Monday, January 12, 2015

Domestic Bliss...

Hi everyone.. 

Here we are beginning another new week and halfway through the month of January already..
I am enjoying these Winter evenings.. 
Are you? 
Our weather thus far has not been too bad and usually the evenings  are nice and cozy.. 
Cups of lovely tea and reading or searching the web for wonderful creative ideas.. 

We are hoping to have a Keepers meeting in a week or so and I find myself looking for ideas that will be interesting to the girls.. 

Now .. 
To change the subject. smile. 

I had asked this question in the questionnaire.. 

10.. Have you heard about the talk of the new trend  called "the New Domesticity?

No one seemed to have heard of it.. 
In my reading I came across this and found it kind of interesting and thought perhaps you would, too.. 

What they are saying is that in this scary world that seems to have lost it's way with the economy, environment and wars that there is a growing movement of smart young women and some men who are embracing what they call the new domesticity.. 

It seems they are getting back to basics like cooking, crafts, gardening and other domestic tasks.. 

They are enjoying learning to make jams and jellies, preserving green beans and crocheting or knitting hats and mittens.. 

I have noticed a change in the blog world where there are so many blogs now written by young mamas who are kind of  hippie like in their goals of creating homesteads and home schooling their kids.. 
They are making home made everything from yogurts, home cleaning products and even their toiletries... 

They may have decided to change from the traditional careers to writing blogs, growing their own veggies and starting Etsy shops on the Internet to sell their crafty goods or earning money by writing .. 

They are saying that there seems to be a trend of leaving fancy jobs and finding substitutes in traditional home making and selling wares on the Internet and having home businesses.. 

People are writing books about it and wondering how this is going to affect the future generation of young women who have during the past culture had goals of being corporate workers but are now putting home and hearth first.. 

They are wondering what role the media and blog culture are playing in making domesticity look very appealing.. 

They wonder how this has happened and if it bodes ill for gender equality.. 

They are calling it the New Domesticity and are discussing whether women can or should have it all.. 

This is basically what I have read and took notes from a couple of sites so I could share it with you.. 

I found it all  a bit heart warming to tell you the truth..

I think it is a wonderful move and I think that families will be enriched.. 

Personally, I am not a bit worried about gender equality and whether women can have it all or not.. 
How about you?

I think children will be blessed to have their mothers there in the morning when they get up and still there when they come home from school if it is possible to do.. 

Husbands who come home to find their wives running home businesses and home schooling their children will no doubt be much happier with the end result..(Just my opinion) smile

I know that with the world's economy women need to work sometimes but just maybe with foresight and frugality there is a way for some to stay home and raise families..   

What do you think? 
Have you noticed this going on?  

I am happy if there is a move to place home, hearth and family first.. 

Of course, that is not always possible and I did read that lots of girls don't really want to give up their careers but spend their free time reading blogs about the ones who are doing this but as for themselves they just want to read about it.. 

All in all as far as I am concerned the main thing is that the home is Christ centred and by putting Him first in lives and hearts then whether the lady of the house works outside or not then it will be a happier home.. 

What say you...

I hope you will comment and perhaps we can have a little discussion going on.. eh?  

I do have a couple of recipes for you that are very simple and good.. 
I made this simple salad dressing tonight and loved it.. 
Of all the dressings I have made I don't know how I have missed this one. 

My new fave..  

Homemade French Dressing.. 
6 T. canola oil
2 T. wine vinegar
1/2 tsp. sugar 
1 tsp. Dijon Mustard 
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.. 
Whisk all together and pour over a mixed salad. 

We had this for supper, too.. 
I am not a meat eater so we always share a chicken breast.. 
That is my piece.. grin.. 

Lemon Oregano Chicken Breasts..

2 chicken breasts (I used the bone in and 1 big one)

1 lemon .. 
1 T. olive or canola oil 
pinch of dried oregano 
sea salt and pepper.. 
Rinse and dry chicken breasts.. 
With a sharp knife make a couple of slits across the tops and place on a plate.. 
Mix the marinade and pour over the chicken.. 
I let this sit for an hour and turned the chicken over halfway through.. 
Heat a frying pan on medium heat and when hot add the chicken and marinade.. 
Cook on each side 6 minutes or until done.. 

