Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Simple Storm Pleasures...

Hello everyone.. 
Well, we weathered the storm.. smile.. 

It was a big one, too but like all storms they do come to an end and usually the next day you wonder what all the excitement was about.. 
If all of our children were home and under our roof and Terry didn't work too far away then I would love a good storm.. 
I actually still do most times but our sons and son-in-law had to travel in it so I was glad when they were all home safe and sound.. 

When I went to bed last night and knew all of our children were home and little problems were looked after, I just laid there and thanked the Lord.. 
He answers prayers in so many situations every week, eh? 
So thankful to know the One who rules the storm.. 

Storm days seem to be kind of laid back here with just the two of us.. 
I made a big pot of soup and puttered around and did not accomplish too much, I am afraid.. 
Love having the fire going...

Please don't mind my messy hearth... 
I was trying to burn up all the greenery that I missed when I did the Christmas clean up.. smile.. 

I was visiting my Mom last week for a while.. 
The poor dear has the cold that is going around and didn't feel too good.. So, I went in and made her some chicken soup.. 
While I was there she gave me a lovely box of goodies.. 

Old doilies galore and vintage fabrics and an old Indian basket.. 

Sitting in front of the fire and going through the box was just a simple storm pleasure... smile.. 
There are enough blocks already cut out in it to make a small quilt, I think.. 
They smelled of the ages.. 
Do you know what I mean? 

I love stuff like that although heavens knows I don't need any more doilies or fabric but I just could not resist.. grin
Are you ladies like that? 
You know you don't need it but come on it was vintage.. 

This was the scene out of the family room window early on before the storm really got going.. 

The dear wee birds were feeding but when I went to take the pic they were gone.. 
I wonder where they stay, exactly, when the wind is howling like it was.. 
My friend, Pam did not like the wind but I must say it still was not too much for me.. 
I slept like a log both nights.. 

Mom also gave me this.. 

A beautiful old but tattered quilt.. 
Do you know the name of the pattern? 
I am not a quilter but a collector of quilts and do not care in what condition they are in.. 
I love them.. 

Terry made over an old wardrobe for me into a quilt cupboard and it is full.. 
Some of the quilts are kind of priceless in the fact that my dear Mother-in-Law made them or my Great Aunt Emily owned them..

There are a lot, though that are just old and tattered but were loved even before I picked them up..

I like making things with old quilts and my Mom attends an auction most weeks and gets me one every once in awhile for just a couple of dollars.. 

Pillows, table runners, lamp cloths, bags, and I even a Christmas tree skirt can be made from an old quilt.. 
Do you have any ideas to reuse them ? 
 I would love to hear from you.. 

Here is a little recipe for a ham glaze that we had for supper.. 

Maple Mustard Glaze for Ham
1/4 cup of maple syrup
1 T. apple cider vinegar
1 T. Dijon Mustard.. 
Whisk together and brush over ham or slices..
Then just cook your ham..  

We really enjoy this.. 

When we buy a ham on sale I usually cut off a few ham steaks before I end up roasting the rest a few days later.. 
Then I freeze the bone and a bit of the meat for some kind of soup in a week or two..
Don't want to get tired of it all at once.. smile.. 

I know a lot of the readers of the blog are from New England according to my stats and I was wondering how you did on your storm day... 
Did you lose your power? 
I was so glad that we didn't... 
We would be fine but I love having the power on. 

Also, a wee reminder for the Keepers of the Home ladies.. 
We are having a meeting this Friday night at 6:30 pm in the fellowship hall at the church.. 
A dear friend is going to teach us to knit a scarf in an hour on our arm.. 
No needles.. 
I can't wait to see how they turn out.. 
Also, Carmen who is from Romania is giving us a little info on herbs and such.. 
And coffee.. Lots of coffee and something to go with it.. grin

If you are interested in attending and you can get to Salisbury please email me at 
I will give you all of the details.. 
Looking forward to another meeting after all of the Christmas rush.. 

Thank you all for stopping by and I love your little notes you leave me.. 
Also, welcome to the new followers.. So glad to have you and to you have liked the Face Book page another sweet thank you.. 

Praying that God will bless your lives this week with love, joy and peace.. 
Take care of your sweet families and we will chat again soon.. 


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  1. What a comfy home you have. Your meal looks delicious.
    Even though the weather outside is frightful...its still very beautiful.
    Lovely photos
    Please keep warm and safe
    Phoebe x

  2. Wonderful photos Faye ! I love your cozy home . Everything looks lovely and food looks YUMMY as always . I am so glad you and your family were safe in that awful snow storm . We had a clod day but a sunny day today and snow coming in for tomorrow . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. Your snowy scenes are pretty but that fire in the fireplace looks wonderful and must have felt so good on that stormy day and night. I slept really well last night and didn't wake until 6:50 because the wind had died down! :-) More snow on Saturday I hear and a biggie on Monday. Enjoy the nice days in between storms.

