Monday, March 9, 2015

A bit of Thrift and such...

Hello my dears.. 
I was going to say Happy Monday but I guess it is almost over.. smile.. 
I am usually tucked away in bed by this time but I was cooking a cake and decided I may as well say hello while it is baking.. 
I have some old friends coming for lunch tomorrow so I thought I would bake a cake.. 
Not very fancy but it will be fine with our coffee.. 
We went to town and I thrifted a few treasures.. 
Several plates, dessert dishes, cups and saucers to add to my blue collection.. 

Also, a lovely copper dutch oven... 
It is in excellent shape.. 
Inside and out.. It was only five dollars.. 

A doll that the girl at the thrift store gave to me.. 
She said she just wanted to get rid of her.. 
The poor dear.. 
This is her before pic for you and I will post another 
after she receives her make over.. grin.. 
I am turning her into a vintage girl, I am thinking.. 
Supper one night ... 
My version of Bubble and Squeak.. 
One of Terry's favorites.. 
Bacon, onion, cabbage, left over potatoes and a bit of parsley.. 
Not very complicated.. 

Then I had bought a package of Betty Crocker's Salted Caramel cookies.. 
They were a mix but sounded so good.. 

And yes they were delicious.. 
I baked them Saturday afternoon to have for our church fellowship on Sunday.. 
When they were cool I placed them in the can that I use most weeks and left them on the pantry counter.. 
The next morning after getting ready for church I forgot to grab the can and was part way there when I remembered they were still home .. 
I mentioned it to Terry and he didn't say anything.. 

Well, after lunch after church I thought a little cookie would taste good with our tea.. 
When I opened the tin I couldn't believe it.. 
Someone had ate almost half of them.. 

Now, it was a mix and not many in there but still.. 
I would have felt pretty silly taking the cover off of that tin if I had remembered it.. grin.. 
I know that he would not have said anything.. 
I kindly mentioned it to him and he just says.. 
No one asked me.. 
Ohhhhh.. what a man.. 
Do you have one just like him? lol.. 

This has not been much of a post but just a little check in.. 
We still have tons of snow although the weather has been great and warming up .. 
Snow is going down but there has just been so much.. 
I thought I would share this with you that was in our news today..  
We have had over 400 cm. of snow in our area..
This is one of the snow dumps.. 
Amazing, eh? 

Good night and God bless.. 


  1. Hi Faye, I think this is the first time I have left the first comment. I can smell your cake cooking as I type. Love your thrift shop finds. I, too love dishes and am always adding something. As far as the cookies go I think that is a typical male. I have the same kind.
    I am so longing for spring and it does feel like it is coming slowly but surely. Maybe we can arrange to get together soon since summer seems to be so busy.
    take care

  2. Faye our menfolk are frustratingly adorable, aren't they...can you see my cheeky wink? I just bet those cookies were delish! Mimi xxx

  3. I have a husband much the same, it always makes me smile. Love the thrift shop finds particularly the dutch oven. I was amazed by all that snow, I don't think I have ever seen as much.

  4. Wow that's a huge lot of snow!, you cookies look so yummyxx

  5. Hmm...I have a cookie thief in our home too, well... two to be exact, wink, giggles. Beautiful post, I can't wait to see what you do with the doll. Blessings

  6. My goodness I have never seen a pile of snow like that before!! It is good that the cookies were so good hey! xx

  7. That's a lot of snow. We are melting here as well - I even see grass! I can't wait to see her make over.

  8. Can't wait to see the vintage doll makeover!
    Now don't be too hard on Terry.... You are just such a good housewife and he knows you like to make treats! I made cookies all weekend too and they're all gone!
    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Morning Faye, such pretty blue and white dishes, love them..cookies look so tasty, bet they were.Blessings Francine.

  10. Faye,
    You found some wonderful thrift items! I just love finding "new" treasures like that!
    Your cooking sounds delish... even the mix cookies.
    I made brown bread last week, but that has been about the extent of my baking and cooking for the past few days. I do love days when I can spend time in the kitchen....

    Have a happy day!


    p.s. You certainly have a lot of snow there... hope it eventually melts off :)

  11. Oh what wonderful treasures you found!! I can't wait to see what you do with the doll, sounds like she was put in just the right hands! Yes, I do have cookie thieves in this house, 3 of them to be exact. I hope you have a nice time with your company coming!

  12. Good Morning Faye, Still can't get over the amount of snow ya'll have....amazing. I have a husband that is also a cookie thief, especially if they have chocolate in them :) Can't wait to see what you do with that doll and I love all the "treasures" you got. Have a wonderful day and enjoy your company~~~

  13. Love your blue collection, so pretty, great deal on the pot too, how fun to remake your doll, look forward to seeing what you do with her. Wow that is alot of snow, Ours has almost all melted... spring is on it's way... hopefully :)

  14. Your dishes are so pretty. I love old dishes. I am excited to see the doll when she has her makeover. God bless.

  15. A very nice stash of vintage! I love blue and white china.

  16. I love your wonderful thrift store dishes and copper anything are among my favorite things! Bubble & Squeak??? I have never heard of this but I love everything that's in it...sure it was delish!!

  17. I am always filling cake tins here, as soon as they are filled they are empty again, I think that is a complement though.
    We love bubble & squeak here, it is a very old fashioned dish.
    Thank you for another lovely post.
    Fondly Michelle

  18. oh to have a blue collection like yours - great pics too. Our cookies rarely even make it to the tin even!

  19. I love all your blue and white china, it looks so good on display.
    Oh My Goodness - what a HUGE heap of snow! What happens when it melts? does everywhere get flooded. When we have just a little snow in this country everything grinds to a halt. We have had no snow at all this winter on our side of England

  20. Love your blue & white collection!
    Wonderful buy on the dutch oven!
    Sweet doll, she is very appealing!
    Apparently so are you cookies, grin!
    That is a mountain made of snow.!

  21. I have a husband and two sons who do the same thing. I've taken to saying, "Do not eat this!" "It is not for your consumption!" Lol

  22. My Dad always pulls the peak off the meringue on a lemon pie and then Mom goes to serve it to company and there is a hole in the middle. Everyone knows about him and just chuckles now.

  23. I grinned about Terry's eating the cookies. :) Kind of typical of our menfolk eh? We are having a beautiful snow melty kind of day here today aren't we? Love it! Enjoy the rest of the week.

  24. Oh, how I love your posts, you always make me smile! I'm glad that someone else is married to a "cookie thief"! I can't wait to see how you transform your freebie doll... what a score!

  25. Hello Faye, looks like very good thrift finds, especially the blue and white, I use it everyday and the boys seem to break that more than any other china, but I will persist. I have two teenage sons and a hungry husband who will eat cookies hot, they just can't wait, so I understand your cookie thief.....Woo xx