Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Making Old Book Pages Shelf Liner....

Good Morning.. 
Hoping you are all fine and keeping well this week.. 
Just a quick post today to show you a little tweaking that I accomplished yesterday.. 
A couple of years ago I decided I needed the cupboard doors off of a couple of my cabinets.. 
Dear hubby did that for me and I lined the shelves with some home made shelf papers.. 
Well, they needed spiffed up for awhile so I just removed them but made some new ones yesterday.. 
I thought some of you new followers might like to try this.. 
I bought the hole puncher from Michaels with a coupon and have certainly received value for the money .. 
I use it to make shelf paper, of course but also to make gift bags, cards and such.. 
I just used an old book for the paper and after measuring I glued a couple of pages together and hole punched.. 
Easy, eh? 
Then I folded down the edge with a knife to make it stiff and placed them on the shelves.. 
A nice little change.. 

Do you have any other ideas for the hole puncher?  
I saw them lately at the Walmart and they were cheaper but about the same price if you have a coupon for Michaels.. 

Today, I hope to finish organizing a little coffee corner and will share that later.. 
We are in the midst our March break here in N. B. for our grand kids and it is a beautiful sunny day.. 

Thanking God today for His loving kindness... 
Sending you all a hug.. 

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  1. Good morning, Faye
    Such a cute idea!! That really adds a huge dose of charm to your shelving!
    I have an edge punch someplace... I should find it and use it ***smile**.

    Enjoy that beautiful sunshine :)


  2. What a sweet idea!! The trick is finding an "old book" that you don't mind using up the pages, eh?

    1. I used an old encyclopaedia that I had .. I keep anything interesting in a file folder.. smile..

  3. I'm with Bevy! I don't know if I could cut up the pages!

  4. Wonderful idea looks lovely ! The kiddies here are on March break from the 16th to 20th the school bus passes by our house every day on March break no school bus . I do so enjoy hearing and seeing the school bus reminds me of my school bus days from the farm ! Having a mixed weather day here today freezing rain warning across the board very wet snow falling now . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  5. Cute idea. I just found 2 like that at a flea market for $1 each. I plan to use them on my price tags.

  6. Faye what a cute idea.....I love the look~~ I will have to agree with Bevy and Laura though, finding a book to use would be my problem :) We are expecting another 6-9 inches of snow tomorrow, but enjoyed beautiful sunshine yesterday. Enjoy your day!

  7. That is so pretty. It kind of looks like fabric to me. I'd get an old book from the thrift store and punch away! I love this idea. I'll be thinking about other hole punch projects.... Have a great day!

  8. What a wonderful idea, I love the shelf liners.
    I have never seen a punch like that, I will have to look in the craft shop in Lincoln.
    Fondly Michelle

  9. You are one clever lady, my friend! Love this idea! Just so happens I am making a trip to Michael's later on today. :) xo

  10. Oh wow...I love this! I have a small punch that makes decorative corners but have never seen one like this! How do you decide which books to use? So lovely!

  11. That's a great idea Faye. It really looks pretty and I like the old book pages. I should get one of those pretty lace hole punches. I hear more snow is coming. Take Care.

  12. Thrift stores are, indeed, wonderful for finding old books, including books easier on the heart for destroying, heehee. I have thought about doing this so many times, I really like the look of it - and it reminds me of the Ingalls family doing the same. I think for they're little what-not shelves? Beautiful!

  13. Oh Faye, I love the look, great idea. Thanks Francine.

  14. Love the idea. Spring break here starting next Friday (13th)-not really break, I have papers to write. Thanks for sharing. Blessings

  15. Enchanting - now on the look out for stencil cutters in Australia

  16. Faye, I love it! Did you pin it so more could see it? Old book pages are so fascinating. Good job!

  17. This is such a delightful and charming idea, Faye! I absolutely love it :) I have one of those edge punches so I'm thinking I may have to do this soon. Thanks for sharing at Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  18. A good idea to use the punch to make a decorative edge!! xx

  19. Beautiful shelf papers! Thanks for the wonderful idea! :-)

  20. Would love to get a punch like that,
    I remember you doing this before.
    I think it is wonderful!

  21. What a cute idea! i need to get a punch like that. I recently saw an idea of taking a lunch bag and punching the top, then folding it down and lacing a ribbon under the punched spot. They used them as gift bags and it was really cute too.

  22. ACKKKKK! EEEEEEK! I love book page projects! This is adorable! And cheap! The scallop and "eyelet" is so cute.


  23. What a lovely idea! It looks great. Pam in Norway

  24. Aww, Faye...I just LOVE this gorgeous idea! Your shelves look so very beautiful with the book paper edging and also extremely creative! Old books are simply fantastic and I have such fun coming up with new ways to use them! Thank you for the inspiration!
    Love and hugs,

  25. Faye,
    I like this idea a lot. I have a few of those punches as well. Looks like I have some new ideas to try with them. Not sure if I could use a book I'd probably use wrapping paper or brown paper. Also some of those punched out patterns of the punches work a treat as a stencil.
    Thank you for sharing.

  26. Faye, what a lovely idea, I do like the punched edges, they look so pretty. Have a Blessed Week. Woo xx

  27. such a pretty way to spruce up your shelves, love that we can use these punches for home decor too!

  28. Cute! I have a cow creamer, too! :)

  29. Dear Faye,
    That's an awesome idea! Looks sweet!
    Love ya,

  30. I love your shelf liners. Such a cute edge on them. I hope all is going well for you and yours. God bless.

  31. What a clever idea. Love the edge.

  32. Hi Faye, always nice to visit you...My Mom read that poem The Burial of Moses a few years ago to her daughters when we were almost choked me up when I saw it:) My Mom does not have a computer but I know if she did...oh she'd love your blog! :)

  33. What a lovely and frugal idea! Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays :) So pretty!