Monday, March 24, 2014

It still seems like Winter here...

Good Evening everyone.. 
Just a little posting tonight.. 

We have had a couple of lovely days.. 
A bit mild during the day and then cold and windy nights.. 
Lots of icicles hanging around..

There is a big storm forecast for Wednesday.. 
That doesn't mean it will get here but it probably will.. 
You can feel the Spring in the air, though.. 
It has me in the housecleaning mode.. smile.. 

We had some sweet company the other day.. 
A few little visitors looking at books and eating cookies.. 
The dogs were up on the snowbank outside the window and would have loved to join us.. 
I knew they were coming so made a few sweeties .. 
Chocolate Macaroons... most kids love them.. 

And then my friend told me she made a pan of those squares so I had to, too.. smile.. 
Hello Dollies.. 

I took the picture of the old barn when we were on our way to the city last week.. 
I wonder if she accepted.. smile.. 

My dear Mom is turning 80 on her birthday next month.. 
We could all get together this past weekend so we did.. 
All 17 of us.. 
She had a great time..
I will post a few more pics on her actual birthday which is
 April 15.. 

Are you ladies in the Spring cleaning phase yet? 
It is not the same as it used to be, eh? 
I do want to clean some closets and drawers.. 
Take down curtains and hang them out.
That kind of stuff... 

Well, dear ladies sorry for the short post but to be honest I have a weird flu.. 
I feel much better today but have times of being so dizzy.. ugggh.. 

Thanks so much for your visits and comments.. 
So appreciate you all.. 
Ya all rock.. smile.. 

God bless..


  1. Hi Faye;

    I hope that you are feeling better soon. It's awful to be dizzy.

    Your macaroons look good. I can't make them because I would want to eat the entire batch myself.

    Keep warm this week.


  2. My prayers to you, to feel well soon.
    Had to chuckle at the "you all rock", my boys say that all the time.
    xx oo

  3. I thought those were Hello Dollies. I haven't made them in a very long time and they are so delicious too. I'm sorry you aren't feeling too well and hope it will pass soon. It's nice that you were all able to get together for celebrate your mom's birthday early. Sometimes it's impossible to get everyone together for the actual occasion isn't it? Sounds like a bad storm on Wednesday. Murray is staying home that day and traveling to Lepreau tomorrow instead. I feel better about that as last week he travelled there on that storm day! We wives and mothers sure do a lot of praying for our loved ones don't we? Take care Faye and feel better soon. Hugs.

  4. Love the photos!
    Would love some hello dollies,
    Only do those once in awhile at Christmas!
    Hope you feel better quickly!
    Birthday Greetings to your Mom!

  5. No bake oatmeals are my hubby's favorite cookie... You always post such great food pics.. It is still very cold here and supposed to get more snow tomorrow.. I am so tired of the Winter.. This has been a very long snowy cold Winter.. Excited for Spring to arrive and decide to stay... Hope you feel better soon.. Blessings!

  6. The no bake cookies are a favorite around here... we call them Cowplops! The pan cookies look yummy, would you share the recipe? Have a great week!

  7. Hope you feel better soon. I am waiting to see if we will have rain. I want to start hanging my clothes on the line again. It's getting warm here.

  8. Morning Faye, sure hope you are feeling better.....No Spring here, cooold!!!! Those pan cookies look so yummy, Blessings Francine.

  9. You are probably "sick" from cleaning - ha ha... I enjoy cleaning - however, I do love a clean house. :)

  10. Praying that you are feeling better sweet Faye.Lovely pics as usual,most times I leave your blog hungry.The goodies look yummy.Happy Birthday to your mom,today is my momma's 74th. Blessings,Jen

  11. Happy birthday to your mom! Your pictures are great. I love the one of the little ones eating cookies. So sweet. We are having a wintry day here as well. About 3 " of snow fell this morning. I hope this is winters last attempt for the season. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  12. I surely hope you are better now!!! Dizzyness is NOT fun!!
    Happy Birthday to your Mom! We surprised my hubster with an 80th birthday party after church a couple of months ago....He had no clue. I'm still wondering what he thought all of the tables were decorated for......
    Spring has finally found is still chilly, but the redbuds are beginning to pop out and the Chinese pistache trees are dripping their spring "fluff" all over our patio and drive way :^( Next will be the "feathers" off the pecan tree making a mess on the back patio...but I'm not complaining...the sun is lovely! I'm sure that we will get another freeze or two, but overall it's looking better.
    Please pray for rain...we are SO dry!! This summer is going to be an inferno if we don't get rain now, plus some of our most depended upon reservoirs are as much as 50' low....bad stuff.
    Blessings to you,

  13. Keep safe Faye, most of all dear friend keep warm. Spring is around, just in other parts of the world... little worm that Spring can be. Promise she won't be long xxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Happy early Birthday to your mom! Nice to have all the family together. I have not started spring cleaning yet. Still too wintry for me! xo

  15. Hello dear Faye, I hope you feel much better as soon as you can. It is no fun being sick. take care and get lots of rest!
    Yes, I have been cleaning.....closets in our room got a major overhaul. the kitchen is done.... all cupboards are cleaned and washed inside and out and polished. Stainless steel is all scrubbed inside and the out. Then polished with the stainless steal polish, Stove and microwave is cleaned and disinfected. All furniture washed and the whole stepback got a major cleaning the jelly cupboard. Didn't mean to go into so much detail. I guess it just felt good to think it is done. Jim did help m,. though. With the Fibromyalgia, you never know what the day is going to bring but I did really well. Makes you fell so good to complete a huge project

    I pray you feel better soon. Love the picture of you and Terry!