Tuesday, March 17, 2015

God Bless Our Irish Home..

Good Evening to you my lovelies... 
Just wanted to share a post with you of our little Irish celebration..

My husband is a Scott and so am I but there is a wee bit of the Irish in my bloodline which I am always happy to announce to the world.. grin.. 
So with that being said... 

Today being St. Patrick's Day was a sweet opportunity for Terry and I to have a special little dinner.. 
It was not a lot of work but a bit of fun to find some green dishes and such.. 

I am blessed to have a collection of Beeleek pottery which was made in Ireland.. I love every little piece.. Most of it was given to me from my husband's dear cousin, Marilyn and then Shonda gave us a lovely piece for our 40th anniversary.. 
I was happy to use a few pieces for dinner.. 
You will notice they have little shamrocks on their edges..

Then to find some green place mats, sheep napkin holders from my friend, Judy and such..  
Green is one of my favorite colors so it was not hard to find a few things to decorate the table with. 

Marilyn also gave me some little Irish ornaments as she knows how I love  the Irish.. smile.. 
I think it is important to take the time and make the effort to have little special occasions where we can celebrate, don't you?  

That is what home is all about.. 
Celebrating the life that Jesus has blessed us with.. 

The times we can spend together and the memories we make are precious and worth a wee bit of effort.. 
In the big ways and the small ones.. eh? 

St. Patrick was responsible for taking Christ to England from Ireland when Christianity was failing.. 
We have been studying church history at our Bible Study and studied about him last week.. 
It has been a very enlightening topic and so blessed to be a part of this Bible Study.. 

Anyway.. back to our dinner.. 
I made a little Soda Bread which was just big enough for two..
Along with some home made Blackberry Jelly ..
We actually had some left over for breakfast .. smile.. 
And a Colcannon Soup which was delicious.. 
I asked Terry if he liked it and he said what was there not to like.. 
Cabbage, potatoes and milk. grin.. 
(it was much more then that..grin)

I was talking to a dear friend this morning who is a faithful reader of the blog and I was saying what a wonderful motivation this blog is.. 
Because I want to put something on here to interest you it motivates me to put out a bit of extra effort and Terry and I both benefit from it.. 
He never complains about the time or effort I put into my blog and is always so helpful to me.. 
He waits for his soup while I get the perfect picture and pays for that old dish which is esactly right for a table setting.. 
He takes me for long drives and stops for pics and gets in ditches to pick me flowers and such.. grin.. 

Notice that picture above where he is sitting there patiently waiting for me to take a picture.. 
See that dear old hand there .. 
Well, that hand has held mine for almost 45 years of marriage next week.. 
I couldn't have found a dearer hand to hold.. 
Thank you, Lord.. 

God bless you sweet friends.. 
Thanks again for stopping by.. 


  1. Awww Faye another sweet post. I love the beautiful table setting; such beauty makes you enjoy the meal that much more. How do you make Colcannon Soup ? I have never heard of it.

    My granddads family were Irish and all 3 of my kids and most of our grandkids got their blue eyes from him. My husband and I celebrated 44 years of marriage this past Feb, so we are not far behind you and Terry. Enjoy your week and God Bless~~

  2. Hello Dearie! What a sweet and lovely post again. I knew that was Beleek! I just love it. Jim and I gave our two children some pieces of Beleek during their growing up years. They still have them and display them. Funny thing was...we never got ourselves any. Silly!!! Your table setting is so delightful and pretty. Who wouldn't want to set down and have a meal with all your pretty dishes and etc. The colconnan soup looks delicious.I so remember the stories of the Irish and the potato famine. Jim is Irish and I am only a bit but we had our usual corned beef, cabbage dinner. It was wonderful!!!! Well, off I go to get comfy in bed and read the end of this great book I am reading.

    May the good Lord watch over you and your family, Dear Heart!

  3. Sweet bragging on that dear man. Lovely evening together, lassy.

    Hugs and early happy anniversary,

  4. I have Irish heritage too, Faye, and like you, I'm very proud of it. Nice dinner for St Patrick's Day. It looked like a good time for you and your love.

  5. What a sweet little celebration!! :)

  6. A beautiful setting and a wonderful celebration. I am a great believer in making an effort for each other it is what marriage is all about. Congratulations on 45 years of marriage. I made some of the wonderful dishcloths earlier in the week, they are a real delight to wash up with.

