Thursday, April 22, 2010

A little tweaking...

Greetings my dears..Another little post tonight to try to interest you in this little endeavor...  I was wondering what I could chat about.  Then I  was talking to one of my dear friends and she sort of inspired me towards a bit of deco stuff .  She loves primitive decorating as much as I do.  I know that there are many different approaches to decorating.  I personally love countrry and primitive.  Therefore, I am afraid that is probably what you will see here most of the time..
So..... here is a few pics I took tonight after supper....... just for fun!   Our youngest son gave me a wonderful camera for Christmas a year or so ago.   Just tonight I learned how to put borders on my photos!!  LOL.. Yes, I am a slow learner...  Well.... here goes...
This is a little gathering of rosemary, some eggs, a nest that our son brought to his mom many years ago and a treasured pair of little prim red shoes...... Darling, eh?
Then this an ole Rags doll that I made a couple of weeks ago.. I had her up on Primtive Lace but I am showing off my picture taking skills..Lol... See how an old doll can just put the right touch on a spot... I think so anyway .   but I love dolls and love to make them....
This is a little nightstand gathering... I found these bears in my workshop the other day.. I wanted them to look old....sooooooo... I used scissors, coffee dye, black x stitches and kind of burnt them again in the oven......the poor things... they look much older in reality... oh, and I took a lot of stuffing out of them... then of course my clove candle and an old Bible.  Every night stand needs one.. at least a verse or two before you lay your head down to rest.... we should spare Him at least a few minutes of our time each day... after all He gave us the past 24 hours of our day,  eh??
And last but not least is the woolen heart garland that we made in Keepers meeting in February.  They are on the hall mirror hanging off an old branch in our front hall or foyer.... whatever .... We had so much fun making those.   I hope I display some of these gifts of the Spirit...
Well, I have several more but maybe next time or maybe I will put them on Primitive Lace..
We leave for Ladies Retreat in Fredericton tomorrow.... expecting a blessed weekend...
Your homework, girls----do a little tweaking this weekend and arrange a few little gatherings in your homes.  Make it a special place for your dear ones... Email your pics so I can see what you are up to..
Hugs from me to you...


  1. Faye, what a lovely selection of pictures, (and yes you did a great job with their borders) love your garland...

    have a great weekend with the ladies, maybe I will attend next year..

    love Tam

  2. Oh Dear Faye, I have lots of catching up to do... I haven't even finished my heart garland yet. I'll send you a picture when I finish it. I am deep into scrapbooking today so I'd better get back at it. Enjoy Ladies retreat and thanks for the post!

  3. I just wanted to let you know that I did my homework!

  4. That is so funny..I worked on my heart garland today and then when I went on your post tonight you had a picture of yours..when I get mine done I will put a picture on. I have plans to hang it up in the kitchen at our new place, so although I don't have it done yet almost though (just need to get wire to hang it up with), I decided I have to get it finished so I can hang it up at the new place...It will look so nice.