Monday, April 19, 2010

A Boiled Dinner and Cast Iron Frypans....

Good Evening ...It is a bit late to post today but I thought I should anyway.. We had a fun day today.  It is so great to be sort of for you keepers to look forward to, eh?
Anyhow...we decided to go to our old farm for a work day.  So I  packed up some stuff for our dinner.  We have staples up there so I didn't have to take a whole lot.    I also packed up  my sewing machine and fabrics  so I could work while I was there.
When we got there, Terry went in to start the fire.  And guess what?  The wind was blowing so hard and it was know how I love that!!   The  dog and I sat there and looked at the hills and enjoyed it all for a bit.  Then I started feeling guilty so in we went.  I put some water on to heat and started our Boiled Dinner.  Terry's Mom used to make it all the time and he loves it... I had a leftover Ham bone with some meat still on it so I let it boil for awhile and then added the veggies.  You just cook it all till tender..Easy..
Then while that was cooking I started sewing.  Prim stars and pears and one doll.  Poor Terry was digging up the back porch floor.  It was a mess but what a find underneath--lovely old boards!!   
After a bit  he came in with an old cast iron fry pan he found out there.   I  had to season it and  I thought
you might find it a handy thing  to know.   I took a few pics to show you how..
You might already have one or maybe you can get one at thrift store or yard sale.  
First of all wash it very well in sudsy water.  You only wash it like that once in awhile.( After it is seasoned you just wipe it out with a paper towel,)  Now  you take some shortening or olive oil .. 
Wipe it all over the inside of the frypan with a papertowel.   Then put it in a medium  hot oven for a couple of hours.  If you have to season the outside because of rust then be sure to place it on a foil lined cookie sheet as it might be a bit messy,  When it comes out it looks like new.  See...
Now, all you have to do is peel a few potatoes and slice them.  Place them in your hot cast iron pan with some oil, salt and pepper.  Make sure you have a nice crust on them before you turn them over,  Cook until tender.  Your family will love you!!    
Well, I hope you enjoyed this. . Now,  if only you had been there to enjoy some tea and one of my Mom's date squares... 
Maybe next time my dears...
Remember we serve an Awesome God...


  1. Good morning Faye, I have come to the conclusion that you have more patience than Job..haha It must be nice to be able to pack up your things and go away from it all for a day and just relax and enjoy yourselves, sounds like you and Terry had a wonderful day, 2 more weeks before George gets home and you are making me miss him more when you speak of you and Terry doing things together..isn't it nice to have someone who likes doing the simply things that we like to do...enjoy your day Tam

  2. Thanks Tammy...I sooo appreciate your for patience....I don't think so..2 weeks will go fast with all your projects..
    God Bless...

  3. Faye,
    I am so jealous! I want to have a camp some day so I can do that- get away from it all and just do "that Stuff." I should tell you sometime about a Christmas that I planned for someday when I have a camp to spend it at!
    Your lunch looked yummy, probably well deserved after your hard work!

    Can't wait to see what you will post next!

  4. Faye, I decided I,m coming to live with you!! Tell Terry to get the shed ready for me. ha ha.After talking with you this morning I,m busy crafting and of course you are in my heart and on my mind. I love your posts and eagerly await more. Love Val

  5. You girls are so sweet!! You can all move in with me so long as you do the try to post again in am. It is late so.....goodnight...

  6. I don't mind doing the Emma likes to do dishes I went to Value village the other day..which is really weird because I never liked going there and now I have to stop there everytime I go to funny how we change. I did find a little cupcake tin that I can use to make candles in. I will make them at the new place when we move, only 1 week and 2 days now. Getting so excited. Everyday I think of how I can decorate the new place, I know it's going to be primitive, so I will need your HELP achieving! Oh! I also bought nice dark brown curtains for the living room at the new place, I got them at the Great Canadian Dollarstore, only $10 a panel, thought it was a great deal and they are really thick too and the light is not able to get through them. I have so many ideas on how I want to decorate my NEW place.