Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hello my dears...I know I am very late getting to my posting today.. I had got up early this morning so that I could drop you all a little line before we went away.  I decided to telephone my daughter and before I knew it an hour or so had passed and opening the french door was my sweetie..all dressed and ready to go..... Need I say more?  Oh well, better late than never or so they 
I wasn't sure what I wanted to share with you today... but as we drove up our drive from another day on the farm... I noticed my raised herb bed over to the side of our yard.... And believe it or not there were several plants growing... I know that it is Spring but it is a bit chilly today...  Also, it has arrived in such a rush that it is hard for me to believe they were growing so high.  This is Lovage....and I love favorite after Basil..
I use this herb a lot.  It actually grows to 6 ft,. tall...Imagine!!  It tastes a lot like celery...with a mix of anise..
I love this fresh in soups, salads, stews, tomato dishes, stuffing  and with meats.. Do not use a lot as it is very strong.  I also dry it in a brown paper bag hung upside down.  When it is crisp I shove it into a mason jar and use it all winter.  My favorite thing to do is  ( some early warm morning when the dew is still on the ground).. I run over to the herb bed and pick a couple of the larger stalks.. Bring them in and cut them long enought to fit a large glass.  Then I fill it up with tomato or V8 juice a speck of salt and pepper and sip it through the straw for my breakfast.  We really like doing that....  It makes me feel
Also, I fill up literally bottles of vinegar and put in handfuls of lovage... a couple of weeks later I strain it and put in a couple more fresh leaves... a wonderful gift to give someone and tastes lovely on french fries.. 
So make sure to go to your garden centre a buy or beg from someone a bit of lovage to occupy your garden.  Save a large spot or a big pot for your patio as it does grow big.
Now,  this one was growing also... Sorrel
Isn't it lovely??  This is wonderful in salads or sandwiches... Just a leaf or two as it is peppery.  One day I made pesto with it... I love using anything that I can I looked up some recipes for sorrell and this was the one I thought I would try.... several hours later and much olive oil and pinenuts and parmesan I had sorrell pesto.,.. Yukkkkk... Don't try it.. But it is lovely in soups just like spinach.. It comes back every year just like the lovage does.
And of course, we have the chives... so useful....
I love my chives..from Spring right through till Fall...I use them a lot right now as they taste so good,.. I think the main thing I do with them is in my salads and dressings..
Chive Salad Dressing
1/4 cup lemon juice
3/4  cup oil
1 tsp. lemon zest
pinch salt and pepper
1/4 cup chopped chives
place in a small mason jar and shake and serve.
pour over salad pickings
Also , I save every blossom and make chive vinegar with them.... It turns into a lovely pink color and makes a lovely salad dressing or use however you use vinegar.. in pasta and such....
I actually pick a handful of stems and put them in an old mason jar with a bit of water and leave on my kitchen sill to use..
Like in scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, our salads or sprinkled over my soup. 
If you look in the last post you can see them on the sill along with thyme and rosemary..
If you don't have chives they can be found at the supermarket  gardem centre or maybe a friend is breaking hers up.  They come up every year.  Herbs are good for you and your families.
I was just thinking today about The Blessed Hearth and what I would post every day or so.. I decided it would just be about my life and any thing that I come across that I think might help or interest you girls.... and of course about our God.... eh?  He is so awesome..... I think He must have loved Herbs.. to make so many..  God Bless you all...I hope you are having a wonderful week...


  1. Good evening Faye
    What a great post....and I'm sure you will never run out of interesting things to share with us.
    Now...I have never herd of to me. And it sounds interesting and fun to use.

    I have enjoyed your tour through your herb garden
    Hugs, Karen

  2. What a wonderful stroll thru your herb garden, I love chives, never heard of sorrel or lovage, thanks for sharing today.

  3. Hi Faye, I could hardly wait to see if my computer was working today to see what you posted, it froze for a while but here I am, and sure enough here you were.

    love your blog about your herb garden, I also didn't hear tell of sorrel or lovage, I am not that creative in the kitchen, like you are, but I am sure they add lots of know me I like to try everything, not..haha

    well enjoy your day


  4. Hi Mom! I love your new blog!! I really enjoyed your info on the herbs. I am growing some from seed and so far they are looking great. I am growing sage, rosemary, parsley and basil. Along with sunflowers, pumpkins to use for fall decorations, sweetpeas in memory of Gram H and coleus for my planters and window baskets.
    Gotta run, Ginger is still a bit scared and is needing some TLC.
    Love ya,