Sunday, March 15, 2015

Loving your Kitchen ...

Hello my dears.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth .. 
This was looking out of my kitchen window today..

Another blizzard on Sunday for the Eastern provinces of Canada.. 
Which means most of us are tucked away and waiting it out.. 
Just praying for those who have to be out in it including our sons.. 
We are certainly looking forward to the end of these storms.

Spring will arrive, though in due time..
Her arrival date is this week but she may be just a bit late..
I believe she must be changing her clothes into something a little more spectacular for us here in the Maritimes and it is just taking her a bit longer.. grin..
Now, to change the subject.. 
You know Canadians and their weather stories.. grin.

I happened across a list of kitchen perk ups the other day HERE..
I think it was on the news page.. 
I found it interesting and thought perhaps I would do a post of my own little perk up ideas.. smile.. 

My kitchen is not one of your beautiful farm style or modern kitchens.. 
It is just ordinary..
Just like me.. 
I read somewhere that your kitchen is a reflection of your personality..hmmmm..

Here are some things I gleaned off the list and some of my own.. 

A dozen ways to love your kitchen.. 

  1.  If you are expecting company... 
Buy a nice fresh pineapple and display it as a sign of welcome..
It is the traditional sign and then make a smoothie after they leave.. grin... 

2..  Personalize your home with little redo thrift store buys.. 

A wood stand that these earthenware jars just happened to fit into.. 
Filled with mismatched silverware for everyday.. 

3.. Buy some new cereal bowls to brighten your mornings.. 
These were from Home Sense and only cost five dollars each.. 

4.. Place some of your pretty dishes on open shelves.. 

Or in a kitchen hutch.. 

5..Collect vintage fabric napkins or make a pile of your own fabric ones.. 

I really dislike paper ones, don't you?  
These just wash and wear.. 
I don't iron them but fold them straight from the dryer and they are great..  

6.. Bake a cake or make a loaf of bread.. 
It will make your house smell lovely in an hour.. 

7..  Take off a couple of cupboard doors.

And display a collection of everyday dishware.. 
I collected these white ones over the past few years.... 
The easy shelf liner tutorial is HERE..

8..  Every once in awhile buy something that you love for your kitchen.. 
It doesn't have to cost a lot but just makes you fell good when you look at it ...

Like my chicken egg basket there.. 
I know I didn't need it but eggs need to be room temperature to make a cake, eh?? smile.. 

 9..  Perhaps you could sew up a bunch of recycled dish cloths.. 

I made these a while back.. 

10.. Buy a new cannister set or perhaps start collecting copper.. 

I find it gives my kitchen a nice warm feel and they are useful, too.. 
They are well worth the thrift store prices.. 
When I was at Home Sense the other day I found a set of wee molds like I have and they were about 5 times more then I paid for them... 
That's my story and I am sticking to it.. grin..  

11.. Grow herbs on your window sill..

It won't be long and they will be outside but they are so handy when they are on the sill.. 

They smell good, look good and taste good.. 
This used to be an old fashioned touch but I notice that all kitchens have them now.. 

12.. A little trick I found to do.. 
Put a suspension curtain rod above your stove and hang kitchen tools.. 

Terry made my S hooks but you can buy them and it is really handy... 

And last but not least I have included my stove top potpourri recipe for you once again.. 

2 long cinnamon sticks, broken
2 T. allspice whole
2 T. cloves
1/2 nutmeg
1 bay leaf
1 T. dried cranberries (opt)
1 dried orange slice
1 dried apple slice
1 star anise...
Directions to use..
Place contents in 2 cups of water and bring to simmer on low heat..Keep adding water..
This lasts for 3 days..

And that is that my friends.. 
I also added  little lamp to my windowsill and is so cosy in the early mornings or evenings.. 
Please note my Pregnant Onion plant that was given to me last Fall at Kings Landing.. 
Lookin' good, eh?  

Well, thank you so much for stopping by and I hope this inspires you to give your kitchen a little love.. 
It is the heart of the home and like my Mom says.. 
It is your own little palace, Faye... 

Looking forward to hearing from you and may God bless and keep you... 
Till next time.. 
Joining up with JES at The Art of Home-Making Mondays..
and with Stephanie at Roses of Inspiration..