This would be good with something besides mashed potatoes but I made my husband eat an all veggie soup for lunch and was not happy that there were no potatoes in it.. grin.. 
Mashed potatoes for supper.. 

Thank you, dear hearts.. 
So glad you dropped by and please leave a comment.. 

God bless.. 


  1. I have noticed among my younger friends the trend you are talking about. It just made me smile because when I was a newlywed so very many years ago, we were into saving the trees, saving the whales, all natural cosmetics, making our gardens and such.I'ts a good feeling to watch that come back because it brought me so much joy. I have been looking for magazines from that time period and when I find one, it makes me so happy and gives me so many good memories. I have noticed that in that time, each of the kitchens looked so different. People weren't afraid to do their "own thing" when it came to decor. It wasn't the cookie cutter stainless appliances, granite counters, etc that we see so much of now. What do you think? The dressing recipe looks like a good one that I will definately have to try. I can't wait to see what you come up with for the keepers meeting, I always look forward to those. You have a wonderful evening, and as always, God bless you.

    1. It seems that you and I are of the same era, Gayle.. smile. I remember doing all that and you did do your own decor .. I remember gingham.. smile.. Thanks for commenting, dear. xo

  2. Hi Faye ! YUMMY ! recipes ! My thoughts on this well it just has a modern name but to me it still is being a homemaker is what we called it back in the day which when I was younger and grew up on the farm is just what my mum did and we lived off of our land and live stock and to be honest I think I am a better person for it all . I just wish I could of stayed home the entire time when my kids were growing up but it just wasn't possible but now that I am retired and are a homemaker I enjoy it . I think these homesteaders as they used to call it find it more full filling and less stress as they do things on their own time and it all seems to be more layed back and relaxed and they have learned to live with not having so much as well which in these days folk can become greedy when in a big corporate job and have no time or make no time for anything else as all they see are dollar signs and how much they can spend where as a homemaker/ homesteader /domesticity they learn that life is for living and for family and to make due with what you got and be thankful for it all and realize that life is to short to waste it in a job that most don't even like ! That's my opinion anyways . Thanks for the conversation and for this post it does raise some answers as well as questions and makes one go HMM ! Have a good day !

    1. Yes, it is still homemaking, Elaine. And life is short especially when it come to the time it takes to raise our children and make a home for them before they make their own... We need to treasure this time.. You are right and we need to be thankful.. Thanks for commenting and visiting, my friend.

  3. My own daughter gave up her career as a magazine editor when she had her baby son and works from home as a copy writer, setting up her own business so that she doesn't have to leave him.

    1. It is so wonderful when girls can do this .. What a blessing it is to be able to stay home but still work at something you love and bring in a pay cheque.... God bless, dear.

  4. I work in a craft shop & we recently ran knitting crochet patchwork classes because so many young people wanted to learn & had never been taught these skills. Alas my own 3 daughters never wanted to learn :( I encourage all young people who come into the shop to keep going as all these skills are so rewarding. Have a blessed day x

    1. Yes, these old skills are wonderful and with the economy so necessary or will be, I think.. I love seeing girls sitting and waiting with knitting on their laps.. And a child or two scampering about.. These days pass all too quickly.. eh? Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment.

  5. Faye, I thought I commented this morning on my iPad but I often send comments into cyberspace on that thing :-) I think that things go full cycle in some areas where the issue of homemaking is concerned. I stayed at home with my children when they were little which was the norm in my group of friends in the early 1980s and then was blessed to get a part time job at the Christian school they attended so I took them to school with me and brought them home and, if they were sick, was able to change around my work days. It was a job with the ancillary staff and wasn't stressful and I didn't come home exhausted. I had all the school holidays off work so was able to spend that time with the children as they were growing so it was the perfect job for me. House prices weren't high when we bought our house in the 1970s so our house (an old one then) was paid off in a few years. Things are different now unfortunately as housing is very expensive here in Australia.