  4. What a lovely basket of goodies! I adore your picture of the snow with the lamp light reflected. So cozy! Angela

  5. Your fireplace looks so cozy!
    I love vintage! I don't own as much as I used to but still, I buy here and there.
    I should make more things instead of just stock piling them, and loving them so much!
    Old quilts, oh yes! But I don't like the "old ages" smell"
    I don't keep the item if it smells, it bothers my allergies too much.
    I really enjoy your blog so much!
    Thankful you fared well in the storm.

  6. That quilt just is so precious... I love the colors of it and the quilting design. Very unique. I don't know exactly what to say the design is called...I'd have to look it up...I suppose just a star of some sort.
    I would love to get into quilting again. I have ideas of what to make for each of my three children - but I need to get on it.

    I'm so glad you were safe in this storm. We missed it... I mean... it missed us. We hardly got anything of what was originally called for. Oh well... another time. My kiddos have been having fun in what we ended with anyway and that is all that matters. :)

  7. glad the storm has been and gone for you and everyone is ok. I must say I would love to roll in your snow we are in a very hot summer (which I am loving) but that snow sure would cool me of.

  8. Hello Dear Heart, I am sorry your Mom is not feeling well. I hope that old cold bug goes away very soon. I think we would enjoy the ham glaze recipe. It is about time to buy a big old ham and cut in apart in all different ways....saving some for the freezer and soup, of course. I have to be careful because of all of the salt in the ham. I want you to know that the picture of the meal you made looks so good and also.....every time you take a picture of your carrots, it reminds me to cook a bunch from our garden. We still have quite a few bunches. The quilt is lovely. I love old quilts. I did get rid of some old tattered ones a few years ago. I have a few that I have made and my great aunt. I used to love to make little quilts. I have many hanging on an old ladder that was here when we moved here. Jim cut it just the right size for me. I can not even tell you how many years I have had some quilts on that old ladder.Years and years, I guess. Very happy you were all settled doen when you went to bed the night of the storm. Faye, we sure are alike when it comes to our kids and family. I worry and then when bed time comes and I know they are all tucked in at home from the storm, I thank God for his many blessings and for protecting those I truly love.

  9. Oh, if someone does not tell you the name of the quilt, I would be happy to look it up in one of my many quilt pattern books. I'm sure someone knows it right off the top of their head. Let me know. Okay? I do not like the "old ages" smell either. Hang it out in the sun on one of these cold days and see what happens.

  10. As usual a lovely post, I love the vintage doilies, a real delight. Hope your Mum recovers soon. The snow photos look delightful but I wouldn't want to be in it.

  11. Snow like yours is predicted for Northern counties here in England. Shiver! I'm glad we live in the warmer South.
    Your quilt collection must be a fascinating bit of history.

  12. Glad to hear your weathered the storm!
    It is nice knowing all your children are safe!!

  13. Faye, I love looking at your photos of the snow but I don't think I would like to live there. I'd rather endure our summer heat here in Australia :-) It does look very pretty though.

  14. I love the fireplace, it looks so cozy. You food looks amazing - as usual. We have had a rather wonderful winter here in Wisconsin - I am enjoying it!

  15. We have a ting covering of snow here in England, yours looks wonderful all crisp & white & new.
    I love quilts too, all the history & hard work is so beautiful. I made a double size quilt for our bed all by hand, it took me four pregnancies! Once the baby was born I didn't have time for it. Just about to make the twins a quilted Easter gift which will be fun.
    Another wonderful post.
    Keep safe & warm my friend.
    Fondly Michelle

  16. thanks for sharing that storm with us. We had about five inches but my son lives in boston so I was texting a few time to be sure he had power (he did!). i agree when the family is all together then you needn't worry and enjoy but when they are scattered about, well then a storm is not as much fun.

  17. Hi glad you made it through the storm. Your photos are so lovely...even the grayish snowy warmed me back up when I saw that lovely hearth and roaring fire :) And what a sweet mom...would I ever enjoy getting a basket of goodies such as those! Love me some doilies!

  18. Glad to hear you weathered the storm well and your whole family was safe, I bet the greenery smelled good in the fire. Your mother gave you alot of wonderful things, I make quilts but I am not sure what that block is called. I bought an angel about 3 feet high that has a plain wood body and base and the arms and dress are made from an old quilt, if you would like me to take a picture of it, I can share it on my blog the next time I post if you can't picture what I am saying.