  1. Your kitchen is warm and inviting (like it's owner). :) Angela

  2. I haven't had any luck growing herbs on my windowsill. I think there is too much of a draft. However, I have my dried herbs (which I grew in my garden) hanging around in my kitchen. Does that count? LOL
    I do love how you have utensils hanging over your stove, I may just borrow that idea one day ;)

  3. Your kitchen is charming, just like you! I'm going to pass that utensil idea to my daughter. She's having a hard time figuring out what to do with hers. :)
    No herbs in my kitchen. I can't keep them alive.

  4. I love your kitchen. It is a lot like mine. :-) I do like the utensil idea.
    I do not have herbs inside, I have never been able to keep them over Winter. ;-( Wish I could, I would love the fresh flavor. I do dry a lot of herbs during the Summer, so I still have a taste from the garden.
    xx oo

  5. Faye, I love your kitchen and all it's homey touches. Your list of ideas is wonderful and I think I have incorporated some in my own kitchen. That was quite a storm today wasn't it? I hope that is it for this winter and spring too! It's pretty well ended here. Take care. Pam

  6. Loved all of this, and especially-- like you-- fabric napkins. Just a thing I have about them. It's called love.

    However, my MIL keeps a pretty basket of seasonal paper napkins on her table at all times. Me? Think if all the moolah I'm saving with fabric?


  7. Great ideas! I need a little boost because I think my new kitchen still needs " a little pizazz"! This was a great! post. So many things for me to think about! It would take me all night to mention all the things my head is buzzin' with now! Thanks for the ideas. Hope the storm blows away quickly!

    God be with you and watch over you with his loving cares.......


  8. What a great post, Faye. I just love your kitchen and all the little things you have in it which add such a lovely friendly touch. I do hope you see the sunshine soon. I would send some over to you if I could.

  9. You have a beautiful kitchen, warm and inviting. I love the dishcloth and have just visited the tutorial, that is my task for later today, such a wonderful idea thank you for sharing. Spring is starting to appear here with little shoots sprouting everywhere, a beautiful time of year. Stay safe.

  10. What a lot of lovely ideas for a kitchen.

  11. What a lovely post, all homey and inviting, as kitchens should be. I am definitely going to have a go at the stove top potpourri, lovely smells. Have Blessed week. Woo xx

  12. Hi, Your kitchen is lovely, and your post so fun to read!, I really enjoyed seeing some of the things in your kitchenxx Hope the snow stops soonx

  13. Your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL!!! Maybe later this week I will show you how plain Jane country ours is. We do live in a nearly 100 yr old house. Blessings

  14. Faye, your kitchen is just beautiful and warm and inviting, it does say a lot about you! ( Mine is currently saying a lot about Minecraft, which my sons have been playing at the table!) I have some red geraniums flowering and just love them, they are my very favourite colour. They remind me of my grandmother, which always makes me happy. I love your ideas and I think after this last blast of snow, my house needs a little pick me up.

  15. Loved this!! I would love to have a sit around that kitchen table of yours... with a cuppa of you know what!! And - just talk.

    wow! So homey and comfortable. I like how you mentioned that your kitchen is a reflection of your personality. I can see that... being really true! Makes me think long and hard why what matters and what doesn't for me - just by looking at it. Anyhoo...

    Back to checking out some of your links and tutorials... especially the washcloth one. :)

  16. Fantastic post!
    You are always coming up with new and interesting things to say - and how great is this one.
    I do some of the things you mentioned.
    Faye, your kitchen is warm, functional and lovely...I wouldn't change a thing in it and did I mention HUGE!!!
    Thanks for the recipe, I can almost smell it thinking about it.

  17. Great kitchen ideas! Thank you! You have a lovely home and kitchen. Hope spring comes your way soon...

  18. Good morning, dearest Faye! Your kitchen looks very warm and inviting....just like you :) My kitchen is not "glamorous" either, but I love the cozy feel of it. Like you said, this room is a reflection of who you are and I would have to say that is true about my kitchen :)

    Thank you for blessing my morning. Hugs!

