015

A little bit pantry...

Good Evening, my dears.. 
Here we are on a very stormy Saturday evening here in Eastern Canada... 
The snow and rain are coming down and the wind is up a bit.. 
And I guess there is more coming overnight.. 

Praying that everyone on the roads are safe.. 
Terry was up to the farm and he said the roads were horrid on the way home.. 

I was so glad to hear him come in.. 
The fire was going and supper was ready.. 
A rather healthy fish and chip... smile..

I so love fish and could eat it everyday almost.. 
To make it healthy, I just put a bit of butter in a pan and sprinkled the fillets with salt, pepper, parsley and some lemon juice.. 
And the chips were just a few potatoes that I coated with a bit of oil and kosher salt.. 
Sometimes, I add crushed garlic or rosemary.. 
We really enjoyed it along with a tossed salad ... 


I did not accomplish much on my weekly to do list this week as I was down with the flu for about 3 days.. sigh.. 
Oh well.. All better, now.. 

I did putter away when I could and managed to get my pantry cleaned... 
Oh ... It feels so good to get this big job all finished.. 

It is not a big pantry like my friend's but I am so blessed to have it.. 
When we bought this house 30 years ago it was a kind of pantry with just shelves all the way around.. 

Several years ago I persuaded Terry to put in a work counter with wee shelves here and there for spices and measures and such.. 

I put my kitchen aid in there and it is so nice to make my mess in there.. 
Have you noticed there are two types of cooks.. 
Tidy ones and messy ones.. 
I, of course am a very tidy cook.. not... grin.. 
No, sorry to say I am very messy but not much is going to change after all these years.. smile.. 

I cleaned off the first shelf and put some blue there.. 
Makes it look a bit more old fashioned, I think.. 
It used to look like this.. 

Now it looks like this.. 
The pic is not too good as it was a dark day, today.. 
Much more organized and a bit prettier.. 
I love pretty as much as organized.. 
How about you?

Shonda gave me the lovely labels for Christmas along with a chalk pen .. 
I have lots of grains and such so they are all in bottles that I save and the labels make them easier to find..

I found this sweet little set of blue dishes at a thrift shop..

I have a little collection of Flow Blue that my Mom gave me from my great aunt but they are safely put away behind a glass door in a cupboard in the hall.. 

I love this little antique flour cannister.. 

Do you love old, vintage and antique?
Or are you more modern..  

Spice Box...

Basil that I grew myself.. 
Actually, there is a whole cupboard of mason jars with herbs that I have dried or whatever.. 

Not perfect but much better.. 

Pots all hang on the other side as dear hubby made me some hanging racks.. 

Home made Vinegars and such..

A set of measuring cups my dear mother-in-law gifted me with many years ago.. 
I still use them.. 

My love for all things UK... smile.. 
That container there holds my lentils.

A just bit of a pantry post.. 
My friend has such a wonderful one that I posted about HERE..

Rhonda at the Down to Earth blog had a pantry challenge but I was late reading about it and did not have time to do it correctly.. 
Just decided to do my own little one.. 
Hope you enjoyed it.. 

The last few years I have been trying lots of grains.. 
Millet, Bulgur, Wheat, Quinoa and such.. 
Terry is not much into this stuff so I just usually make salads and sprouts with them for myself..  

One of my new faves is Freekah but I must admit that so far the best one is Quinoa.. 
Love it.. 
Freekah has a lovely nutty flavor.. 
It is an ancient grain, I believe.. 
You put them in a frying pan with a teaspoon of oil and toast them a bit first.. 
Then you simmer them like you do Quinoa for 15 or 20 minutes.. 
Cool .. 
Then add veggies and your favorite salad dressing.. 
Lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper and a herb or two.. 

Very nice lunch on a stormy day in front of the fire.. 
Oh and I love olives in it.. 

Tomatoes, green peppers, tomatoes, green onions and dressing.. 
Very very good for you.. smile.. 

Well, dear hearts that is all for tonight.. 
Hope you are having a great weekend and keeping safe.. 

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day.. 
I wonder what the storm will be like in the morning.. 

For now, though, I must get to bed.. 
The wind is blowing and my window will be open,.. 
Do  you open your window even in the Winter?  

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to your sweet comments. 
Thanks, too , for liking the Face Book page.. 
And welcome to the new followers ..
So glad to have you.. 

