Thursday, March 20, 2014

Last day of Winter Field Trip in Rural Canada..

Hello everyone.. 
Just thought you might like to take a little field trip with us as we went for a little drive along some rural country roads here in Eastern Canada on our last day of Winter.. 

The sun was out and beautiful and the temps were not too bad.. 
As you can see we still have a lot of snow and nights are cold.  
You can feel the Spring trying to show it's lovely face but Winter is still holding on very tightly.. smile.. 
We Canadians are used to this type of weather but I think we are yearning for warm winds and bare fields.. 
All in due time I guess.. 

A lot of farm animals were out and enjoying feeding in the afternoon sunshine.. 
My two favorites are in the first picture, of course.. 
You no doubt remember how I would love to have just one donkey.. 
And 3 sheep, 6 chickens, a couple of ducks and geese... 
Oh well.. 

We dropped by and visited with one of Terry's friends and had a great chat with him.. 
He thought we had the life.. 
Driving around in our truck and drinking coffee and taking pictures.. grin.. 
He farms on the side and really enjoys it .. 
I can understand why... smile.. 
The area is beautiful in any season and a drive we take verily often.. 

It was such a treat to see those hundreds of wild ducks in the farmer's corn field.. 
They have been there for ages.. 
I think they are all mixed up about when they should return home.. 
Then we saw a wild peasant.. So pretty.. 

We arrived back home and enjoyed some homemade soup that I found HERE..
We were into the Walmart and they had watercress.. 
I was so excited because the supermarkets here never carry it.. 
The soup was simply delicious.. 
If you can't find watercress then you could use arugula... 
Terry even loved it.. 

Well, that is all for now my friends.. 

I can't help but notice that there is a significant slack not only in the readers but also in us who post the blogs.. 
I think Face Book is taking over people's time instead of blogging.. 
I find it kind of sad as I do not enjoy FB at all and only go on occasionally although dear hubby enjoys it very much.. smile.. 

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in reading and commenting.. 
I enjoy having you and will continue for as long as I keep getting readers and comments, Lord willing.. 

Take care and God bless.. 


  1. I enjoy reading your blog through my feed reader... I am guessing that I don't show up on your stats as a reader then, unless I click through to blogger.
    We have Canadian Geese down here in Oregon right now. The other day I was out walking and in the space of 15 minutes or so saw groups of geese flying east, west, and south. When a thousand of them all land together at the nearby wildlife refuge, I wonder how they know who is who and which group they are in?!
    Have a happy day!

  2. Fantastic photos Faye ! Oh I would love to have my own hobby farm with miniatures ! Spring has arrived here all the spring birds are back the melt is on lot's of grass showing and now I saw a bit of my daffy's showing in the garden ! Papa and I love going for drives in our pretty country side so much to see and explore ! I find blog postings are up and down depends on the time of year and how busy some are . I belong to a few Face book groups but don't go on it as much as I do read blogs . Thanks for sharing and taking us on your drive around your pretty country side ! Have a good day !

  3. I really enjoyed seeing your rural country scenes on your drive. It was nice to see the animals out enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. I guess we'll be waiting a few weeks before we see bare fields and the grass starting to green up but it will come and we will be smiling and happy. I hope you have a lovely weekend Faye. Hugs, Pam

  4. More beautiful photos! I love the donkeys!
    I'm not a facebooker. I never got into it. Too much gossip and drama for me. I'm a diehard blogger, I guess. Always love my visits to your blog.


  5. Thank you for sharing your world with us. I love to read blogs. I have noticed that the "bloggers world" is more quiet than when I first started reading. I thought maybe writers feel they haven't anything new to chat about or new pics to share. I do not care for facebook. I will use it to check on family and that is about it. Again, thank you for writing. God Bless.

  6. Thanks for the lovely drive... I recognize those roads :)

  7. love the trip photos, would love to live out like that all the time!
    I always enjoy your sharing!
    I don't write many posts anymore, I don't have a lot to share,
    am mostly home these days, and it is quite here most of the time with just day to day things that keep us busy. mostly I don't do a lot of projects, so not a lot to share there, just enjoy being here and carrying on with my husband and my son as he comes through from work, and then is gone again like young men are oft to do. he drives a fork lift now, and likes it, for now anyway, grin.
    God is so faithful and good to us here. home is such a lovely word.
    we had warm gusty days this week, today is our first day of spring.
    yard work has gone on steadily as we are able, and my husband is faring pretty well too.
    if I had only one blog i could read, it would be yours... hugs!

  8. I read your post every week and love it! I am from Michigan and our weather has been about the same as yours, so I love to hear how you snuggle in with a home made bowl of soup. That is so right down my alley. Oh I am 47 with 3 children and I also am one who does not enjoy face book, I don't even have it, so please keep posting. I love hearing from a women of God. God bless, Jeanna

  9. I lOVE all of your pictures. I think my favorite is the old weathered part of the barn. Sounds like a wonderful drive with such pretty scenery. Thanks for taking us along!

  10. Lovely pics! Beautiful countyside.

  11. Beautiful pictures, Faye.

    This has been a long, cold, and snowy winter. Fewer blog posts and readers might just mean that there are still people stuck in snowbanks.


