Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The last days of March...

Good Evening everyone.. 
A little bit of our last days of March post for you tonight.. 

We had quite a storm here yesterday in the Maritimes .. 
High winds and snow.. 
Last week it so looked like Spring but now we are back to feeling like Winter.. 
Just what is expected for this time of year, eh?  

There are a couple of pics looking out of our windows at the weather yesterday and then the beautiful morning that we woke up to... 
Snow is beautiful but cold.. smile.. 

As you can see I try to brighten up the house with geraniums and herbs of course.. 

The wind chime there is something I picked up at the Thrift store.. 
Terry hung it for me outside our window on the pine tree.. 
Our bedroom window is open at night and I love to hear it heralding in the wind that blows.. (you know me and the wind) grin.. 
It is not quite loud enough so I will continue to look for the right one.. 

We have a big wind chime at the cottage but sometimes it can be a bit much so I want something a little less subtle shall we say.. smile..

Terry and I took a little trip across the border to Bangor, Maine last week.. 
I had so much fun at the Thrift stores.. 
You might note the big tea pot on the mantel.. 
It is pewter and one of my finds.. 
Also found some nice linens and lace curtains and such.. 
Some sort of ivory handled cutlery, books, a lamp for the farm, a glass vase of the Eiffel Tower, 3 wee antique dolls, an old hard cover Louis L'Amour book,  hand knit dish cloths, fabrics and such.. 

There are two wonderful Good Will shops there and I always find such neat stuff... 
I know..
 I don't need any of it but really I didn't pay hardly anything for all of it.. 
When we came across the border we were under... 
Of course, we went to the Christmas Tree Shop and found a couple of things... 

We had a lovely Chinese meal where a chef cooked my Stir fry for me.. It was so good.. 
We were celebrating our 46th anniversary which is on Saturday.. 
So nice to celebrate, don't you think? 

Anyway, on with the show.. smile.. 

We had some sweet company at the farm last week for supper..
The pic is of  one of our dear grandsons enjoying a bite of bread before supper.. 
They had all been outside and worked up an appetite.. 
They enjoy their salads and home made bread.. 
Pasta is a favourite with the whole family... 
What do your family enjoy when they get together? 

This weekend hopefully we will be able to celebrate Easter together.. 
The greatest day in all of history.. 

I made a craft today of  the 3 crosses .. 
I will try and post a pic for you tomorrow.. 

That is all for this evening my dear friends.. 
Thank you for your sweet visits and comments both here and on the Face Book page.. 
Just click on the badge at the top on the sidebar and you can read it even if you are not on Face Book..

Thank you, too for following the blog.. 
I lost so many due to the Google change and it is a bit disheartening but nothing I can do about it all.. 
So glad you all are aboard for sure... 

God bless you sweeties.. 


  1. Good evening Faye. Your snow is beautiful and I love the red flowers. Your trip sounds so nice~~~my husband and I enjoy finding thrift stores and seeing what we can find. We celebrated our 45th anniversary back in Feb and went to several small towns and just enjoyed finding out all the rich history they held. Hope you have a happy Easter this Sunday and your snow melts so you can be out and about. God Bless!!

  2. I love March snowstorms... they don't last long! We are to have a small storm tomorrow night into Thursday morning and then temps in the mid 50s for the weekend. We will celebrate 43 years of wedded bliss this summer. Pasta is a go to for our family gatherings too... favorites are lasagna and macaroni and cheese with bacon. I hope your snow is gone now and you have spring back!

  3. Hello, my friend, Faye........ I love the red geraniums just where you have them. I have one pot and it looks good wherever I put it. I love it with your pewter. You have quite a bit of pewter! Looks gorgeous where you have it. I love the new tea pot.

    Happy Anniversary to two very special people! I pray that it will be the best anniversary ever and that you enjoy many more years of fun together! God bless you both!



  4. Happy Anniversary dear Faye and hubby! How wonderful....46 years. You are an encouragement to others.
    Beautiful snow and sunshine...soon it will be nice and green again and warm weather will come back hang in there. Happy Resurrection Day...Jesus is Lord!

  5. Congratulations on 46 years of marriage, wishing you many more happy years together. Enjoy your celebration and your family get together. I generally cook a roast beef dinner when we get together. I had to shout my husband to come and look at all that snow. Take care.

  6. Congratulations Faye. You have a few extra years on us :-) I can't believe you have the window open when it is snowing!!! Goodness me. Obviously you are used to the cold weather unlike us. LOL!

  7. Dear Faye,

    Congratulations on your 46 years, that is a fantastic achievement. A successful marriage is a great reason to celebrate.

    The snow looks cold, but very pretty. It must be chilly sleeping with the window open in that weather? BRRR!

    I have a wind chime similar to yours and it clinkers and clackers in the breeze. I, like you love the sound, and I admit to having my window open at night to hear the gentle sound. It is so soothing to me.

    I cant wait to see a pic of the three crosses you made, it sounds lovely.

    Wishing you and yours a Blessed Easter,


  8. Happy Anniversary to you both on Saturday . Lovely finds and photos to ! YIKES ! that a lot of snow I hope spring shows up there for good soon ! Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend and a Happy Easter to !

  9. Happy anniversary to you both Faye :-). And the snow storm... It wouldn't be spring otherwise :)

  10. The happy Anniversary wishes to you and hubby,how wonderful Faye.... March is such a fickle month, lots of snow you had... Blessings Francine.

  11. Aww how sweet Happy Anniversary to you all ~ Happy Easter.

  12. Oh my dear...the snow! I have had the same experience in time past. I remember one year it snowing in April. But you are right it is beautiful.

    What a wonderful way to celebrate 46 years. Happy Early Anniversary.

    I love Goodwill. I don't get to them as much as I used to but I always enjoy a visit to them. My kids do not though....smiles!!! Probably because I take too long. Smiles.

    As a family pasta also is a good meal for us. We like it a lot. The only thing is my middle child does not like red sauce (spaghetti sauce) so I always keep Alfredo on hand. She will eat it if I serve it but not well if I don't put "cheese" sauce on it.

    You have a great rest of your week. Looking forward to your craft.

  13. Brrr!!!!! That is very cold! Hope that you are keeping warm and dry and that spring will soon be coming your way. xx

  14. I always enjoy your blog and your geraniums look beautiful. I do well with flowers outside but not so good inside. Here in SC Pennsylvania today it reached up to 71 and should be 74 tomorrow and then down it goes. Very usual for it to be this warms - this soon. But we know Spring is coming.