Take care, my friends.. xo

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  1. I enjoy vintage items. I read in a magazine recently about using a buffet as a pantry. Well, believe it or not, I have my grandmother's and have decided to use it. My daughter bought some pretzels today, buy one get one free and so she has two containers of it. Our shelves are full and so I told her to put them in the buffet. Now to remember it is there? Guess I need to post a note!! I need to clean it out a bit of "stuff" especially one side. I have been slowly going through things and downsizing and finding space for our non perishable food that I buy on sale. We are having warm weather here. Not a lot of snow in the mountains for skiing, here in Oregon. Have a good weekend!

  2. rain / snow headed our way in the next few days.
    I love your pantry! every little bit!
    I esp. love the blue dishes, swoon!
    I have a great love for blue dishes.
    I would love to have a walk in pantry,
    my friend in Maine has a fantastic one too!
    love seeing photos of them!
    I need to work on more healthy grains,
    have not tried the quinoa, and never heard of the freekah.
    so glad you are over the flu, bless you!

  3. I forgot to say, I never sleep with the window open,
    I freeze with the heat on, wearing double layers, and under a blanket.
    (as I type)! but this old house has enough drafts, I wouldn't need to open a window,
    the wind and cold seep in of their own accord!

  4. Vintage & antique every time Faye with my jars & tins.
    I love your pantry & all the blue & white. We sue blue & white all the time, it is great with young children as I can replace one piece from the antique shop down the road for pennies & it does not have to match as long as it is blue & white.
    We just have a small pantry now, just a few shelves & I keep the old fridge in there but we sue to have a lovely big one with Georgian cold slab, I do miss that pantry. I will have to see if I can find a photo of it.
    Loved your post & all the wonderful photo's.
    I made the pumpkin preserves, we are going to try them tonight on English muffins.
    Keep warm.
    Fondly Michelle

  5. Faye, I also finished Rhonda's pantry challenge a week late ! I too am experimenting with using different grains. I do like quinoa I must admit. It is a hot day here in Australia very much in contrast to the Northern Hemisphere so stay warm and safe on those roads.

  6. What a wonderful pantry! I would dearly love one to make my mess in, I am an extremely messy cook and baker. As it is, we have a pantry cupboard in our laundry room to hold extras, and I do count myself blessed to have a laundry room! I adore vintage and antique everything. A friend of ours, who lived here a few years, but was from Canada, would talk about how high the snow was, and about digging tunnels. My older kids who remember him regularly bring it up and think it would be great fun to live in Canada and have regular snow. Or live anywhere and have regular snow! We're in the tippy top of Oregon, and we're having a super "mild" (read; very drizzly and damp) winter, much to everyone's dismay - except poor hubby, who'd have to drive in it! Hope your Lord's Day is a blessed one!

  7. Old, vintage and antique is the way for me. I love your pantry, a real delight the blue china is stunning and all those glass jars are a real delight. Stay safe in all that snowy weather.

  8. I o miss having a pantry. Yours looks so practical and pretty at the same time.
    Now, although I know quinoa I have to admit that Freekah is a new one for me. I wonder if I can find it here?

  9. Ohh how pretty!!! I love the ducks measuring spoons/cups. I love old, vintage and antique. You stay safe, and keep that flu up there (wink and giggles). Blessings sweet friend...loved your post.

  10. Hi Faye;

    I LOVE your blue dishes!

    Your pantry looks lovely, and so welcoming. No wonder you come us with such great sounding meals.


  11. I love your pantry . I can see even more YUMMY foods being made in it lol ! It is a cold day here and the sun is trying ever so hard to peek through the cloud . No snow storm for us here today but we may get a bit of snow on Thursday . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week and stay cozy and safe ! P.S we sleep with the window open a crack in the winter to !

  12. Oh my your pantry is so organized and beautiful! Mine is a bit crowded as we are in the middle of places and not quite settled. Love the blue color of your china & cups. I'm definitely an old,antique,cottage person. :-)

  13. Love the pretty pantry tour. I have been trying to get ideas on different ways to organize mine and make it pretty at the same time. I have a tiny one though compared to yours, but you certainly inspired me. I love old things and don't feel at home if the old stuff isn't there. I could probably be very happy living in a museum. Thanks again for another wonderful post. Have a lovely weekend.

