Sunday, February 1, 2015

Just imagine...

Good Evening everyone.. 
Today has been a beautiful but cold day here in Eastern Canada.. 
We had church this morning and then after a rather late lunch I persuaded hubby to take me for a little drive.. 
I thought that the dear girls down under might like to get cooled off.. grin.. 

I just want you to close your eyes and imagine you have on all of your woolies, a scarf around your neck and a nice hot cup of our Canadian coffee beside you in the cup tray.. 
Oh and your boots are lined and heat is pouring from the truck heater.. ok? 
Now open your eyes.. smile..  
Let's go for a wee drive in rural New Brunswick.. 
We live out in the country about half an hour from a city so our drives are mostly the rural type.. 
Remember that today is a very blowy sort of day.. 
As you can see.. 
Snow is blowing across the roadways but only in wide open areas.. 

This is my favorite view in our neighborhood.. 
Just a mile or so from our house.. 
It is lovely summer or winter.. 

Terry had to clean out the driveway first so we are quite late in starting out and the sun is going down.. 

These are rather rural and not the main roads but lovely country.. 

See all the drifts?  
Yesterday's storm brought light and fluffy snow and with the wind today there is plenty of drifting snow... 

Lots of horse farms in this area.. 
They love to get out and get a breath of fresh air.. 
Their coats are so heavy this time of year and they will be put back in their warm barn by evening.. 

It must be a bit of marsh here with all of the cat tails growing . All gone to seed now, though, of course.. 

So many open fields in this area.. 
Several huge farms and these are their fields.. 

It is nice and cozy in the truck though and the roads are not bad.. 
We have good tires.. smile.. 

Kind of a lonely time of day, I think.. 
Since my Dad died I always think of him at supper time and get lonesome.. 
All of my growing up years he arrived home about this time of day.. 
Some day though we will all sit together at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.. 
Such peace knowing that he loved the Lord and we will meet again one day.. 

A lovely old church.. 
The lights are on.. smile.. 

The sun is almost set... 
A lovely sky line in my opinion although many would prefer a line of buildings.. 
What do you prefer? 

Terry could not resist at least one old wood road.. 
It is all ploughed out and the machines were all cleaned off ready for work early in the morning.. 

A short cut back to our house.. 
A long and winding road and every one's yard lights are lit.. 

And here we are...

Home sweet Home.. 
not a great pic.. sorry.. 

A beautiful hot Asian Chicken Noodle Soup.. 

And some apple pie ... 
So glad I froze a bunch of pies last Fall.. 

Well, dear hearts .. 
Thanks so much for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed this country drive.. 

Coming back into the house the wind was roaring around the corners and as I tightened the scarf around my neck I was so thankful that we have a warm home to come back to.
Thank you, dear Lord..

Looking forward to hearing from you all.. 
Which was your favorite pic?  


  1. What a fun cozy post! :) I enjoyed that ride around your countryside & all the beautifully captured photos. My favorite photo was the church. Of course with the lights on ... it shone as a ray of hope. A safe place out from the storm. Just like our God .... a safe place when the world rages around us. Thanks for once again slowing us readers down for a few short moments to grasp the beauty we have all around us.

  2. I loved the pic of the wood road. I miss hills! ;-)
    ~ "Victoria"

  3. Beautiful photos-I like them all! Won't it be wonderful when we can be with all our loved ones again in our Lord's presence?

  4. I like them all too!
    But my favorite is the one where the road climbs the hill and goes in the gap between the trees.
    It looks full of possibilities! Just over the rise!
    The horse picture runs a close second!
    Wish that a warm pie was right in front of me right now! grin
    Rain tonight / snow and wind gusts tomorrow.
    Also low wind chills...bbbrrrrrrrr!

  5. I love the photo's, it looks so lovely in your part of the world!, you soup looks very yummy!Take care and keep warmx

  6. Love them all...but, the church lit from within is the most beautiful.
    Thanks for the ride.

  7. Breathtaking! I shall take pics later of our snow...almost 2 feet of it. I have to remind myself it is still winter, right? I love the skyline...we live in town...but if one looks to the right or left when stepping out, you will see the Aleghenys. Blessings to you.

