Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Winter's Day Picnic....

Good Evening everyone.
It is March Break here in Eastern Canada so today we took our youngest two grandsons out for a Winter's Picnic.. smile.. 

I mentioned I had been wanting to do such a thing and there came a phone call where Grandpa was called to the phone and it was mentioned that there were a couple of boys who would like to go.. 

Today the temp was -4 degrees C. and not that bad really as the sun was nice and bright.. 

We picked them up at 9 am and went to MacDonald's to have our breakfast then we headed for one of my favorite places.. 
We followed the Petitcodiac River all the way to the 
Fundy National Park in Albert Co.. 

I had gone on the Internet and found that the Rocks on the Bay of Fundy was kind of opened.. 
There was an alternate trail to the beach and the parking lot was plowed.. 
Grandpa and the boys went for a little hike to see the beach ... 
I decided to stay in the car and drink my coffee and read.. 

We really had hoped to find a covered picnic table with a fire pit but that was not to be.. 
We used a snow bank instead.. grin.. 

The kids didn't mind and seemed to enjoy the hot dogs, potato salad, strawberries and such.. 
Food tastes so good in the open air even if it is very cold out.. 

Their Grandma couldn't find the ketchup she had packed but thank heavens there were cheese slices.. smile.. 

After all that we went and visited some horses who had a beautiful view and chanced upon a deer who waited for us to take his picture.. 

Then there were kids skating on the river and sliding down a hill.
Airplanes and trains also took their attention.. 
Along with old barns, covered bridges and little villages nestled in the hills.. 

When they were tired of looking out the windows they read their books.. 
Grandpa couldn't get over how well behaved they were.. 
So quiet and never complaining.. 
Such sweet boys.. 

We really enjoyed our day together and hope this will be a little page in their book of memories someday.. 

Thanks so much for dropping by and I still so enjoy your lovely comments.. 
The next time we head that way I am sure it will be Spring and the temps will be much warmer.. 
I don't expect it will be any more enjoyable, though.. 

Grandpa and I are tuckered out.. grin.. 
A nice hot cup of tea just hits the spot.. 

God bless...


  1. Aww, Faye Henry you finally got to go on your winter picnic :) It certainly was a beautiful day for it! Glad it warmed up: It was -25 when I left my house this morning!

  2. Good evening Faye !
    Oh wonderful posy and photos . Looks and sounds like you all had great day ! The school kids here in Ontario are off on March break as of Monday . It was a lovely sunny day here to and the temps weren't that bad at all . I was out taking photos it was soo nice and snapped a few sure signs of spring . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. Loved all your photos Faye. And what wonderful memories made for you and your mister as well as those precious little boys. And I just loved the idea of a winter picnic.

  4. such beautiful kids, and beautiful photos. Lovely post, as always, Faye. xo

  5. Ahhh....looks like everyone had such a great time. Loved all the photos. Grandchildren truly are the best aren't they?


  6. Oh I so enjoyed 'sharing' in your day out Faye! Sweet boys and great time picnicking in the snow! I loved the pics of the deer.
    Have a blessed weekend

  7. What a fun day you and Terry had with your grandsons. There's nothing like a picnic outdoors in the winter. When our kids were younger we'd go cross country skiing or snow shoeing and build a bonfire to roast hotdogs and have hot chocolate. Good memories! I enjoyed seeing the rural countryside of Albert Co. Are the train cars in Hillsborough? I remember taking the kids on the Hillsborough-Salem Railroad back in the 80's when that was running. It's the only time they've been on a train and was a great experience, especially going over the Hyram Trestle. Scary!! Have you ever done that? We're finally in a warming trend here. Yay! Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings, Pam

  8. Hi Faye;

    Love that picture of Terry and the boys with their snowbank table.


  9. Sounds like such a nice day. "Little book of memories" are all that matter.

  10. Morning Faye, oh what a wonderful day, so much fun. Loved seeing the pictures, the food too, yummy, Blessings Francine.

  11. A winter picnic sounds so much fun with the sweet young ones! A day to etched in their memories forever,I am sure.Thanks for sharing your day and beautiful pics with us.Blessings,Jen

  12. Your winter picnic sounds like so much fun. I think I may have to light a fire in our backyard fireplace and enjoy one with my 3 grandchildren. I just love to read your stories. They are so heart warming. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Well, that sounds like the perfect picnic for two little boys...especially this time of year. The boys must enjoy being with you. I will never forget all the things I did with my grandparents when I was little. My husband loves to hear me tell the stories because his grandparents were gone by then. It sounds like you had all the plans made and the boys had fun. Those hot dogs looked pretty good!!!!You make the greatest grandparents. Sounds like you and Terry had a good time, too!

    BTW...I keep forgetting to mention how much I enjoy your header. Every time I come to your post ...I have to stop and check it out. Looks great. Oh, and I'll bet you are working on your home made gifts for Shonda's Christmas next year already?

    Blessings and love,

  14. Sounds like a wonderful day and I love your pictures! Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  15. Love the pics ... Hope you guys had fun !

    Thanks for taking them to do a pinic... They enoy it ...


  16. What a lovely day you had!! Kids never notice the heat or cold if they are having that much fun!!! Looks like the deer and horses would have enjoyed sharing your food too :^)
    When you pour cream from your little red and white creamer, you can's twin lives far, far away in Texas, and I use it every day for a little flower or a little cream...sometimes even for a toothpick :^)