  14. You pantry is beautiful Faye. I love the blue and white dishes and all the vintage and antique things you have. It looks like a great spot to concoct something up. We had about 8 inches of snow here and although it's sunny today the wind is wild and causing bad drifting. Another big storm coming on Tuesday I hear. Take care.

  15. Faye,
    LOVE your pantry! I am vintage all the way. I was blessed to inherit some of a Great Aunt's large Ball jars and have most of my bulk items stored in those. We will be gearing up for a Nor'easter due to hit tomorrow night through Wednesday, so I will be stocking up tomorrow for sure! So grateful for your posts.
    Much love to you,

  16. Hello Faye, my first visit to your blog, and what a charming one it is. You look so organised, must take notes. Have a Blessed week ahead. Woo xx

  17. since we have started to eat healthier I have tried a few new things, I just don't like Quino tried it warm and in a cold salad. My pantry or my whole kitchen could really use a good organizing, love all your vintage goodies :)

  18. I love your pantry and I certainly love the blue dishes. I love old things. I like quinoa. A friend of mine that came to the bible study we used to have would bring quinoa salad a lot to share. It was always very good. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  19. Hello there...I found you...and you have a following widget thingy, I think I've put one in my blog now, thank you for pointing out my lack of said device the other day! What a sorry state of affairs!! I've been having a look through your blog too...very nice I must say, think I'll become a regular visitor. Take care. J. x

  20. Wow...I really love your vintage! I have never seen freekah but I do love me some quinoa! Great post!

  21. Oh Faye, I love your pantry. Vintage kitchen things always catch my eye...we have lots of antique shops in our town, and I'm hoping to hunt out a flour caster one day, when I'm not accompanied by my little ones :) I'm sorry to hear you have been poorly, but glad you are better now...puttering round the house is always good medicine. Now, I've just read you have a Facebook page so I shall have to go find it! God bless you and your family Faye. Love, Carly xx

  22. Oh yeah, I like quinoa too.... You have amazing blue things collected, thats a joy for my eyes and so many lovely nostalgic things - thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from Germany

  23. Hello Faye!
    I really enjoyed reading about your freshly cleaned pantry. I'm a homebody that loves and lives in her kitchen. (Bread baking today.:) Your blue dishes are a delight to see, and the photos are lovely.
    Have a wonderful day!

  24. I love all things vintage....your blue dishes are gorgeous.
    Your pantry is so pretty...I just looked at mine and shuddered. The little shelf unit is so cute
    I have never heard of Freekah, but your meal looks so delicious, I'm going to check it out
    Phoebe x

  25. Thank you for the glimpse into your working kitchen! I love the blue dishes... so pretty.... and I appreciate your sense of humor. Thank you ... and have a wonderful day. :)

  26. Hello Faye dear, I so enjoyed your post! Your pantry looks wonderful! I love the blue and white dishes...and the copper hanging beside them. :) How wonderful to have a work space in an area where it can be away from the main space in the kitchen! Very good idea!

    Thank you so much for sharing. xo

  27. It looks wonderful! It is always refreshing to finish up a big job like that. Whenever I get a closet or the like cleaned out I will go back several times and open the door to look at my work because it is such a refreshing feeling.

    I have not been attacking my to-do list this week either as I have caught the cold that my sone had last week. It has completely wiped me out. I am tired of laying around but just do not have the energy to do much more.


  28. My dear Faye, your pantry is just too sweet! I love the vintage items and the blue dishes from the thrift shop are beautiful!

    Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into your pretty home. Hugs to you!

  29. Faye, wow so pretty! Love the gooses! Thank you for your lovely visit and I'm happy you're asking me something. I took normal potting soil and put it in the egg shells, then I sowed the cress right on the top, watered everything - done! It's realy easy and the supposed to be ready in 6 - 8 days! Sure you will do it better than me.
    All my best and a happy time

  30. What a wonderful pantry. So organized.

  31. Hello Faye, I really enjoyed the tour of your old fashioned style pantry! The various shaped and size jars you have collected are just my style (as I tend to be a jar lover)! Thanks for sharing with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! We do hope you join in again next week... I am now following along :)

  32. Good morning! Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays last week! This post has been *featured* today on our blog. We would love for you to share again this week! Happy Monday to you! :)

  33. Everything looks lovely. We have a few flurries falling now. I want snow, but it's supposed to be 36 today. We shall see.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  34. Your pantry is beautiful. :)