Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Winter Week End...

Hello my dears.. 
A little Saturday posting for you.. 
We still have lots of snow in Eastern Canada.. 
It is March break here in our province for the school kids and so of course our daughter and her family have headed to Florida.. 
This time they took their cousin who is our oldest grandson with them.. 
I am sure they will have a blast but meanwhile the rest of them are on the ski hills and such.. 
I do remember the excitement of March break and all the plans we used to make to have kids over and celebrate it all.. 
I sure do miss those days.. 
Oh well.. 
Here on the home front Terry and I are basking in the Winter's sun and enjoying the last days of the season.. 
I made this for our lunch and it was so good.. 
Terry has informed me that he is kind of tired of soup.. 
Imagine.. smile.. 
This is a baked potato with a topping of salmon and veggies.. 
I baked each of us a potato in the little potato baker.. 
And while they were cooking I made a white sauce.. 
I had salmon fillet that I shredded and a small can of mixed veggies which I added to the thickened white sauce.. 
Salt and pepper and a bit of parsley.. 
Pour this hot over the squeezed potato and a bit of shredded cheese.. 
Lunch in a bowl.. 
He thought it was a nice change from soup and then we only had salad for supper.. 

We went for a drive on the back roads and came across this.. 
Some forest harvesting here in rural New Brunswick.. 
It was a very cold day but I suppose the machines are heated.. smile.. 
The birds are busy this Winter.. 

I love them but don't know them very well.. 
A big flock of these ones showed up and visited for a day and then disappeared.. 
Perhaps they didn't like the accommodations.. grin.. 

Another day I cooked one of our lovely organic chickens that someone blessed us with.. 

I cooked it in this clay roaster that I found at the Thrift store.. 
I think it was more moist perhaps and the flavor was wonderful.. 

Another sign of Spring coming are the herds of deer that we see in the farm fields.. 

Very plentiful this time of year.. 
Do you have daffodils and crocuses in your part of the world.. 
I am content though with these winter days.. 
Although, I do look forward to snow drops.. 

Meanwhile, the candles are lit... 

and the fire is stoked....

Looking forward to the Lord's Day tomorrow.. 
Love going and worshiping our Creator.. 
Receiving strength for another week... 
And of course, the sweet fellowship.. 

Jeremiah 29:11

New International Version (NIV)
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 


  1. Beautiful pictures Faye! My hubby would love that baked potato,it sure looks yummy. I love seeing pics of your lovely home,it is always warm and cozy.Will be keeping your daughter and family in my prayers for a safe vacation.Blessings, Jen

  2. Oooo that potato looks good! No daffodils here - only on pinterest!

  3. Wonderful photos ! Lunch looks good . The little birdie there we have lots of them here Goldfinch they are sweet little guys . Mild and damp here , hope spring arrives soon . The kids here are on March break either next week or the week after here in Ontario . Thanks for sharing . Have a wonderful day !

  4. Hi Faye, your baked potato topping looks and sound delicious. I think should should have been a chef. You come up with some great ideas in the kitchen! Yes, March Break was always a great time. We'd find something fun for the kids to do or take a trip to Moncton to visit the cousins or go to Crabbe Mountain skiing. Fun times for sure. The deer have been hiding on the hill behind us since we got home as I think the snow is way too deep. We have a lot of it up here now. Looking forward to some melting in another week or so, I hope. The bird in your photo is a female American Goldfinch. I had them here all winter but they disappeared when we were away. I think maybe our son wasn't as efficient at filling the feeders for us while we were gone. :( I know they will return once they know I'm back. Hehe. Have a blessed Sunday and week ahead. Pam

  5. Faye your food pics always looks so appetizing! We are expecting another Winter Storm here for Sunday and Monday.. I am so ready for Spring.. It has been a long hard Winter here in Ky! I would love to be heading toward Florida but no budget for it either..... Enjoy your fire and the wonderful dim light candles... so peaceful.. Happy Sunday and Blessings!

  6. It was a rainy day here. Chilly this evening. Some daffodils are blooming. Mine are a bit later than my neighbors. I crockpotted my chicken yesterday. Will make something out of it
    tomorrow evening. I had planned soup but time got away from me and did chicken nuggets then left for a bingo fundraiser. Didn't win but had a fun time with friends. And Phil cleaned the kitchen! Birds are fun to watch, aren't they? Our suet feeder broke a few weeks ago so I bought a different one, witha roof. Stay cozy inside! God bless!

  7. love your posts!
    hope they have a great vacation!
    the potato looked so great!

  8. Faye...I enjoy your blog so much. Wonderful pictures and you belong on the Food Network for all those wonderful looking yummy creations. I live in Tidewater VA and I worked with a girl for 12 years that moved here from Saint John New Brunswick after she married a local man. We were friends and shopped in Williamsburg VA and just enjoyed each other's company so much. She and her husband moved back to Halifax Canada in 2012. Have a blessed Sunday :)

  9. Hi Faye;

    I am like the deer, longing for spring.

    Your pictures are so lovely.


  10. Good morning my dear, the little bird you posted on March 1st, I believe is a "ruby-crowned kinglet". When they perk up their heads their crest is red - thus their name. You called me long ago?? and I never called back. Sorry. My love to your Mom.

  11. Oh Faye...
    What a lovely post. So what home is and should be.

    All those deer in the field - my kids loved that photo.

    Take care and stay warm.. I'm sure you are. That fire looks so nice..

  12. We sure do have daffodils and crocus and snowdrops, plus plenty of rain! It looks like you and your beloved are all warn and snug, your home looks so cosy and iniviting I could just see myself sat your fireside eating one of your wonderful home cooked meals :)

  13. Here in South Carolina I have just seen the first daffodil opening this morning as we were backing out of the driveway for church.

    It does get lonely as the kids get older. I am hoping to coax some home for Easter. Your family may think it is hot in Florida! My Mom said it is 85 there today in Orlando.

  14. Faye, I have not visited the Blessed Hearth in a while, and I am glad I did, today. I like to make something (to eat) out of something plain... and I, too, have a red geranium blooming in my window to remind me that spring will surely come!

  15. Look at all those deer. Faye, I wonder if there are so many in the fields because the snow is deep in the woods.
    Your husband must have loved your baked Potato, salmon-veggie treat. Lucky guy!

  16. Hello there, Dear Heart, I'll be over for lunch the next time you serve that gorgeous looking potato. My sister makes that all the time. .I don't know why I have not but know I am going to for sure! I know....we are sad that the grandkids are so involved in sports and their friends that they barely have time to come over. They used to come and stay for a few days. But I know we have to let them "spread their wings' and venture out into the world. Papa here misses them, too. Our one set of kids are going to Florida around Easter time.. I hope Shonda and family have a safe trip. They say the weather in Florida has been fabulous this year. We are so packed with snow. No daffodils here yet. It will be awhile for sure. I am trying to be optimistic about this winter's cold and snow.but right about now, is hard to be pleasant about it!

  17. Your home is always so warm and inviting Faye and with good home cooking it's the place to be in winter for sure!
    I loved the picture of the deer on the snow,
    God bless

  18. Your sweet little birds are goldfinches. They are one of my favorites. Your smothered baked potatoes look so good! Your home photos are really pretty. I especially love that gorgeous fireplace! Have a wonderful week!