  7. Dear Faye, the reason I love coming here to read is because of your love for home and the love you have with your husband...the way you always honor him. It's the way we live life here, too. We just celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary and I feel the same way about my husband's hand.

    Your Irish celebration looks wonderful! I'm off to find a recipe for the soup. My husband's family came from Scotland as well, but when our kids were young he would faithfully make Irish Soda bread for us.

    I'm so grateful for you and your love for God and family. xo

  8. A very heart warming blog Faye. your table looks wonderful and very inviting, it's the food and the colours, then you had the company of your beloved husband (45 years married) how marvellous. I pray you have a wonderfully Blessed week.

  9. Faye, Faye, Faye (grinning) we have the same placemats! Their my mothers, and she gave them to me. What a beautiful table you set. Thank you sweet friend, your blog just highlights my day. Blessings

  10. Hi your table setting :) You always have such lovely ideas! I love the way you love the Lord, your husband and your home. Your "Keepers" ladies are blessed to have you to help inspire them :)


  11. Such a lovely table setting and so special to have things around from so many people, you can think on them all while your eating. Happy Early Anniversary, your hubby sounds so sweet and loving, May God bless you both with many more loving years together!

  12. Lovely photos and post ! Happy Anniversary to you both next week . Thanks for sharing, Have a good day !

  13. Faye, you have set a very pretty table for your St. Patrick's Day dinner. It is all lovely. Belleek china is a favourite of mine although I only have one piece, an ashtray! lol I use it for a tea light holder now. I wish you and Terry a happy 45 anniversary next week and many blessings for many more wonderful years together. Blessed indeed! Hugs. Pam

  14. You write so beautifully about your husband & your life, happy 45th anniversary for next week. We celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this June, how quick the years have gone.
    I am half Irish & love Irish food, a wonderful book is Gloria Hunnifords cook book. You would love the photo's in it. I must do a post on it.
    Bed time here in England, I am so glad you enjoyed Saint Patricks Day.
    Fondly Michelle

  15. LOVE it!!!! Our youngest son is named after Saint Patrick but we kept the Gaelic spelling of Padraig and middle name is Colmcille (another Irish saint). Padraig means "noble" and Colmcille means "dove of the church". All four of our children have Irish names.Have you ever read St. Patrick's prayer in it's entirety? It is beautiful as is the story behind it.
    Sending love to you,

  16. Another wonderful blog post, Faye, and the soup looks wonderful!

  17. Nice post - lovey pics of food.

  18. Faye, happy anniversary early! Such a wonderful example of a loving marriage!
    {{hugs}} ~K.

  19. Hi Faye! This looks just great! I too am blessed with a hubby who will very patiently wait as I take photos for my blog and so on. I hope you have a wonderful, happy anniversary!

  20. 45 years - my goodness. Such a rarity these days

  21. Oh that is so sweet of him to always wait for you to take such wonderful pictures!! God bless you both on you 45th anniversary!!

  22. Looks like a party, Faye, everything is so nice! Happy anniversary!!!

  23. Happy 45th Anniversary. What a sweet post. A true inspiration as well.
    xx oo

  24. Hi Faye! I hope you and your husband have a very Happy Anniversary.
    This is a delightful post as I love all things Irish myself. We are Scots-Irish as were most of the original settlers in my home state of Tennessee. Your dishes are really lovely. The shamrocks are so delicate; they are perfect for trim on the dishes. Thank you for stopping by my site. I wanted to let you know I got the turmeric plant from an herb farm in my area, but you can buy powdered turmeric which is what I take in capsule form from bulk herb stores. It's great for pain and cures some cancers. Hope you're having a great evening. :)

  25. Faye, Beautiful Yummy good, Grate looking table. Been under the weter for months could use your prayers TY, God Bless

  26. I love your pictures! Green is such a happy color. My mother's maiden name was O'Quinn so there definitely is Irish in my blood. Many redheads in my family. I always wanted red hair like my mom but my dad's family are all dark hair so I got that instead. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  27. I love your Irish celebration, such lovely photo's. I'm just going back to have another look - in case I missed something.


  28. What a beautiful post about home, love, and Jesus Christ. This was a joy to read, my friend.

    Thank you for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  29. Wonderful post. Happy Anniversary. too!

  30. I love all the lovely photos of Irish dishes and blessings :) It is so much fun to embrace our heritage, isn't it? It adds another creative layer of homemaking! Thank you for sharing your sweet posts on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!