  19. I think your kitchen looks great, very welcoming :) Great little touches, I think I am trying to put too much in a little kitchen, feels very crowded alot, I need to take a few things out I think.. Have a great week

  20. So many great ideas.... the kitchen is quite the center of our home and a very important place. It is nice to do a little ... or big thing in it... it just brightens life. :) We are planning to paint the cupboards and the kitchen in the spring when the windows can be open... just waiting for that bit of sprucing up.... and looking forward to it more than ever now. :)

  21. Love your kitchen and this post. It's weird - i don't like cooking or spending time in the kitchen but I love looking at beautiful kitchens. Lovely blog - i came here from Gwen's.

  22. Your kitchen looks so warm and welcoming Faye - just what I like!
    Treasured pieces everywhere and there's nothing nicer than fresh herbs on the window sill!
    I can almost smell your delicious looking cake (is it a lemon or madeira loaf?) and the pot pourri from here!
    I agree about the napkins but I find many of my friends opt for the paper ones here now - a shame as I love opening a freshly washed and ironed napkin!
    Always love your recipes Faye dear - thank you!
    Shane x

  23. Your kitchen is not ordinary! It is lovely! I loved all the tips you gave and I learned a lot. I love window seals but in my town house we have zero window seals only sliding glass doors as our windows! But when I do get window seals someday I will remember your tips! I also would love to try my hand at sewing cloths! Thank you for inspiring me. I want to try that rod trick too! I am so happy to of found your blog today at The Art Of Homemaking Party! Now following!

  24. I love almost all of those ideas!

  25. Hello Faye,
    Sure loved this post... thank you. I love your kitchen too... it is cozy and charming.
    I think I've embraced about every hint that you've listed here. The kitchen really is the heart of our home, and I do love my kitchen.
    Thanks for sharing your kitchen and your wonderful ideas for having a happy and welcoming kitchen

    Have a great day.


  26. Oh my, Faye, I love your kitchen...and I love the list of things you've shared here. I'm going to keep some of them in mind! Thanks so much for sharing. xo Dianna

  27. Love this kitchen! It looks friendly and inviting, and I think that's better than being the most modern or trendy.

  28. I loved reading your blog and seeing your kitchen. It's not plain at all! It has so much character and warmth. All the special decorating touches you have adorned it with is really beautiful. It's a kitchen of true character; unlike those in fancy magazine that are so cold. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post.

  29. I love this post Faye, so many idea's, my mind is full.
    Hope the snow melts soon.
    Fondly Michelle

  30. I have always loved your kitchen! We hate paper napkins, too!

  31. Oh no, you got more snow?! I hope that's the last of it for your sake. Our snow is finally melting here in southern Ontario as we've had warmer temps, some sunshine and a little rain.

    I love your kitchen! It's so homey and comfortable and anyone would be blessed to sit around your table and enjoy your delicious food and sweet company. I so enjoyed not only the ideas for our kitchens but all the photos you shared. Thanks for the reminder to love our kitchens, Faye.

  32. What a wonderful post filled with contentment. Love it!

  33. I love your red tea pot - in fact, I just love red.
    I spent a good 10 minutes today just soaking in your pictures - just so uplifting.

  34. Hi sweet Faye! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful kitchen with Roses of Inspiration. I love having you link up.

    Have a blessed week. Hugs to you!

  35. Your kitchen is so warm and cozy! I love all the ideas you shared! I have been wanting to make those same dishcloths too! :) Thank you for sharing this lovely post on the Art of Home-Making Mondays. My visits here are always so enjoyable and inspiring Faye. I love your blog! :)

  36. Wonderful ideas! Your kitchen is not ordinary at all with all these added treasures! Loving the egg basket!

  37. Fun ideas on making your kitchen inviting. I like your chicken egg basket. Cute idea! I once saw a measuring cup set that were in pitcher form but I didn't buy it. Now I wish I had...cute for my kitchen and they were different colors. Oh well maybe I'll see them again and then I'll buy them. Sigh! We have spring early, in Oregon, and some things that usually bloom in May are blooming now. Tulips are a week early. Wacky wind storm on Sunday shocked alot of people...we've had 3 wind storms late last year and now that we usually don't get. Climate change for sure! Thanks for sharing and hugs to you! xx

  38. your kitchen is far from ordinary! it's warm & inviting & homey, the little touches make it so, a lovely tour of your little kitchen specials was most enjoyable & so love the egg basket! we don't keep eggs out here in australia, they live in the fridge here.
    thanx for sharing