Saturday, March 21, 2015

A little trip to St. Martins to see all of their SNOW..

Hello everyone.. 
I want to wish you a Happy Spring... 
I know a lot of you have true cause to celebrate but as they say.. 

Meanwhile in Canada.... lol.. 

This will be my final post about snow.. honest.. 
We heard from a sweet friend that St. Martins which is where my little shop and our summer cottage is was covered in snow.. 
So... we took a little trip.. 

Want to come along? 
This is where we started out almost.. 

As you can see our area has some very high banks of snow.. 
Where it drifts sometimes there is really only about one lane.. 
Remember this is on a rural road and not our main highways... 
They are well cleared and mostly bare... 

I coaxed Terry into turning around so I could take these pictures.. 
When we went by it reminded me of a bunch of ladies at the supermarket waiting in line to get their groceries bagged up.. grin..

They are actually waiting their turn to get to the hay feeder.. smile.. 

Patience is a virtue, dear ladies.. 
They all were wondering what I wanted with them.. grin.. 

Another friend had said that West Quaco was closed and as we have some sweet friends living there we went there first to see how it really was.. 
But by the time we arrived it was all cleared out except for some really high banks.. 

We went down Lighthouse Road to check the light house.. 

It was still there but not very visible due to the high banks of snow..
Just for fun I have included a pic I took last Summer.. 
Same place.. Same station.. 
Different scene, though.. smile.. 

A quaint little cottage over there.. 
The lady who owns it bought her top window curtain from my shop.. smile. 

And our friend's house but they were away.. 

Then we went back to  St. Martins.. 
The sweetest little village on the Bay of Fundy.. 
I think so, anyway.. 

See that lovely house up on the cliff.. 
It reigns supreme over the village and my sweet friend, Gwen lives there.. 
She is an artist and she and her husband make jewellery..
She blogs and takes the most beautiful pictures of St. Martins.. 
You can find her HERE...

Well as you can see everyone is busy trying to push that snow back.. 

And it is a very real task... 
Oh good.. 
There is my little shop coming up.. 
It is right on Main Street.. 

And you can see the back of our old summer cottage.. 

My goodness.... you can hardly see the shop at all.. 

And there is the cottage.. 

Pretty well buried, I would say.. 
Hard to imagine that in a few months the snow will be gone and we will be there opening up the windows and doors and bringing some life back into the old place..
Making more memories for our heart's pages..  
This is the end of our street and another friend's cottage.. 

But this is what it will look like in a few months.. 

Worth waiting for, eh?  smile.. 

On with the story... 

The harbour.. 
The fishermen still go out and there were quite a few boats there.. 
The tide was in.. 

And here are the world famous St. Martins Caves... 

How I love the Bay of Fundy.... 
I have visited St. Martins since I was a baby..

My Mom grew up here for you new followers.. 
My Dad was a lumberjack and was working for my grandfather and met my Mom at a dance.. 
They married and my Mom was the only one of 12 to move away from this little village.. 
Sorry to bore you with a bit of family history.. grin.. 

One of the two covered bridges ..
And this is the second one.. 

Well my dears, it is time to head home and I was glad to be down and see it all... 

This road leads us home.. 
Another hour and half and we will be there.. 

I had to share this picture.. 

I saw one similar on the internet.. 
It is titled.. 

It has been quite a Winter but now it is officially Spring.. 

And even though the snow is coming once again to our Maritime Provinces over night and again tomorrow we do know that Winter will have to give up soon... 

It has certainly put up a good fight here in our part of the world but underneath the snow the earth is coming back to life and flowers are pushing their way up to greet us once again.. 

We must look forward because joy cometh in the morning.. 
Maybe not tomorrow morning but one of these days.. grin.. 

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day and once again we are getting snow.. 
Hopefully, not enough to cancel church but if so I can still talk to the Lord right here... 

Take care, my dears.. 
Enjoy your weekend and as I promised ... 
There will be no more Winter posts.. 

Looking forward to hearing from you all.. 


  1. Faye dear, I have loved every one of your winter posts! I do hope that the storm coming your way this weekend will not be of any great amount. xo

  2. Hi Faye, Such a lighthearted and cheery tour of your journey between two of your loved places..a lovely photo essay.... Loved hearing your story of your mom and dad's meeting. ... . oh and I loved seeing the line up of cattle in the pristine field of snow. a sweet post... and Thank you! xo

  3. Don't stop the snow reports on my account. I love them. Faye, I have to confess my ignorance here. Before I started reading blogs and seeing the reality of people's lives, and not just the filtered version we get in magazines, I thought all animals were housed in barns over winter. They aren't here, but I thought they would be sheltered from the snow in harsher climates. The cattle look lovely in the snow and don't look the slightest bit put out. LOL

  4. That is a lot of snow. we haven't had the ground covered now for about a week. I kinda miss it, just kinda. It is getting warmer and spring is arriving. I hope it comes soon for you.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement and reminding me that spring IS truly coming. It might not come until October, but it is coming, lol! What a beautiful day for a drive, thanks for taking us along!

