Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The days of January...

Hello everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth again today.. 

Are you experiencing this cold weather?  
I guess we expect this in Canada and we get along fine with it.. 
Terry just keeps putting wood in the furnace and I make soup.. smile.. 

Lentil Soup... 
the recipe is HERE...

It is also sprout week..

Love my sprouts and I told you how to do them HERE..

I guess this is a bit of this and that kind of post.. 
Today I was making curtains to replace my Christmas kitchen ones.. 
In the process I noted that the windows needed cleaning.. 

Terry had picked me up one of these cloths at the Dollar Store.. 
I have been using them for several months and they are great.. 
All you do is wet the cloth and wash your windows.. 
They really work.. 
We have lots of French doors in this house and they are great for doing quick wipe ups... 
Just thought you might like to know that.. grin.. 

We went on our town day yesterday and did a bit of thrift shopping.. 

I bought this great crock type container for three dollars.. 
It is for my bananas that I dried.. 
I told you about them last post and yes we really like them.. 
All you do is slice them and dip them in lemon juice and then place on your dehydrator.. 
I think next time I will slice them crosswise and a bit thicker.. 
The item I saw on the internet sliced them lengthwise into about five slices, though.. 
Also, I will not dry them quite so long.. 
After several hours then just start checking.. 
But they are good.. 

One reader in my last post mentioned she dips them in water and honey which I would like to try, also... 
If she reads this perhaps she will share the measurements with us in the comment section.. 

This is what I was doing today.. 
Making a valance.. 
A double one.. 
I had bought a sheet at the thrift store that had this tag on it.. 
I measured and started tearing the fabric.. 
After I tore two pieces I noticed that it was not tearing straight.. 

Oh great... 
It took me a few hours to finally get all of the pieces the right measurements and sewn... 

I love the colours and they look fine..
It was too dark tonight to take a pic when I finally got them finished.. 
Perhaps, tomorrow.. 

Step one in my kitchen little redo.. smile..  

What are you girls busy doing ? 
I bought a lovely red wool coat yesterday to do my felted bed runner... 
Hopefully, I will get that started tomorrow.. 

I still have my tree up.. 
Is that not pathetic??? 

I have everything else down and taken to the basement where I am storing them for the first time.. 
That will leave me with a whole double closet up here.. 
Tomorrow for sure, I hope.. 

When I get done here I want to make a loaf of bread for tomorrow.. 

The link for that is HERE..

Are you making this bread? 
 Tomorrow is going to be one of the coldest days so I think we will appreciate the smell of baking bread, eh? 

I guess that is all for today, my friends.. 
Hope you are keeping warm.. 

Next time, I will post a little questionnaire for you all.. 

Looking forward to hearing from you and glad you like the Anonymous being back on.... 
God bless.. 


  1. Oh boy Faye...winter is certainly here to stay, for awhile at least :0) I also dry bananas, we absolutely enjoy them here. We also fry them, but those have to be green ;D the fabric is just perfect! it is going to look beautiful in your kitchen - I just know it :D have a wonderful rest of the week Faye... mari

  2. I so enjoy reading your posts. I am a Christian also. I live in central Pennsylvania. It's cold here also.The curtains are beautiful. Crystal

  3. Faye, it is warm here in SE Queensland but we have been spared the heat and bushfires that have been raging in our southern state of Australia. Hopefully the forecast rain will put the fires out. We saw on the news last night about the cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere. It is so hard to imagine when the sun is beating down over here. I hope you all keep warm and I know you are so used to dealing with the cold anyway. My brother lived in Alberta for a few years and he could only cope with the cold for ten years or so then he came back to live on the coast here in Queensland. His children were born in Canada and returned there to live once they grew up as I guess Canada was 'home' to them :-)

  4. It is six below zero here right now, with a wind chill of twenty below... brrrrrr! I made soup and rolls today... it was the perfect day for soup! I love the fabric of your new curtains... red is one of my very favorite colors! Stay warm!!

  5. I was just thinking about dehydrating bananas. Now you posted yours. My daughter in love dehydrates bananas too. I think she uses honey. I like the idea of them a bit thicker and diagonal. I did not dehydrate apples like I did last year. But still have alot left. We are having fog til Fri. Chilly. Take care. God bless!!

  6. Love the fabric for the valance, looking forward to seeing it in all its glory. I too have just made up a batch of soup, its perfect for the time of year. I do cheat with the bread I have a bread maker.

  7. Looks and sounds like you have bee busy lol ! Love the colours of the valance ! We had a snowstorm from Tuesday over night and all day yesterday everyday has been bitterly cold as well yesterday was the coldest day here for us so far windchill of -25C BRR!! Still snowing this morning to , Good finds you have there to ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day and stay cozy !

  8. Oh you keep so busy. I love felting! It has been harder to find the wool at the thrift shops because of those smittens everyone is making. I have found a place at the Goodwills where they have been putting wool blankets - in the pet area, for dog beds. I have found some great old feltable wool there - a tip for anyone reading. :). Have a great day!

  9. Always love my visits with you Faye, very comforting. That is really neat the felting, good to keep busy. Blessings Francine.

  10. Your valance looks so pretty Faye.
    We have had cold weather here & going through wood so fast. But today is lovely & sunny, storms are forecast though.
    I am just going to click on the bread recipe. I never seem to do well when I make US bread recipes maybe the flour is different, do you have different flour to America.
    Keep warm.
    Fondly Michelle

  11. Don't hurry to take your tree down....just enjoy it and the lights for now. :) The valance is pretty and you are smart to buy at the thrift stores for fabrics. I've not seen those cleaning cloths so will have to look here for one. My windows are so streaky as I use Windex and paper towel. I know it's not the best stuff to use! The banana slices look quite tasty. Stay warm. Lucky you to have a wood furnace.

  12. Hello Dear Heart..... Brrrrrrr!!!! Kim and Todd gave me ne of those blanket throws that are electric for Christmas. Oh, are they nice and not heavy!!! I use it every night in my easy chair. Also, Jim gave me the first four seasons of Downton Abbey. Faye, it is so good! Anyways, I love your curtains ...I like the flowered fabric with the plaid fabric. Very nice! I have been debating as to whether I would like a dehydrator or not. Those bananas look very good. Keep warm and remember me.


  13. Hello Faye! Happy new year to you and Terry. That soup looks delicious. Stay warm. xx

  14. Hello dear heart,I am so enjoying reading your blog.You inspire me with all your wonderful recipes,and your creativity.Just imagine your ideas are going all over the world and you challenge us to create!Your love for The Lord and the message you spread makes me proud to call you friend.Keep inspiring us!Love DM

  15. What a delightful cozy spot is your home! You are a special creator of all this is hominess and we love enjoying your delightful way you 'do' it ~Smile... Many ideas to help each of us in our own homes! Thank you for taking the time to share!

  16. Such a great find with those fabrics that made your valance. I still have my tree up too, we keep our items in our garage (no basement) and it has been just too cold to go out there and get all the containers to put it all away.