Monday, January 19, 2015

Vintage Napkin Rings How to...

Hello dear hearts.. 
Here we are on another Monday.. 

How fast the month of January is passing by.. 
Here in  Eastern Canada we are having what we refer to as a January thaw.. 
The temps are very mild and it rained and the wind roared all night long.. 
This morning the snow seems to have disappeared.. Not to worry, though, it will be back.. smile.. 

This afternoon Terry and I packed a wee treat, bought a couple of coffees and along with my trusty camera we took a little rural tour.. 
I love driving in the rain and wind.. 
The brooks and rivers were very full and the hollows were full of fog.. 
I will share those pics with you next time.. 

Thanks to inspiration from Shonda's rings I attempted these..  

I will show you a simple way to make little vintage napkin rings.. 

This is all you need. 
4 napkin rings..(or however many you want)
 I had these but you could sew them up in a heartbeat.. 
Or buy wood or plastic ones at a thrift shop..
Some old jewellery pieces and buttons.. (thrift stores)
I collected this stuff for several years when I did Victorian crafts several years ago.. 
ribbon and lace 
wire to tie bows with
tweezers to place jewellery under other pieces.. 
glue gun and glue..
wire snippers..   
I have a little cache of country style pins from years ago like the little angel head there.. 
I think Terry gave me that about 10 years ago.. 
I used my snipers and snipped the pin back off.. 
Made a bow from some old ribbon and glued it on first and then the angel head.. 
Took some green rhinestones off an old necklace and glued them around ...
This was another old broach.. 
Took the back off and then used a piece of vintage lace tied in a knot.. Glued it in place and covered it with the broach.. 
Then just added some pieces from other necklaces and such.. 
This was a piece of an old bracelet.. 
Ribbon and other pieces all glued about.. 
Same thing here except I glued some rhinestones around the old broach... 

So, my friends you just need to use your imagination.. 
Send me some pics if you make them.. 

These are kind of pink to go with my china.. 

That is the name of my china.. 

I am still working on my bed runner.. 
It is a bit more work then I thought.. smile.. 
I think this is going to be a busy week.. 

I am trying to do a pantry challenge which I am thinking needs to get done next... 
And I am expecting some dear old friends for lunch one day this week .. smile.. 

Take care my friends.. 
Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments.. 
And a big welcome to the lovely new followers and the ones who are helping with the Face Book page...



  1. I love the napkin rings Faye. They are very pretty. I also like your china pattern and the sweet bisque doll. It sounds like you have a busy week ahead. Enjoy.

  2. They turned out beautiful, Faye. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! I love how different and unique each one is. Beautiful job, Faye :) Hugs to you!

  4. Thanks for sharing that, Faye. They look very pretty indeed.

  5. They are beautiful and would make lovely gifts very generous of you to share such a wonderful make. Have a great week.

  6. So pretty and feminine! Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a great idea! So pretty. Thanks for sharing. Blessings

  8. Lovely! One of a kind decor is always so special!

  9. All so pretty ! good idea to ! We have had a bit of a January thaw with mild temps but getting cold again . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. They look so pretty Faye.
    I have just finished making my pumpkin preserves, they look lovely, thank you for the recipe.
    Fondly Michelle

  11. Feye, this looks so beautiful, can imagine the sparkeling light in your lovely decorations! Wonderful! Thank you so much for your visit and your very charming words. You are so awsome! I'm a happy person having you around!
    All my best from Austria

  12. Oh how beautiful!! To personalise each napkin ring is just divine!! Thank you for giving me such inspiration for my next big event xx

  13. Hi Faye, I love those napkin holders!!!! They would go great with my Grandma's china!!!! Pink on a table is so very pretty. The old jewelry idea is perfect. These are really pretty. Thanks for showing us!


  14. Oh Faye...what pretties you have created! I love old jewelry and so I am thinking that maybe the next time we go to an auction sale this summer that I need to do some bidding on some they have! I'll also keep checking at thrift stores. Thank you for the lovely ideas!

    Dianna xo

  15. Faye, in everything you do, your joy of creating and sharing comes through. So fun. xo

  16. Love the pretty napkin rings, and the china is so sweet. Can't wait to see the tablesetting you use them on. Have a blessed evening.

  17. Beautiful. Hopefully I can send you even warmer temps. Here in Alberta it is suppose to get to +16 this weekend.

  18. beautiful napkin holders, better than anything store bought!!

  19. Hello Faye. I've missed you and am just catching up on my blog reading. It's a treat that I have so much to read. These are cute, I especially love the cheeky little angel head. I've noted your questionaire and although I don't have time to complete it today, I will do it as soon as I can.
    Enjoy lunch with your friends.
    Happy days,

  20. What a lovely addition to a tea party these napkin rings would make! So lovely!

  21. Love your napkin rings! When I seen Shandra....they make me think of Pier 1 décor. I would love to take interior decorating classes...I think it would be fun. Not the textbook style just the hands on one. :) What is your pantry challenge Faye? Enjoy your company. Krista

  22. There is nothing quite like a pretty cloth napkin dressed with a homemade napkin ring!! They are just lovely!!

  23. Very cute. But did remind me that I have some unfinished napkins up in my quilt room I need to finish.LOL

  24. These are absolutely gorgeous! I found them on Stephanie's blog and had to come here to compliment you on them. They're so pretty and I actually have some items I saved that would work perfect for these!

  25. Beautiful and a great idea.
    xoxo Marybeth