    1. It does seem to be going full cycle like you say as I also stayed home during the seventies but in the late eighties started a home business.. It is great because you are home when the kids are there but you are also bringing in an income. Even better when you love doing your job.. Both the business but also the home making.. Thanks so much for your comment and for visiting, my dear.. I think times are tough the world over. xo

  6. So that is what it means! Yes, I have heard of this new phrase...I am just as excited as you Faye, that we are returning to our roots really. It may have a different spin with a new title...but it is the same :0) Thank you for sharing dear lady... mari

  7. Thanks for dropping by Mari.. And yes it is the same spin.. smile.. xo

  8. Well, I guess in the family I grew up in....this is what the women and men did. I was blessed to have a family who put priority on the right things. I am the better for it. I too quit my 9-5 when my girls were babies - 20 years ago. The Lord blessed me! I have resorted to all kinds of home based money making ideas...I've even been called "Jacky of all Trades..." I don't know about that, but I don't regret one moment of not having, the newest, best or biggest - anything! I do relish in the memories I have in all of the days I spent with them!

    1. Hi Jacky.. Thanks for your sweet comment, dear. I did work out when we were young a couple of times but when the kids started school I found my mode in selling.. Tupperware, Watkins, what have you until I discovered the glue gun.. grin.. Then I started a business.. Women do like their own pin money perse and it does help a lot. It was nice to be home.. Thankful..

  9. You always make me so hungry Faye, something yummy in coming from your kitchen.Blessings Francine.

  10. Hi Faye, I love your blog. Always find something that I can relate to or be inspired by...
    I am aware of this trend toward domesticity...(just didn't know it had a name:)
    God bless you and Happy Blogging...

  11. It was interesting to read your post and the comments, Faye. I guess, since I've been blogging, that I 'knew' about this domesticity thing but didn't know it was labeled. I also think it's good old fashioned home-making coming back in style, which is great! These young moms and some dads too, are learning new things that were missed by their parents perhaps, as they went out into the work world. I was very blessed to be a stay-at-home mom to our kids and am pleased that our daughter is able to do the same with their 3 boys. It's hard to do in today's world with the economy and the price of food, clothing and housing but if one can do it, I think it's good for all concerned. Very interesting post. Thanks for sharing and the discussion today. Blessings. Pam

  12. My daughter-in-law has decided to stay home with our grandsons-age 2 and 3 weeks. She has her own home business sewing and custom machine embroidery. Her parents have a ranch in Northwest Texas and they supply her with lots of fruits and vegetables which she cans and freezes. Our son hopes someday to be able to work from home also. We're very proud of them.

    1. That should read "...age 2 years" for that first grandson!

  13. My husband and I decided that once we had children I would stay at home with them. Our first son was still born then we had our daughter and then I lost 2 more babies after that. We only had our daughter and we felt blessed to have her, I still stayed home the whole time, and although we didn't have all the "things" that other families had that the mother worked outside the home we knew it was the right thing for our family to have me at home. My parents raised 6 kids and my mom was quite frugal in alot of ways that I learned and we try to do things still even though our daughter is now married and it is just the two of us. I was lucky I never felt the need to have a career outside the home I was very happy to stay at home and be here for my child and husband :)

    1. Hi Connie.. When we stay home we do find lots of frugal ways to help out just like our grandmas did.. Thanks for your sweet visit, dear.

  14. Lovely post and all very well said. I totally believe if at all possible, moms should be in the home. Your recipes look delicious. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

    1. Hi Donna.. So nice to hear from you and thanks for stopping by.. Still lifting you folks up in prayer.. God bless. xo

  15. I guess me too - would say I knew of this - and yet the name of it per say had me stumped. I am a young-at age-41- Stay-at-home mom. That's all I knew. That is what my mom and grandmothers had done - and what I want to do for the rest of my life Some of these "new domestic" moms, though, put even me to shame. I could grow and do way better - I am sure.

    1. Hi Bevy... You do very well and are probably one of the kind of girls I am talking about.. smile.. xo

  16. I did know of it, but as a few others, I did not know the official name of it. :-)
    I am a stay at home mom of two boys and we home school. I feel so blessed to be able to have the freedom to home school and the blessing to have been able to stay home with my boys.
    I agree, my home is happy and my husband is happy. We do not have all the fancy stuff others have, but we have our Family and that I am so Thankful.

    Great post, thank you for sharing.

