Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Monday!!!

Good Morning to you all...Just a very short post this morning just to let you know that I am still here..   I have posted a wee pic of my kitchen window sill this morning.  I love to get up early  on Mondays ..  I know... I think I am a little strange sometimes, too.  But after a wonderful weekend at Ladies Retreat and church yesterday the week looks full of possibilities!  So much to do and hopefully with the Lord's help I might get a couple things crossed off of my  A nice hot cup of coffee, my list book, a verse or two from the Word, some prayer and my Monday has began....
I know there are so many of you girls up early, getting your children ready and out the door to work.. But when you get a bit older (believe me doesn't take long) your life is different..  I am still very busy and my lists do not seem to be any smaller ..just different...
How I would love to be getting my children ready for school... oh, well... Life is lovely...
So, look forward to your busy week and what God has in store for you.. Go to work, feed your families, do their laundry and don't forget to check The Blessed Hearth... lol.. please leave a comment and do your homework from the last posting.  I will try with some inspiration from the Lord  to provide you with something to bless your home.  A shortcut, a recipe or a tip  that will hopefully help you all.
May God bless you this week..Remember Spring is here....


  1. Good Morning Faye and what a lovely post to start the week with, it really did make me think, especially the bit about "getting children ready".

    You are so right, the years do fly by and I should enjoy the morning hustle and bustle. The years pass by so quickly and it won't be long before the morning school runs are a thing of the past.

    From now on I am going to cherish each morning with Beth & Libby as we hunt, for PE Kit, school shoes, homework books and off course the item that we always forget as we walk out the door, Libby's reading book.

    Thankyou Faye, for reminding me that this daily pleasure will soon be gone for good.
    Have a wonderful week,
    Love & Blessings,

  2. Good morning sounds like you had a wonderful is a wonderful day out there and I have been walkng lately and it is funny how much more I notice as I get older, like how beautiful it was the other day when I saw 3 pure white geese floating on the lake (why don't I carry my camera!!!!!) and last night how clear the sky was and the moon looked so bright, God is good..I guess I have so much on my mind when I walk that I never really thought about all the beautiful things around me, just took them for granted...

    well have a great week and will look forward to your next entry...

    love Tam

  3. Faye, this is such a lovely post and good too, for it made me stop and think, then count my blessings.
    So glad you were blessed over the weekend and may you know the presence of the Lord with you this week also.


  5. Add Penobsquis ot your list... LOL
    I just had a very detailed comment written and it wouldn't post...
    We enjoyed homemade soup and bread for supper... I start on the weekend to prepare for the week ahead. I can't stand the mornings- except the ones when my husband gets the kids ready for the day and I get to sleep in until 7:45. Some of my shortcuts to get through the morning would probably make you cringe!

  6. I started my day out today at 6:40am..Then I had to go to St. John to run my sister and her fiance down for a few things to do on her list. I looked after my nephew while they did there thing. My kids were home with there dad. Then I came back cooked supper, the kids and I packed some and then I put them to bed, read them a story and then I packed some more and worked on my Heart Garland (almost done) and had a coffee. Then now I am off to bed myself. I am not really arranging anything right now but just packing a whole lot...but in my mind I am arranging how I will be decorating our new Faye I am going to need lots of help on that because I would like to make it primitive as much as I can. Love Ya, and thanks so much for being such an inspiration in my life. You may feel that it is just a little thing but to us it is such a big thing. To know that someone cares so much to create a blog just for us and help us out in our daily lives. You are such a loving person who has a big heart. Ladies Retreat was truely a blessing and it sure stirred a few things up in my heart and opened my eyes to.

  7. Dearest Faye, I,m thoroughly enjoying this new blog!! although I,m not a member of your group, I am in my heart a member.This blog reminds me how much I love and admire you my dear cousin. luv ya!!! val

  8. Hi Faye...I like how you start out your week...and even though my children have been grown and out of the house for many, many years I still like getting up early no matter what day...I think it's the best part of the day...lots of musings and gathering ideas all alone in the early hours before the day starts.
    Hugs, Karen