  12. I love reading your blog and I am so happy you are going to continue posting. Your pictures of the countryside are beautiful, as well as the pictures you post from inside your lovely home. You would be sorely missed if you decided to retire. I also love all of your homemaking pics. Thank you so much for taking the time to post as you do.

  13. Love the pictures:)

    I am so glad to see the end of old man winter!! The first day of spring has come and gone, and now it's time for winter to up and leave...for me he's out-stayed his welcome!

    I always love your posts, so I do hope you will continue!

    I must be off. My better half will be home soon for lunch and I'm not sure as to what I'm going to feed him. I'm usually slightly more organized than this, but I lost a lot of time visiting..over the phone :)

    Have a blessed day to you and Mr. Faye!


  14. Beautiful pictures, Faye! I love your blog even though I don't always post. It helps to keep me focused on what is important in my life - family, home and friends!

  15. I love your blog. I hope you will continue. You are an inspiration.
    xx oo

  16. Faye, I love your blog posts and seeing all the pictures of places you wander. Just beautiful. You see I almost never get to wander anywhere. I',m stuck at my desk working all day and sometimes when I need a bit of a break I say to myself, I'll just take a peek and see what Faye up in Canada has been up to. You may think it's funny but your posts are a real spirit lifter. See, you never know when something you do or say might help someone. :-) Wishing you many blessings. Linda

  17. Oh I just love those little donkey faces. Aren't they cute! The horses are not going to be shy having their picture taken either. I noticed one turned his head so that you could take his picture. I enjoyed the drive down the country roads. Just like being "back home". Love your blog you put so much into it.
    Chris L

  18. Evening Faye, I always enjoy taking a ride into the country side with you. Sweet Donkeys, Horses and beautiful scenery, Thanks for bringing me along, Happy Spring, Francine.

  19. Hi Faye, Loved your pics and like you my favourite is the donkeys. I would so love to have one , along with sheep and some chickens.
    I think your blog is my favourite as well and we like so many of the same things. We are going away for a bit but when we get back I am hoping maybe we could manage to get together. Hopefully we can arrange something. I will e-mail you.
    Take care

  20. Faye, I just love your blog. I am not on facebook and have no desire to be there. I look forawrd to each of your posts. I hope you will continue to do them. I just love the simple way of life. I have an old wood cook stove that I cook in every night of the week. In the summer when we do not have a fire inside I cook outside on my wood stove or on the open fire in the fire place. To me there is just nothing better. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  21. Dear Faye, I will be here for as long as the Good Lord lets me. I enjoy your blog so very much. I am staying here and not going anywhere. As long as you keep know I will be here.

    Now see, this post is so interesting to me. Your landscape and farming look very much like it is right here on the back roads. We have not been out driving around at all lately. When Jim semi - retired(hAHA) , we were going to take rides all over the place and we haven't gone in a very long time. I, too, love the donkey pictures. My Dad had a couple of donkeys at one time but I can remember we had some burros, too. I love the pictures of the barnyard, cattle and was that the milk house? Most of all, I like the horses! Just brings back so many memories. I couldn't even get my leg up to get my left foot in the stirrup now (LOLOL) but I remember all about it.

    Must head off to bed. Tell Terry that if he reads my facebook, don't think I'm terrible! I am just trying to keep up with my sister and cousins. I never know what my little sister is gonna say!!!! She does it to bug me!!!


  22. Faye....more beautiful photos, all so lovely; theres something about the fourth one, the farm surrounded by trees and fields of snow...looks very Christmasy. Love your blog Faye, always look forward to each new post. Have a lovely week.

    Cheryl (F'ton)

  23. Wonderful pictures...what are the silver cylinder shaped things in the front of picture number 4?

    1. Hi Shirley. Thanks for dropping by.. Those things are huge wrapped bales of hay for the cows..
      They cover them for protection against the winter weather and that way they don't need a barn to store them in..The farmer's tractor has a spear like contraption on the front that carries one of the bales to the feeding place whenever they are needed.. xo

  24. Lovely countryside photos. Thanks for sharing as I love how you share drives and photos and life. Terry must be driving our your doing it all? Not! Tee hee! It is nice during the day here but temp still on chilly side outside and in the shade. There's snow in them thar foothills still. But spring is blooming out all over where we live in Oregon. My crocus and tulips are coming up and my daffodils are gone now. I saw a good patch of daffodils on a drive the other day....I wanna do that maybe next year! Have a blessed week!

  25. I still prefer blogs over Facebook but Facebook is the best way for us to keep up with family. I always enjoy your pictures from your drives.

  26. I just loved the drive! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos.
    There's nothing prettier than God's creation and creatures. :-)
    I have noticed a slow down in blog posts too, and readers, although I don't think I have much to say that interests anyone anyway. :-) I have noticed a lot more Face Book links appearing on blogs, so maybe that is where everyone is spending their time. I don't have a FB account or do Twitter or any other social media. I do have an email, mainly so I can order something on line if I need to, and a Ravelry account where I post my knitting, crochet and look for free patterns, but don't do posts on there either. I guess I'm really behind the times, but I still like talking to my kids and hearing a real voice instead of a text message. My cell phone is a very old flip phone, and I told my husband that when it goes, that's it, I'm done with the cell phone. :-) We stay pretty busy on our farm ~ it's a good place to be ~ home.
    Blessings to you,