Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Lord's Day..

Good Afternoon girls... This is Sunday afternoon.... we went to church this morning and it was a wonderful service.  As always - the Lord met us there.  It is such a blessing to actually feel the Spirit of the Lord.  Not that we have to go to church to feel the Lord as He is as close as the mention of His Name,,,

Now as  I putter away getting this blog  going I thought I should put a small posting to try and get it built up.
On the way home today my dear husband stopped and picked some more mayflowers to give to a dear elder Pastor's wife  tonight at church...Just a small way to show her how much we appreciate everything they have done down through the years..I don't know that it is the older a person gets that they love anything that reminds them of when they were young or if a person is born that way.
  I have always loved flowers--especially the early Spring ones...mayflowers, violets, forget-me-nots, lily of the valley and of course the ladies slipper.  God is such an artist...  I don't think any hothouse rose can come close to the beauty and aroma that you get from these lovely wild flowers...
Anyway, dears I pray that you have had a wonderful day today... I hope you took your children to church.  It is one of the most important things you will do for your child as he or she grows to adulthood... It will count down through the ages.
God Bless you and your dear ones...

Love and Prayers


  1. Hi Faye, once again you know just what to far so were born to encourage and make people feel good about themselves...awesome

    love |Tam

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  3. oops, I made a typo and ended up deleting my whole comment...

    I was just trying to say that I sent an invite out on FB so my friends can check out your new blog- because I love it so much myself :)

  4. Thanks are a dear!!!