  8. I prefer the skyline :) beautiful photos!! We are completely snowed in after yesterday's winter storm!

  9. I love the picture of the country church! I will always prefer the country. When I go to the city I just itch to get out of there. :)

  10. Thank you for taking me on your drive, lovely photo's. We had a lot of snow yesterday and last night and yes, it is blowing around today.
    Keep Warm

  11. Wonderful pics, I love the sunset ones, especially through the trees, the horses all huddled together. We had all rain yesterday down here in Southern Illinois but last night it turned very cold and we did get a few snowflakes this morning

  12. Well Faye, I think the photo of the road with the blowing snow and drifts aptly describes yesterday's cold and wind. Oh my. It was a cold one even in the sunshine. And now we await the next blizzard. I hope you are cozy at home and prepared. I'm prepared but missing Murray who is in Winnipeg and praying we don't lose our power. It's going to be a long night! ;( Take care my friend.

  13. Such a pretty drive, I love the old church with it's lights on.
    We just have a small covering of snow which looks very pretty.
    Fondly Michelle

  14. Afternoon Faye, such beautiful pictures, love the lighted church. Always nice to get home sweet home, comfy cozy.Blessings Francine.

  15. I think my favorite is of the perfect & welcoming. I, too, love the country & being in my cozy cabin. My favorite kind of day is when it snows just enough to have an excuse for not going out.....just like today. I was busy all day but wouldn't be able to show a thing for it.....I'm just really good at putzing!! And, as you would say Faye... smile.

    ~Anita, the cabin on the creek

  16. Loved the pictures! Your pictures make snow look so pretty and welcoming. I love that you both go on long drives together, so sweet. And that you have someplace scenic to go to is wonderful. The soup and pie look really good. What a fun post, Faye. Thank you for sharing a day. God bless you.

  17. Loved going on your drive with you Faye. They are my favourite type of photos. I know what you mean about that lonesome time of day. I always think of my Mum at that time too. You should take a drive up this way. Would love to see you both. Keep warm and safe in the storm. It is snowing hard here.

  18. Favourite pic??? I loved them all Faye! That drive certainly did cool me down here in Australia :-) They are picture postcard photos and your header....that is just beautiful. Thank you.

  19. Linda Andrews SmithFebruary 2, 2015 at 4:31 PM

    What a great post. I have been reading your blog for about a year now, and love the simply life you portray. Thanks for taking us on your ride, such a nice time of evening to go and the photos made it seem we were really with you. We live in a rural area in Missouri and have had no snow this year, so really enjoyed seeing yours. I loved the sky line and the church with the light on was so welcoming. Can't wait to get to heaven and enjoy the warmth coming from or Father's love! That apple pie was the best finishing touch! Stay warm!

  20. The church and the soup! Could you post a recipe for that? Our roads are so bad that we haven't gotten mail since last Monday! I called the post office today and they said the poor driver keeps getting stuck. No school since last Monday either...although being homeschoolers that doesn't really affect us.
    God bless and protect you and your family. xoxo,

  21. The church! The sunset thru the tall trees. The sunset vista from a distance in the country, all so peaceful! Love this post Faye!

  22. A lovely drive... thank you. Makes me want to come home to apple pie:)

  23. Here is another passenger from the great southern land. Beautiful, Faye! Now, where are all the bears?

  24. Faye thanks for the lovely drive, just Beautiful. I love the country and miss it. The pic. of the old church. I love all of your post always up lifiting.

  25. A wonderful drive with some beautiful views. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world. The church photo was probably the best.

  26. I love your pictures of the sky line. Beautiful indeed.

  27. What beautiful winter scenery! I loved the picture of the little church with the lights on. What a beautiful place to take a winter drive. The Asian Chicken Noodle soup and apple pie looked delicious.