  19. Welcome to my blog, please drop by often.
    Love the photo of the snow, especially the one in which the only colour is the red of the bird feeder.
    Glad you weathered the storm and were comfy cozy in your home.
    Your quilt is lovely, I don't have any old ones, making new ones for my family, which I hope in years to come will be loved as yours is.

  20. Hi Faye, I am now your newest follower too. I am anxious to look over some of your past posts. I love how you describe the storms and BTW am glad that you didn't have too rough of a time with this past one. We have been watching the news and feel so badly for all the problems back east. Of course, we are in a different kind of turmoil here in California. Such a bad drought and the sun just keeps on shining. I guess most wouldn't complain about that! I am looking forward to a good storm. When our beautiful dog was with us he was so afraid of thunder and lightning that it was absolutely miserable and we just hated to have it, but now I would really like a big storm as I love all about them, as long as we know everyone is safe. Your blog is so homey and I love that feeling. Your photography is beautiful too..Happy Thursday..Judy

  21. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Your snow looks like ours, giggling. Your hearth looks so good. Blessings

  22. Hello,
    Your photos are amazing. The fire looks so cozy and your home so inviting. I just love that!
    I am from Wisconsin, we only received 3 inches of new snow. :-))

  23. Hi Faye,
    I live in New England and we got a couple feet of snow. We didn't lose our power and are very grateful for that. We have an old wood cook stove that kept us nice and warm. I just love cooking in and on that old thing. Can't imagine not having it. We had our 3 grandchildren with us for the storm. My son works for the D.O.T. so he was away from home for days. I love the goodies from your mom. My mother in law gives me so many of the same kinds of things. Alot that belonged to her mother, my husband's grandmother. I say you can never have too much of things like that. The history and memories they bring are priceless.

  24. The fireplace would be cozy right now for me. My feet have been cold most of the afternoon. I wanna be cozy there in one of your quilts, sipping tea!!! Grin!!! Your basket of doilies is lovely. I have a few from years ago. And tend to pick them up when I see them at stores, fairs....I have a quilt from when I was growing up. It is a bit used but we have used it on trips to the beach and when the kids were at church camp for an extra blanket. Vintage items are a favorite of mine as well!!! Glad you made it through your snowy, stormy weather. Thanks for visiting my blog and I actually had a blogger from your page visit me as she saw that I was from Ore as well, so she came over to read my blog and left a comment. Small world!!!

  25. What a beautiful snow scene. I love the reflection of your lamp in the window by the bird house. It all looks so cosy. We keep having forecasts that predict snow. We get a few flakes but so far it hasn't really stuck.
    I love the smell of vintage things too, especially books. I always imagined who first owned items too and make up stories of their previous life. I remember my mother used to have beautiful dressing gown or house coat that she had made. It was 50's style with a fitted waist and bodice and full long skirt. I think it was patchwork, from madras checked cotton or quilt and padded but sleek. She looked beautiful in it with her dark hair swept up on the top of her head. I think a beautiful one could be made from a quilt.
    Keep warm and well fed.

  26. I am glad you made it through the storm without any problems. I am like you, as long as everyone is safe, I love storms. We haven't had any major storms so far this year which suits my Jessica just fine. She does not like winter very much. Me, I kinda enjoy it. Not the bitter cold but everything else. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  27. Oh Faye, I love a good snow storm too - and like you if the kids are all taken care of and don't have to drive in it....then let it come!!! So cozy and especially by a fire.
    Your mother sounds so sweet and loves that she can share her special treasures with you.

    I will make the glaze for ham - we love exactly what you are showing...mashed potatoes and carrotts...yummmm

    The quilt....beautiful!! And to have a special cupboard for them - wonderful.

    Thanks again for sharing such a beautiful post.


  28. Your dinner sounds so delicious. And to sit by the fire during a winter storm! What a wonderful season!

  29. I found your beautiful blog through Simply Linda. You have pinned some beautiful words with great truth and some great photos. I just love the wagon covered in snow! I know that the vintage goodies are treasures. The quilt is so pretty. Enjoy them and hold them near to your heart. I am your newest follower. I am a follower of Jesus too. I hope you'll visit and become one of my blogging buddies.

  30. What a lovely post!! So many things to enjoy and treasure... even in the midst of a storm. :) Your Keepers At Home meeting sounds wonderful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and sweet pictures. :)

  31. Good Morning,
    Your quilt pattern is a Lemoyne Star or a Bethlehem Star. It depends on what reference you look to:) It's beautiful. I have one started, all the stars made (all by hand) but have to put the in-between pieces together, etc. Also, love your buggy scene. Keep well and keep warm.

  32. What a pleasant read! I have to agree with you, you can't have enough vintage! And the quilt was wonderful! I love the green color and the printed fabrics she used! Thanks for sharing with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)