Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another cold day....

Good Evening, my dears.. 
A very cold day here in Eastern Canada .. 
The sun was shining, though and very beautiful with the snow and all.. 
Speaking of snow.. 

I hung my little garland of snowmen that I made out of Shonda's gift bag to me.. 
There is not a lot of blue here but in the back hall it looked fine and I needed something for a change.. 
I would like to make a couple of wee valances for the doors, too.. 
Soon.. smile... 

I have been working at rearranging the Sun Room... 

Most of my plants are in the there but I need to get them distributed about the house a bit more.. 
Besides which, I have been trying to grow some different from the usual ones.. 
If you live near me and have the plant called 
A String of Pearls then I would love to have a slip.. 
I cannot find one anywhere.. 

Do you have lots of plants?.. 

I have lots of geraniums as I bring them in from the Summer and keep them over the Winter  and then just put them out again in the Spring..
The benefit is that you save money but mostly that you have all that lovely color through all these snowy months.. 
I find they lift my spirits.. smile.. 

My sister-in-law gave me a small pumpkin before Christmas.. 
It was still good so yesterday I made a small batch of old fashioned pumpkin preserves...

I had saved a huge pumpkin to do these preserves but it started rotting before I had a chance to make them.. 

Today we had our town day.. smile.. 
I found this little cloth and bowls with violets on them.. 
Nice for Spring..
Also a book by Thomas Kincade.. 
Home Song.. 
I have not read his writing before.. 
Have any of you?  
It sounds interesting and my friend used to collect his work.. 

We stopped by to visit my Mom and her husband as she is quite sick with the cold but doing a bit better.. 
Bless her heart.. 

We came home and Terry made a fire.. 
After it warmed up a bit I made a fish chowder for our supper.. 

Such a cozy evening.. 
Eating chowder on a tray with a mohair throw over my lap.. 
Just like an old lady... grin.. 

I did make a couple of  Raisin Tea Breads, too.. 
Looking forward to having a slice with a nice hot cup of tea.. 
The breads were made with Earl Grey tea.. 
Should be interesting.. 

I am also trying to learn to do a bit of creative photo work ... 

The lights of home on a cold winter's night.. 
We are nice and snug in there.. smile.. 

This is not much of a post, I am afraid; but just wanted to keep in touch with you all..

I have put the Blessed Hearth on Face Book and need to find the time to put a button on the sidebar.. 
But if you are on FB please put the Blessed Hearth in the search engine and like the page.. 
If you don't mind, that is.. 

Well, good night for now, my dears and hopefully I will have something a little more interesting next time.. 

Keep warm and God bless... 



  1. Hi Faye, I have been meaning to do your questionnaire and will do it soon if it's not too late. I was sick for 2 weeks and am just getting back on my feet. I loved your snowman and think I will try to do something similar--copycat that I am. I , too have a lot of geraniums. Some I just hang by the roots then repot in March. others I keep in their pots in different spots. They are so pretty when they are blooming on these dark cold days.
    keep warm

  2. I always enjoy my visits here at the Blessed Hearth.
    Thank you for opening your home and your life to us.
    Happy January.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  3. I love the way you decorate according to the season in the Northern Hemisphere. I guess you want something to cheer you up during the cold winter months over there. Your little garland of snowmen looks very nice, Faye. My sister loves Thomas Kincade paintings. I didn't realise there was a book as well. Sorry I am not on Facebook.

  4. Love the little snowman garland and so much better than throwing away the bag. I love to recycle as much as I possibly can. Love the cloth and bowls perfect for spring. Stay warm.

  5. Your chowder looks delicious. Might you post the recipe sometime?

  6. What a great idea.
    The snowmen turned out wonderful.
    I love the sweet little violet bowls too.
    Woolie Blessings

  7. I love geraniums Faye, they are all over the cottage. Mind you George likes them too, maybe he will grow out of having a nibble when he is older.
    Your pumpkin preserves looks so pretty, like marmalade. I have a small pumpkin left out in the pantry, I will see if I can find a recipe as Pumpkin Butter always goes down well here.
    Keep warm.
    Fondly Michelle

  8. Love your Garland :) How creative!
    Stay Warm!!

  9. Oh have def. lifted my spirits...I love everything about your post. Keeping your mother in prayer. Thank you for bringing sunshine to a cold day. (here in western NY)--Blessings

  10. Love your snowman garland, Faye! Definitely the weather to cozy up! God bless!

  11. I do love winter :) Look at you on FB! I am not but I will virtually click a like button in your honor :)

  12. Oh Faye, I love what you did with the snowmen - they look adorable hanging up :) Such a lovely post, thank you for sharing. Have a beautiful day!

  13. Your banner turned out so cute, I have seven plants right now and we always have to put them all up high when my daughter comes to visit with her kitty, he loves to eat them, I am so lucky my two cats don't bother them at all. I had never heard of pumpkin preserves that sounds interesting. Such pretty violet plates and table linen, great find :)

  14. Hi Faye, loving the little Snowman banner, sweetest ever. Your pretty red flowers look so nice this time of year, I should have kept mine too. Blessings Francine.

  15. Hello dear Faye
    I love your snowmen garland and that you recycled them from a gift bag!
    Please tell me about your Pumpkin Preserves - it's new to me but they look very like my marmalade.
    I make pumpkin soup and use it in other things but I love the sound of preserves!
    I read your post about the new Domesticity and you're right I've noticed many of the younger bloggers have this theme going and I applaud them!
    When I read your bio I thought we are so alike and this April we are celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary!
    Thank you for joining my blog and for your sweet comments Faye.
    I'm now a follower of yours too - I've been working most of the week so I'm late – I always seem to be playing catch up!
    Shane xox

  16. Well, your creative photo work has won my heart......not only the photo (which is very beautiful) but I love the verse from Joshua. Stay warm and who cares if we act like old ladies with blankies on our laps...........if it feels good...then do it. Every night for me!


  17. Hello Faye. You recently honoured me by becoming a follower of my blog. Today is the premiere` of my Five Star Frugal Link Up where I'd love bloggers with a similar mindset to me, to share their ideas for elegant living on a shoestring. I'd be thrilled for you to join me and support other bloggers as we live beautifully, on little. Happy Blogging New Year....Mimi xxx

  18. I love your garland it is beautiful. I see your little cloth has some lovely chicken scratch embroidery I have recently learned that skill & enjoy it so much have a blessed week-end Marie x

  19. HI Faye, I haven't commented in some time but have been reading your blog daily. It is my happy place! :) Hugs to you.

  20. as always Faye...I leave inspired from visiting your cozy home :0) I do have plants, and they purify the air in my little cottage. I used to winterize geraniums, but I don't have any room to keep them through the Winter...I miss their color, but I know that I'll grow them for the next three seasons. I do dry quite a bit of herbs and bring in amaryllis bulbs to bloom during February :0) thank you for sharing... mari