  6. Yes thank you for the drive and your cheerful narration.

  7. Don't apologize for showing the snow. It always makes me feel better about what we have!
    I really enjoyed this little trip with you. What a beautiful spot - even in the snow!

  8. Nice little trip to see the snow and thanks for sharing. It is ok to share what is happening in your corner of the world so don't worry about posting snow pictures. We have had wacky weather here. My daughter was amazed how many tulips were up yesterday when she went to work at Wooden Shoe Tulip farm ( if you want to see photos of the beauty there!) 30% of the blooms are up already! A week early! She had a fun day there. The cow photo was cute! Take care and be blessed with all we have in our lives! :0}

  9. A great trip, I certainly enjoyed the ride. What a beautiful part of the world you live in, you are truly blessed.

  10. Morning Faye! Your snow looks lovely...all clean and's the brown slushy stuff I can't abide. But your plot thickens...I shall have to start from the beginning of your blog sometime and have a good have a farm, but don't live there any have a summer house and shop, and you move there in summer? My I do have a posh acquaintance in you!! Take care, Jackie. x

  11. Wonderful photos , thanks for taking us on your trip I enjoyed it ! Oh my still lots of snow in that part of Canada , here in Southwestern Ontario Canada for your readers lol we are in a big melt down lots of grass showing snow banks are getting smaller every day and instead of snow we have had rain thank goodness even the ground has thawed as the Robins pluck worms from it now and our river that is flowing nicely now that the blogs of ice that were jammed have gone . I hope you don't get any more snow and spring comes your way soon I will have a talk with her for you ok ? Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  12. Faye, I love seeing your snow photos. Keep them coming.

  13. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for taking us on your little drive. I really enjoyed it. God bless.

  14. My goodness, it is amazing to think that it ever melts when you see such massive piles of snow. I do hope that spring will be springing for you very soon! xx

  15. Hi,
    I just loved taking this trip with you. :-)
    Have a blessed week.

  16. I enjoyed going along with you on your visit to St. Martins. It looks like a lovely place to visit in winter and in summer, though I'm sure it is at its best in summer.

  17. Love the photo of the cows all in a row - rush hour at St. Martins? What a place!

  18. It's all so beautiful...Like the above comments I love the photograph with the cow's so patiently lined up too. I wished for snow here and we only had a few flakes this year. In hindsight that was probably good as it would have held up all the renovations. But maybe next year we might have a little bit all looks so magical. Thank you for taking time to share all these lovely photographs with us.
    Keep warm and toasty.

  19. Truly beautiful.
    I love the little cottage and church.
    I'm ready for spring,
    Woolie Hugs

  20. beautiful wintry photos and soon spring will be here! love seeing the countryside and the places that are dear to your heart.

  21. Such a lovely visit of your area, I just can't imagine having that much snow still. I did love seeing the winter and summer pictures of the same area, what a difference huh! Hope the warmth gets up there soon and you can see the bright green once again!

  22. Faye what a wonderful enjoyed it..lovely pictures.Hugs

  23. I love seeing your part of Canada Faye, the cows are beautiful & I love covered bridges we do not have those in England. Your trips are like a little holiday for me.
    Sorry I am late in catching your post, it was the twins party this weekend & I am behind.
    Fondly Michelle

  24. Like the above comments, your photos are so lovely but then again, you live in a beautiful part of our wonderful country! We plan on visiting the Maritimes sometime but think we'll go in the warmer months, lol!

  25. Thanks for the little trip to St. Martins, Faye. It looks beautiful with all the snow but I much prefer it on a hot summer's day. I didn't know that history about your family being from there. :) I must go check your friend's blog out. It sounds like warmer weather coming this week so some of that snow will be melting, finally. Have a great week. Hugs. Pam

  26. Well that was a feast of snow thank you Faye!
    Easy for me to say as I'm sitting in the warmth of late Summer/early Autumn.
    I enjoyed my trip to picturesque St Martins, with the pretty wooden houses much like we have in New Zealand.
    This is the first time I've been able to comment on your blog for weeks, sorry you haven't seen me here. I'm having problems loading blogs and the comments section - it's either my computer or Blogger.

  27. Oh Faye, still that hughe amount of snow in that area - wow! The pictures you took are amazing but I'm happy to have spring now!
    Happy spring and all my best

  28. You are such a dear with travels, Faye! I just love how you took it upon you to visit your little cottage and enjoy the snow-covered sights. It's hard to enjoy winter when it's being stubborn, but it seems to me like you've warmed up to that trip well. The place is just overflowing with great such scenery, so who wouldn't, right? Anyway, thanks for taking the time to share that wonderful trip with us! All the best to you!

    Jeff Riley @ Happy Guests Lodge