    1. Such a blessing to your dear family for you to want to be there Carla and happy with your choice.. Thankful, indeed.. God bless. xo

  17. I knew of it too but like others did not have a name for it. I think it is wonderful, if others can do it & make their lives more simple it is great. This is all I have ever known, I worked in London before having a family & it was not me at all. I didn't do that for long & have been blessed with a wonderful husband & 8 children. I have been truly blessed to have been able to stay at home with our children, yes we have done with out many things but those things we really do not want.
    I loved your post so much Faye, sometimes people want so much but then realise love, fellowship & family are the most important things.
    Fondly Michelle

    1. I so love hearing from you, Michelle.. You are a wonder with all you do and 8 children.. I know that God has truly blessed you.. xo

  18. I think this trend is great! I have always been home and home schooled our five children for 23 years. I am now what my husband calls retired. :) In the 5 1/2 years since I graduated our youngest I have learned many new domestic skills and started baking most of our bread and canning and some gardening. I really did not have time for many of these things while the kids were still at home. I am enjoying my life and my husband has the benefit of my managing the house while he is away at work. I would not change a thing but many are surprised to find out that I am a stay at home wife and do not desire to work outside of our home. Honestly it would just be something to do since we do not need another income so my time is better spent on taking care of us.

  19. I loved being able to stay at home and raise my children, I would do it all over again, but it's not for everyone and I respect that. I think as long as the family is happy and thriving then all is well whether working in the home or outside the home.

  20. I came in on your post late, but just wanted to comment. First, I am 69 years young. My husband & I married young & I worked while he went to college. We started our family young as well...2 boys 7 years apart (not by choice). When I was growing up my mother & father both had to work because my father's health wasn't good & insurance didn't cover everything back then. I came home from school to an empty house which always felt cold. I was the oldest & only girl, so my job was to put coffee on & tidy up from the morning. But I understood that we wouldn't have food on the table if there weren't 2 meager incomes. It also put in me a desire to be at home with my future children if at all possible. My wonderful husband agreed & I was able to do that. Even if I beat the boys home by only 5 minutes, there were always lights on & a welcome with some kind of homemade treat. I loved every minute of it & truly felt fulfilled. I sometimes had people ask what I would do if my husband left or died, but my answer was that if I'm where the Lord wants me now, He will not punish me later.
    Just after our youngest son finished college, my husband lost his job unexpectedly due to downsizing. We purchased a small retail business that sold items for the, lighting, pottery & other items that we felt made for a cozy home. In a sense it was what I had trained for all those years at home. The Lord is faithful!! After 17+ years we finally planned our retirement, but unfortunately my husband passed away unexpectedly just before we were to fulfill that dream. But that is a whole other story of God's faithfulness. I miss him terribly, but God has blessed me in ways I could never imagine. I know this is long, but I just wanted to comment on this very important message. The years with our children are so fleeting, & I feel that many regret time spent away from them for things that have no lasting value. You can never get that time back again. I have no regrets of those years raising our boys & creating a home that was welcoming to all our friends, & our boys loved having their friends there as well.

    1. What a wonderfully lovely comment.. Thank you so much for sharing with us.. God is faithful and I am thankful that you read this blog.. God bless you whoever you are.. smile.. xo

    2. I realized after I sent my comment that I meant to sign it...I don't comment on blogs very often mainly because I'm not always sure how to do it. I am Anita, at the cabin on the creek, in eastern PA. I am on Pinterest as aunt daisy's, which was the name of the shop we owned.

      I love your blog & the fact that it is truly about home. It always seems as if you are sitting down with a friend to chat. Many times you say that it isn't much of a post, but I want to tell you that they are all wonderful & I love the fact that you keep up with it. Thank you for keeping it simple & homey.

  21. Well, isn't it marvelous that people are coming back to their senses? My mom left a banking job in order to raise her 4 daughters. She pinched pennies in the 60s to the 80s to make ends meet. We never once went to Disneyland and we rarely ever ate out. We discovered McDonalds in the late 70s! But that was a special treat too. I had the chance to be a stay at home mom too. It was a blessing. I enjoyed reading your post...I am a fellow Canadian living in Vancouver BC.

  22. Hello Faye:

    Just started to follow you, and look forward to taking a trip through your blog.