Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Married 44 years today..

Good afternoon, dear hearts.. 
Today Terry and I are celebrating our 44th anniversary.. 
Can you imagine.. 
I think we must be old.. 
I remember when his parents were celebrating their 45th and I thought they were antique.. smile.. 

We are having a huge blizzard here in Maritime Canada.. 
The wind is fierce and you can't see across the street but it is warm and snug here inside.. 

All those years ago it was a rainy warm Spring day.. 
I was 17 and he was 20.. 
I woke up early and went and did some chores while my Mom and Terry's Mom prepared the food for our reception.. 
I think it was turkey and salads.. 

I remember taking Mom's car and picking up our wedding cake and how it almost fell over because as usual I was driving too fast. smile. 

My dress was simple but with lovely lace and I wore a wee veil over my bubbles.. 
Remember those?  grin.. 
And gorgeous pink roses... 

We were married at 7 p.m. on a Thursday evening.. 
The next day was Good Friday so we had a long weekend for our little honeymoon to Halifax, Nova Scotia.. 
It was rainy and windy.. 
It was and is still my favorite kind of weather.. smile.. 

My, how the years have flown.. 
 Today we feel so blessed to be together and enjoying our retirement years.. 
God has been so good to us.. 
He has blessed us with a wonderful family and love that has lasted down through the years.. 

We are having a lovely dinner here at home due to the weather.. 
We went to town this morning before the storm began and picked up a few things.. 
Lovely fresh scallops, shrimp, herbs and such to make my signature dish... smile.. 

Thank you for all of your lovely comments lately..
You girls are so sweet.. 
I will give you the recipe for the squares in the last post next time.. 

God bless you all... 
He is faithful.. 


  1. Happy Anniversary! You are still as beautiful as you were back then. You're not old! But sweeter... and I love your story.

    Enjoy the rest of your day! Together.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Terry. Amazing to be together that long and still look so young! ;) I recognize the restaurant - good food eh? I hope you are having a cozy evening and enjoying your signature dinner with your beloved. Blessings to you for many more years together.

  3. What a sweet post! I am so happy for you, a beautiful life just shows in your faces. I hope the storm misses you, we have had too many of them this winter.

  4. Happy and blessed anniversary to one of my most favorite couples in Blogland! Your meal sounds delicious. xo

  5. Happy Anniversary . I love that first photo of you two . May I copy it ? please ! Glad to hear your safe and cozy at home in that nasty storm . Enjoy your yummy signature supper . Thanks for sharing . Have a good evening !

  6. God bless you both! Happy anniversary!

  7. Happy Anniversary. Have a great evening and stay warm.

  8. So sweet!!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!

  9. Happy Anniversay! Stay safe and warm. It is pretty nasty here in Northern NB as well. Terrible winds. We are all set it the power goes out.
    Have a warm romantic evening.

  10. Happy Anniversary!
    Blessings and peace to you both!
    May the Lord continue to smile down upon you both!

  11. Congrats! 44 years is wonderful and may you have another 44 years in good health! I was rather
    surprised when I saw your pix as you look just like my cousin but you are a long ways from Texas,
    nevertheless, you look so much like her. God bless you and your hubby.

  12. Happy Anniversary. :-)
    Please take a photo of your dinner. I absolutely love your dinner photos.
    xx oo

  13. God Bless you. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have many many many more!!
    Fran C

  14. Happy Anniversary! What a legacy for your children, friends and us - your followers! In this fast, drive thru, instant world - it is nice to see something last.

  15. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!! Long term marriages these days are just a blessing from God... I am so glad you are warm and cozy and of course, you are making some yummy food.. Enjoy your day! Wonderful blessings for many, many More.. to God be the glory!

  16. Happy Anniversary!! Wishing you many more happy years together.

  17. Happy anniversary! Hope you have many more years of happiness together. I've been watching the weather and I hope you are staying safe and warm... this storm is, fortunately, going around us.

  18. Happy Anniversary to you both!
    May you have many, many more blessed years together.

  19. Happy anniversary! You never fail to inspire me to be a woman of God!

  20. Congratulations!!!
    What an accomplishment.
    Happy Anniversary!

  21. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful example the two of you are. Hope you have had a fantastic day celebrating your love.

  22. Happy Anniversary to you and Terry! Thanks for sharing your wedding day story! Have more wonderful, blessed years ahead together. Snuggle with your sweetie in the cold. Hugs!

  23. Happy anniversary You guys are an inspiration! Congratulations on so many years together Love Leanne - PS I love your Terry's twinkle in his eye.

  24. I enjoyed the story! Happy Anniversary to you!
    Stay warm!

  25. Happy Anniversary!! Ohh I know that restaurant:) I've had many meals there myself, even if I'm a tad further away from the restaurant than you are :)

    You're right...Old love is better!

    Take care and God Bless you both,

  26. Congratulations to you both;


  27. Congratulations!! Hope you enjoy many more happy and healthy years together.

  28. Happy Anniversary. May you be blessed with many more.

  29. Happy Anniversary to both of you!!! What a blessing to have 44 years together.
    Hubster and I got a late start, so we won't see 44 years together....but our 17 (next week) have been great!!
    I pray that this is the first day of another blessed year for you!!

  30. Happy Anniversary a few days late!

  31. I'm a little late ,but Happy Anniversary :-) Blessings to the both of you

  32. Happy Anniversary! That's a beautiful picture of you both!

    Cheryl (F'Ton)

  33. What a precious gift from God is 44 years together. Congratulations and you have at least 44 more years of wedded bliss.

    Happy 44th honeymooning highways,