Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cold weather projects and gingerbread spoons...

Happy Weekend, everyone.. 
We are having a lovely cool sunny one here in New Brunswick.. 

Terry and I went for a little drive up to our old farm a couple of days ago just to check on the place as it was so cold and he wanted to make sure the heat was still going.. 
The drive there is very beautiful and part of it is along the brook which is where the place gets it's name.. 
Prosser Brook.. 
It was still flowing which surprised me as it was so cold.. 

What a lovely shade of green, eh?  

I could not even begin to get a photo of how beautiful it was.. 

This was actually almost like a small falls but I could not capture it with my camera.. 

Just imagine this old brook has run here for hundreds of years, probably.. 
I remember my uncle telling me that his Papa had moved to Prosser Brook and built the farm in 1907.. 

We checked everything out and Terry made a fire while I read since we were not staying.. 
Soon we headed home but stopped on our way at bee keepers who lives in a house which is tucked into a hollow...

Terry goes up to the door to knock and left the car door wide open.. 
Ok.... I am thinking ... 
He will only be a minute.. 
A lady comes to the door and tries her best to hold two big German Shepherds in the house.. 
One of them gets out and starts barking ... 
OK... the door is still wide open..
They are going to come out here and get right into the car, I am thinking..  
A man now comes to the door and tells Terry to come in out of the cold and he pushes the two dogs out and closes the house door.. 
The dogs look around and decide to come over and check out the car.. 
Ok... the door is still open.. 
They don't really stop but go back to the house and wait for them to open the door again.. 
Well... that is good...
 It is one of the coldest days we have had and my car door is still open.. 

I know .. I know.. 
Just reach over and close it.. 
I take off my seatbelt and kind of quietly lean over to try to reach the door and yes the dogs hear me and come to the car door and both of them try to get in at the same time and barking at me.. 
With huge teeth only about a foot from my face... 
Yup... just like I pictured it.... 
Lord help me.. 
Get out.. get out... I am saying.. sort of.. 

Then the lady comes running out and pushing at them to get them out and she is wiping off Terry's seat and apologizing.. 
She doesn't think they would hurt me.. 

No... No... that is ok.... 
I am fine .. no really.... I am fine.. 

My feet are numb and I might be literally shaking with terror but no... 
I am fine.. 
Out comes the dear man with a large bottle of honey... 

Oh honey.. are you ok?????
Oh sure... 
I am fine.. no really.. I am fine.. 
Gotta love him.. 

When we got back I made this for his supper.. 
Honey Glazed Ribs...  grin.. 

Some fried rice, egg rolls and our homemade dill pickles.. 
I love dill pickles with rice.. 
I do not know why.. 
I was making bread.. 

It turned out lovely and is so good.. 
We won't have it often but it was good until the last bite, believe me.. 
Michelle asked me if our flour is the same as the USA and the all purpose flour is the same.. 
As far as I know, anyway.. 

This is the bag that a Christmas present from our daughter came in.. 

The present was big and the bag ended up ripping.. 
I always recycle my bags so I couldn't bear to throw this one out.. 
Recycle, reuse and relove is my motto.. 
So while Terry was watching a movie (old cowboy ones) I cut the snowmen out.. 

Used my glue stick and pasted them onto a cereal box or such.. 

Cut them out and punched a hole in the top.. 
Tied a string for little hangers and then ran another piece of string through the loops.. 
A winter garland.. 
Now I have to find a place to hang it.. 
Winter around here is for another 3 months abouts... 

I am working on my felted bed skirt.. 

I bought a beautiful red coat at the thrift store... 

When we were at the farm I found this old wool blanket and cut it up.. 
Terry brought up my big canning pot and into the boiling water they went. 
First the red then when they were boiled I changed the water and did the white one... 
While the white one boiled I put the red pieces into the washer and washed them more in hot water and then rinsed in cold and spun them out.. 
Placed them all on a rack in the guest bathroom to dry.. 
Next week, Lord willing, I will tell you the rest of the story... grin. 

And here is a pretty poor pic of my finished valance.. 
The colors are much prettier.. 

But you get the drift, eh?  

Quite a few girls commented on the gingerbread spoons on my last post.. 

They are wonderful dipped in tea or coffee and very easy to make.. 
(Or so my friend Dawn was telling me) heehee..

Here is the link for the recipe right Here..

To make the cookies you just roll out as usual.. 
Place a spoon face side up and with a sharp knife (you may have to try a couple to find the one that works the best) and cut around it.. 
Using a frosting spatula or long thin one put each cookie on a sheet.. 
I then just pressed the spoon area down with my finger and put about a half of a teaspoon of turbinado sugar on top.. 
I bought the sugar at the bulk barn and use it for my cider mix and such.. 

So, dear girls that is all for tonight.. 
Thank you so much for answering my questionnaire.. 
You guys rock !! 
If you have not done it and would not mind then just go HERE..
I appreciate all your help.. 

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day.. 
Looking forward to worshipping our God with some dear folks.. 

I look forward to reading your comments and if you have any questions then I will answer in the comment section.. 

Welcome to all the new followers.. 
Love having you all with us.. 

Joining Stephanie at the Enchanted Rose HERE..

Come and join in.. 


  1. I love the stream. I pinned the spoon! You are so creative!

  2. Beautiful photos of the stream, beautiful scenery Faye. I would love to try the spoons, love gingerbread. Keep Cozy, Francine.

