Thursday, March 31, 2016

Last day of March at the farm...

Good evening my dears.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth today.. 
Yesterday was a lovely sunny day so Terry and I headed up to the farm for the day.. 

There are always a few chores we like to do there.. 
I usually mix up a loaf of bread... 

I took our ham bone and started a boiled dinner to have for later..

Love having something simmering away on top of the old wood stove.. 

Terry hooked up our new hot water heater.. 
It will be great to have hot water there again.. 
The last one bit the dust and we just kept heating water for dish washing but soon we will be staying overnight and we will need more for showers and such... smile.. 

Tuesday was our town day and look what I found at the Thrift Store.. 

This wonderful huge cast iron pan.. 
Not sure what it was meant for initially but I am sure it will be put to good use there.. 
What would you use it for?  

Here are a few other things I have picked up at thrift stores.. 

A couple of lamps, the little pitcher and basin one is for a bedroom, a vase with a bird on it, a plate stand and this wee cubby ... 

I decided to paint it green ... 
I did get it finished but forgot to take a pic.. 
Terry needs to hang it for me and then I will show you.. 
I think it will be my spice cupboard... 

I was busy doing something and when I went out into the back room (porch)  . .. we really don't know what to call that room but it is where you walk into the house and has the old wood stove there.. smile.. 
Anyway... Terry said he was heating up his lunch and this is how he eats when I am not there.. lol.. 

Sure was a lot easier then making a meal.. 
He just stuck in his fork and ate away.. 
No dirty dishes.. grin.. 

The bread is baked.. 

Just in time for a little snack...
Along with a bit of home made Bakeapple or (Cloudberry as they call it in Newfoundland)  jam I had made in the Fall... 

T'was good with a hot cup of tea.. smile.. 

Picked up the book at thrift also.. 
Thought it looked interesting as it was all letters written in the early 1900s to a woman's family... 

It was good for three quarters of it and then I kind of disagreed with some of her philosophies but interesting non the less.. 

We are back home today... 

Hope you are all having good weather where ever you may be.. 
Lots of rain and wind here but at least it is warmer.. 

Thanks so much for dropping by and love reading your little notes that you leave.. 
Take care, dear friends.. xo


  1. You found some lovely items at the Op Shop, Faye. I try not to go to ours too often as we already have too much 'stuff' as my hubby is a hoarder. Still....I can always go there looking for knitting needles as they don't take up much space. Glad it is warming up for you. It is still very warm here with above average temperatures. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Your bread looks so good Faye. It is raining here and with a little chill in the air so some warm bread with homemade jam would be perfect! Actually it would be perfect with any type of weather ;) Love the things from the thrift store, especially the things with birds on them. I enjoy going to ours but have to limit myself as I have too much stuff already. Hope your weekend is great. God Bless!

  3. What lovely finds!!!! This month flew by! Hugs!!!

  4. What great finds. I love the lamp.
    Oh, I just love looking at your photos. They make me smile.
    Happy April,

  5. I love to read about your days at the farm. Beans in maple that is different!

  6. Beautiful photos, friend. Plenty of rain and wind here in western NY. Have a lovely weekend. Blessings

  7. Good morning Faye,
    You are one of the winners of a little birdie brooch!
    Please email me at
    to let me know what color you would like me to make your bird and I will get it mailed to you next week.
    Happy April to you.....Hugs from Shirley

  8. Love your pictures, Faye. I'd use that cast iron pan to bake roasts in. Your description of the farm always sounds so lovely.

  9. I love the blue and white dishes! What a fantastic pan! I tried a recipe once where you melted 2 T butter in a cast iron skillet and then laid biscuits in the butter to bake. It was delicious and would be great in your pan.

    We have rainy weather today but we need the rain so I am happy to have everything watered and the pollen cleaned out of the air today.

  10. What a great find with the pan I would use it to make a roast dinner, meat potatoes and veg all in one pan. Take care.

  11. As always a YUMMY and pretty post , Great finds . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  12. Love that sweet bird lampshade! The little cabinet is cute and great for storage. I wonder what that pan was used for. It looks heavy. I noted the 'v' in the edge which I don't think is a chip out of it. I'm sure you will enjoy having hot water at the ready! Oh my. The thought of boiling water for use instead of turning on the tap for it makes me ever so grateful for hot tap water. :) I hope you have a nice weekend Faye. Blessings.

  13. A name for the little back porch - how about the boot room. Just an idea. Love your finds and what you have done to the aptly named "spice cupboard" now that is being organised. We have had a little more sunshine here in the UK for the past couple of days which has been lovely but the wind still has a nasty cold nip in the air. looking forward to warmer days. Keep safe and blessings to you and Terry. Pattypan (aka Tricia)

  14. Hi Faye, love your finds as usual and always yummy stuff on your blog.Happy April,Francine.

  15. I had to smile when you mentioned showers at the farm. When we go to our old farm, we have to get all our water in buckets from the river. Needless to say, showering is quite a process. In summer, we all stand on the barn bridge and tip buckets of (pretty cold) mountain river water on the one standing beneath (yelling loudly, soap in hand). We have had some good laughs :). Your bread looks delicious! Wish you a lovely weekend, Pam in Norway xx

  16. Hello Faye...a roast in that dish I'm sure would be very fine fare indeed...or a cottage pie...or lasagne...or just masses of roast potatoes...yum...Jackie.x

  17. Looks like a good day at the thrift store, Love the little cubby, that book sounds interesting too! Glad you had good weather for your little trip to the farm!

  18. Hi Faye just loved your thrift shop finds, I have a Canadian girl friend who lives here in our little town(Australia) and she introduced me to beans in maple syrup--- oh my are they nice. god bless from Judi

  19. Hi Faye, The farm...what a nice place to visit! I love finding old letters or diaries written long ago. I can't wait to see what you cook in the cast iron. I have never seen one that shape before. It looks like it is season well. We return home to our little windy hill
    It cold and windy here. The south was so warm and sunny. But it always good to be home. Have a blessed week..

  20. Glad things are well with you and Terry. We have been staying with the 1 1/2 grandson while our tim and his wife went on a trip. Daughter and family have been in Florida for 10 days. We babysat the dogs. They all came back home yesterday!!!!! Thank Heavens! I am worn out! I love it when you take us to the farm. Things are coming right along there, aren't they? Love the little cupboard...will be great for spices. Take care....



  21. As usual, I didn't have time to comment as I was on my way to church. Just had time to read your lovely post. Always enjoy pictures of the farm! If I cooked and baked in that old wood stove, I think I would call that the cook room. (smile)