Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Lovely Old Fashioned Pantry Tour..

Good Evening everyone.. 
Here is the pantry post as promised.. smile.. 
As you know this pantry belongs to a friend of mine and it is glorious.. 
It is truly an old fashioned one.. 

From the lace curtains to the hanging bunch of dill... 

I love a window in the pantry, don't you? 
Notice the hanging ladle and pudding tins.. 

And here is a sweet little violet cup and muffin tins.. 

A lovely Pyrex measuring cup.. 
She loves baking and this pantry is well equipped.. 

There are lots of old china showcased on the shelves here and there.. 

I love these old tins, eh? 

Lots of old jars are filled with baking supplies.. 
An antique grinder is hanging off of a shelf, too.. 

She (her name is Faye.. nice name, eh? grin ) has several mixing machines.. 
Lots of Pyrex refrigerator dishes, mason jars, covered vegetable bowls and even a garlic saver.. 

At the end there are antique platters lining the top shelf.. 

Spice jars and all kinds of baking supplies.. 

 Then there are homemade vinegar and lots of jars to make even more.. 
I think this is a Rosemary Vinegar.. 

A sweet little cupboard with beveled glass.. 

And an antique coffee grinder.. 

This is my favorite part...

An old bread board and rolling pin.. 
Faye made her Rhubarb Custard Pie there before we arrived.. 

Then this lovely old buffet is filled with linens and such.. 
Another little cupboard and violet china pieces.. 
She has a violet collection.. 
I love violet dishes, too.. 

This cupboard was a wonderful yard sale find.. 
Filled with vintage collectibles.. 

Hanging in the window is a jute string with dried fruit .. 
Faye saves her onion skins and puts them in these cheesecloth bags to put in with her roasts and chickens to help with the flavor or puts one in her soup to give it a darker color.. 
This is a hint she found from the 1800's kitchens..

Well, dear ladies I hope you enjoyed this.. 

I appreciate Faye letting me share this with you all.. 
We laughed so hard together on the phone when she informed me that the post on her house was the best post I have done.. 

Hope you are all enjoying your homes and families.. 
The cozy Winter evenings will soon be over here in Eastern Canada.. 
We had quite a storm overnight and today.. 
But soon Spring will raise her lovely head and there will be fresh new scents and bird song.. 

I am getting ready for our Keepers of the Home meeting 
in Salisbury on Saturday morning at 9 am.. 
We would love to invite you if you live nearby.. 
Just email me and we can give you the info... 

Thanks for visiting and your lovely comments.. 
May God bless you and keep you ...


  1. Oh my, I love the pantry tour, so many goodies there I want.... Thank you so much Faye for sharing, going back to look more slowly, Blessings Francine.

  2. So funny that you share the same first name, spelled the same way too. What a wonderful pantry! xo

  3. Beautiful...thank you for sharing. Lot of fun goodies indeed.

  4. Your friend's pantry is wonderful, Faye. I love all the old antiques she has, the cupboards, china, etc. and the dough board. I agree a window is nice in a pantry to let in the light. Thanks for sharing. That was quite the storm we had last night and all day today. I hope that's it until December don't you?

  5. Thanks for sharing your friend's pantry... I'm so envious! My favorite part was the old pastry board and rolling pin in front of the window.

  6. Loved every inch of it! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Beautiful post, Faye.

    I loved Faye's pantry.


  8. Thanks so much Faye for sharing this beautiful pantry! Have a wonderful weekend.Be blessed,Jen

  9. You girls named Faye clearly have lots in common! Thanks for sharing this wonderful pantry I will study the pics for ages and spot all the treasures!

  10. How I loved the tour. My favorite spot too was the pastry board board and rolling pin. Oh how I would love making pastries there.
    If I still lived in Salisbury I surely be at your "Keepers of the Home meeting". Been a looooong time since I lived there. My mom and Stepfather's house used to be where the funeral home is now. Very, very old Victorian style house.
    Love your blog as always
    Chris L

    1. Hi Chris. So nice to hear from you and meet you.. smile.. I wonder if I know you as I grew up in Salisbury but left at 17. My email is if you would like to contact me. Terry and I both come from there.. We can't quite remember your house.. xo
      Take care,,,

  11. Oh, Faye....just send every board, window, flooring ,shelving and every mixer , dish and rolling pin to my house. PLEASE? It sounds like you and Faye have so much in common. Do you live near each other? What fun. That really is a good sized pantry. I could prepare a lot of baking in there.! Please tell your friend it was such joy seeing her beautiful pantry. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  12. Faye, love these posts, love the pantry - and every home should have one! My most favorite is the stove....oh I love it!! You are able to buy replicas of these either electric or gas but they are very expensive... I have a replica of that bread board; its sitting in the kitchen right now waiting for morning, when a new batch of bread and rolls will be made (not by me but my husband, due to health issues I cant knead bread) Our generation grew up with bread boards and pantries and such...they bring back great memories don't they?!
    Look forward to each post Faye...keep them coming. :)
    Cheryl (from F'ton)

  13. What a sweet post! loved it all...

    I so wish I lived "next-door" - I'd be there at your meeting if I could! Hope it went well this morning..

  14. just loved this post, i am a few days behind, we have been working outside in the sunshine!
    the room looks wonderful, i could go in there and Not come out!
    loved seeing everything, what a gal!

  15. Just beautiful! I love all of it! From the looks of the pantry, she must be a wonderful cook.
    How would you use rosemary vinegar? I always wanted to make it, but never knew what I would use it for. I have used the onion skins before. I keep mine in a mason jar on the windowsill. They look so beautiful when the shine shines in. A frugal idea!


  16. Ahhhhhhh that pantry is just as wonderful as I imagined it to be!!! My grandmother collected violet china pieces, but alas I did not get any of them :^(
    I needed that breadboard (and window!!) on Saturday when I was making soda bread and apple tarts. They turned out okay, but surely would have been better had they been made there :^)
    My friend from Clearbrook, B.C. and her husband spent the weekend with us, so I did have great company while baking!! (They are Wycliffe missionaries, and have great stories to tell!)
    Blessings to you,

  17. Beautiful! I love every part of it. So cozy, warm and inviting. I also love the pictures in your other post. So pretty. Thanks for sharing them. God bless.

  18. I meant to tell you, I also save my onion peelings for stock. I put mine in the freezer in a ziploc bag with other veggies scrap pieces I might have.