  3. I have been through Prosser Brook a few times in my youth on Sunday drives with my parents. Mum loved it in there. I bet we drove right by the old farmhouse too. Your photos of the roaring brook are beautiful. It looks like a glacial stream with the green/blue water. I would have been terrified of those dogs! Wow. Good thing they were 'friendly' eh? Your valence looks beautiful! Have a blessed Lord's day.

  4. Oh my goodness, I am so glad that nothing happened with the dogs! I was bitten by a German Sheppard when I was little, and well, it had rabies, and 18 shots later.... I still remember the pain :0(

    Anywhoo... thank you for sharing that wonderful garland with us. I have a bag that has quite a bit of snowmen on them...mmm, I think I'll try your idea and see what happens :0)

    by the way... the garland is just beautiful!


    1. ... and so is the brook! :0) mari

  5. I just got home from church and am relaxing and reading the new blog posts. Thanks so much for the gingerbread spoons recipe, Faye. I did quite a search on the net for them but didn't find much. I will keep them in mind for winter...not that our winters are anything like yours here in Australia of course :-) What a fright the dogs gave you!

  6. thankful she came out in time, I have a bad habit leaving the truck door open.
    now I will rethink that!!
    love the garland guys and the spoons.
    waiting to see what you are up to!

  7. The water is certainly beautiful, but even viewing the photos online the water looks freezing! :) So glad you were okay and the lady came out in just the knick of time!

    Your spoons look quite tasty and what a clever idear for hot drinks. I saw Tim Horton's on your mug...oh, how I love Tim Horton's. Whenever I visit my family in Canada I always make several visits to Timmy's :)

    Hugs to you!

  8. Wow..Loved it all and the GB spoons look awesome..I love the curtains / valance..Homespun is my favorite fabric I would wear clothes made out of homespun if I could. I have not been blogging much (long story) but I am back and enjoying reading my friends blogs. Come over to my blog when you have time and click on the link on there for my give away..There is 3 of us Ladies that have got together and each make different things and we are each offering one of our hand mades in the give away..Have a great Sunday and looking forward to more great pictures from you soon

  9. That must have given you a real fright. The pictures of the brook are stunning. The valance is beautiful a real delight and the spoons are something to remember to make when all the family are home for hot chocolate. I usually do chocolate one and break a candy cane over them. God bless.

  10. Hi Faye thank you so much for visiting my blog & your lovely comment. I see we have a lot in common through reading your blog. May you have a blessed Sunday Marie x

  11. Hello Faye, love this post! The snowman garland made from the Christmas sack is a great idea. I'm going to give that a try. :-) Your valance is lovely and I look forward to seeing your felted bedskirt. I've never done felting, but I'd like to learn.
    Your photos are beautiful! :-)
    Have a lovely day! God bless!

  12. Hi Faye !
    Oh my I would of be scared to have those dogs run at me whilst I was in the car with the door open , glad they didn't hurt you . WOW ! you have such talent for making things as looks and sounds wonderful ! great photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  13. Beautiful pics of the river, oh my your story was too funny, that would be something my hubby would do, but it looks like it was a good stop, made a yummy dinner :) Your valance looks terrific and look forward to seeing what you do with that red coat :)

  14. Hi Faye;

    What an experience with the dogs........ I would have been terrified.

    I am intrigued by the felted bed runner, can't wait to see it.


  15. Your Chinese meal looks wonderful Faye, I love Chinese.
    I am a little dog lover, I would have just sat there rigid.
    Your valance is beautiful.
    Stay warm
    Fondly Michelle

  16. Loved the beautiful pictures and crafts, had never thought of doing that with a bag. It kind of makes me sick now thinking of all the bags I threw away because I didn't think they were good for anything else. Thank you so much for the GB spoon idea, I love it. Your valance turned out so pretty, and I can't wait to see what the bed runner looks like. Your food pic made me hungry, it looked really good. Have a good day, and God bless you and yours.

  17. I love the idea you had for the pretty bag, I would never have thought of it and I cannot tell you how many bags I save because I like the print on them. Glad you are having sunny days this fine month. I love the sun in January :)

  18. I love the photos of the river. Beautiful!! I just wonder how fast that water can move. And how cold too! Thank you for capturing the beauty to share with us.

    A great idea about the bag and making it into a garland. :-)
    Have a blessed week!

  19. Love the stream pics! Awesome colors in God's world!! Your blog is always so enjoyable! I wouldn't change a thing!

  20. I'm sure we are all happy that those dogs didn't eat you for lunch!!! We would have missed you terribly. The pictures of the brook are beautiful and I can almost feel how cold the air was around you. Your food always makes me so hungry. Those ribs look delicious. Would you share with us how you make your egg rolls? Blessings to you and Terry.

    1. Yes, dear Sandy.. I will try and do the recipe next post.. xo

  21. I do love the outdoor pictures you take! And how busy you have been already this year! I can't wait to see what becomes of the red coat...!!

  22. Oh what a lovely blog!--hopping over from Stephanie's. I love your valance that you made. Beautiful. If it is ok, I like to come back and visit your blog & add it my reading list. Blessings

    1. Oh yes.. I would love to have you.. Any time.. smile. xo

  23. Love the outdoor pictures and you have such a wonderful blog.

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  25. What a most interesting post! I loved it all. I am visiting for the first time...from Stephanie's link.