Monday, March 28, 2016

The Blog Quiz Reponse...


Hello dear hearts.. 
Well here we are.. 
Easter is over.. 
Spring has begun!
The date of Spring has begun anyway.

The weather is not great but no major snowstorms or anything.. 
Just not nice sunny days where we can put the clothes out on the line and go grab some rhubarb to make a crumble or Lovage (one of my favourite herbs) for our tomato juice drinks.. 
The days will come though, Lord willing.. 

I am trying to get my house in order and making lists galore.. 
Even did a little blog survey.. smile.. 
And that is the reason for my post tonight.. 

Thank you each and everyone who participated.. 
You were all so sweet to accommodate me by answering the survey or quiz (whatever) either here on the blog, facebook and mostly emails.. 
To be honest the emails were amazing.. 
There were so many!! 
Thank you so much.. 

What did I learn? 
Number one is that the blog has amazing followers!!
You girls are the dearest and I wanted you to know that.. 
You love your home and want it to be a sanctuary and a place where family counts.. 
That is important to you whether you have your children still home or are empty nesters.. 
Home is best!!

When the comments started showing up I thought that the followers were mostly of my own age but when the emails started coming through I was happy to find that you are all ages.. 

There are a lot more girls who read the blog then I expected..
You said you enjoyed the post and not just the pics..  
Although, the photos are a hit..
 Everyone like pictures.. smile.. 

Some prefer the posts from here at home but the farm came a close second and the cottage not so much.. 

My love for Jesus was appreciated as most of you are his followers also.. 
So long as I don't preach.. grin..

Most did not want guest posts except from Shonda.. (our daughter).. 
I spoke to her about it over the weekend and I think we will try and work something out.. 
So the format will stay mostly the same..

I don't think I can comment each time back to you but if you ask me a question or send me an email then I will do my best to connect.. If I forget to respond then remind me.. 
Remember, I am not as young as you and my memory isn't what it used to be.. grin..

I do have some new ideas for blog posts occasionally..
I will ask Shonda to do a craft or share her REAL ( sort of a Keepers of the Home) group meetings that she has started or some of her home decorating, or whatever with us when she can ..  

Also, another idea is to post something that I find interesting in my daily life most days.. 
Just a pic or link or scripture or whatever.. 

I have a folder on my computer and of course several different type of journals that shall I say ....turns my crank.. 

A verse that makes me want to be better or something that gets me in the working mode or inspires me to make something or a recipe from my recipe books that I want to try.. 
Maybe just one of my lists.. whatever. 
Motivation.. smile..

I will be using pinterest but this is not about pinterest perse..
I like so many more parts of the web besides Pinterest.. 
Don't you? 

You may want to pin the ideas to a board or in a folder or perhaps you can copy it off of your computer and put it in your journal.. 
Or just look at it.. smile.. 

It will be a blog journal for you girls of things that I happen to notice and perhaps you will too.. 

So when you see the post heading BLOG JOURNAL then you know I am posting something that I myself am journalling about.
That way it will not take much of my time but I am on here connecting with you most days.. 
We will try it out anyway and see what the response is ... 
Hopefully, it will go over well.. 

The pictures above are an example of my Blog Journal.. 
I don't know why I love these but I do and have had them in my folder for ages.. 
It is someone's home.. 
Not new, of course and probably not simple but it has something that calls me back to look at them every once in awhile..
Is it the colours or the decor or the homeliness of it all? 
I love the ceilings, the cupboards, the old doors, the bench and so on..
 I think I could live there. smile..   

Does this turn your crank? 
Is it something you like to see here? 

I think that this was fun...

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to do the survey and for the comments I hope to read.. smile.. 

Take care now.. 
Faye.. ox


  1. I love your idea of having Shonda contribute when she is able to, as well as doing a blog journal. I love to journal, although I'm not as consistent as I would like.

    Years ago I read about visual journaling on Ann VosKamp's blog, A Holy Experience. I am very visually oriented, although certainly not an artist. I use beautiful pictures from magazines that either relate to my day, or I might relate my entry to the pics. I also include gratitude lists, scriptures, motivational quotes & just about anything that strikes my fancy. I love doing it & almost enjoy it more when I go back through old journal entries.

    Looking forward to more of your wonderful blog!

    Anita - the cabin on the creek

  2. I'm glad you aren't changing too much and I'm excited to see the changes you have planned. Would love to have Shonda do guest posts. Have a happy week!

  3. Looking forward to your sweet blog....any changes or additions will be good I know. Really enjoyed the pictures of Shonda's home you shared from your Easter visit and think it would be so nice for her to do guest posts now and then. Have a wonderful week.

  4. I'm short on time tonight and didn't read your post, but I did truly enjoy your photos. I am in love with your home . . . it is so inviting and perfectly warm and cozy. The way the sunlight comes flooding into your rooms is gloriously lovely.
    Happy Spring!
    Connie :)

  5. Faye, I was just drooling over those photos and thought it was your home :-) I look forward to whatever you choose to blog about and to whatever photos you choose to show so long as there are some of the snow. LOL!

  6. I love the photos you shared too Faye, they are so homely. They remind me of our old farmhouse where I spend my childhood.

    I look forward to following along with you, it sounds like it could be a lot of fun!

    God Bless,


  7. Enjoyed the photos you shared today, so homely Love the bench in the hall. Looking forward to reading your blog in its new format, whatever you decide. Take care.

  8. I wondered if it was your home that you were showing! I'm glad you aren't going to do any radical changes to your lovely peaceful blog. Thank you for coming over to mine to visit.

  9. I loveeeee the photos you posted....I so want a hallway like the first one you posted. Thank you for your lovely blog and the many smiles you bring. Blessings

  10. I really liked the photos of this home and like you this home talked to me soo warm and cozy looking farm like if you will lol ! I am all for what ever you decide to do on your blog I will always be here to see what ya been up to cause I love your blog and photos no matter what you do . Thanks for sharing who you are and what you love . Have a good day !

  11. I love the pictures too, I think it is the lighted rooms and colors, and those wood ceilings are cool!

  12. Love the pictures you show, the gentle beautiful life you live there in my beloved New Brunswick, and look forward to each post you write! May the Lord bless you richly today :)

  13. Hi Faye, I'm just catching up on your recent posts today after a busy week. I missed the survey but that's okay, as I love your blog and find all your posts so interesting. I love photos too (you know I love to take pictures!) and I love the farm house and the cottage. I guess knowing the areas that your homes are in make me feel very comfortable and welcome. I have no complaints about your blog and enjoy every post. The photos you shared today are so homey and old-timey. :) Glad you had a lovely Easter weekend. Hopefully the weather will be more springy soon! Blessings. Pam

  14. Dear Faye I did not take part in your blog quiz as I have been rushing here and there. I love your blog, its blog perfect :)Your photos today are beautiful, I thought it was your home!!! I find your words so comforting. God Bless x