Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Winter Saturday..

Hello ...
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth ... 
So glad you dropped by.. 
We have had a few beautiful days here in Eastern Canada.. 
We still have lots of snow as you can see but the promise of Spring has arrived.. 

In spite of snow banks that are as high as any I can remember a person can feel the difference in the air.. 
Even if it takes pay-loaders to push the snow up into banks.. 
The day comes when you just know that there is a difference.. 

I could hear birds this morning outside my window when I awoke.. 
There are no snow drops or crocuses yet by a long way.. 
The days are so much longer and the sun is up around 6:30, I think..

We went for a drive up to the old farm just to see just how high the snow would be.. 
There is usually more snow up there in those Kent Hills.. smile.. 

I packed some books in case Terry was into the farm for a bit.. 
The banks were pretty high and the lane is long...

He decided not to bother going in.. 
I can't imagine why... 
Can you? smile.. 

On the way we passed this abandoned old house that I posted about last July...

You can hardly see the front door.. 
But come Summer these lovely old moss roses will be back.. 
Kind of hard to imagine today, though, eh?  

Oh well.. 
We had our coffees and decided to go home the long way around.. smile.. 

Down the road a bit were some snowmobilers ..

They were headed to one of the trails that are abundant in Albert County.. 
So beautiful this year.. 
They sure can't complain about lack of snow.. 

I have decided not to bore you with any more snow pictures.. 

But we did come back out into civilization.. 
Lots of cleaning up going on... 

Then we arrived home to enjoy our chicken supper.. 

I am trying to make sure I am using up food that we put away for the Winter.. 

Bean salad.. So good.. 

It won't be long and we will be gathering rhubarb and chives.. 
Thank you all for dropping by on this Saturday evening.. 
So nice to have you.. 

Tomorrow is once again the Lord's Day.. 
So blessed to still have the freedom to attend church and to worship the Lord.. 
These are perilous days and we gather strength when we gather together.. 
Looking forward to a lovely day.. 

God bless.. 


  1. Well...I sure hope spring comes. The birds are out here too, we are suppose to get hit with another winter storm Sun-Wed. Soon, we will be singing about the heat waves of summer, wink. Blessings

  2. Fortunately Edmonton does NOT look like Eastern Canada! YES! THANK YOU, LORD!

    Stay warm, dear!

    Hugs and happy weekend,

  3. Still so cold and another storm tomorrow night, but I also hear birds in the morning. I kind of feel bad for them!

  4. Faye, your snow photos are never boring to me as we are sweating away here on a hot and muggy day in Australia. I would kind of like to just jump in the snow for a little while to cool down. LOL!

  5. I love seeing the pure clean snow, Faye, so beautiful. It is amazing to me that nature can survive this and come back in the spring.
    Love bean salad!

  6. Hello to our dear Faye, The snow pictures are outstanding. Of course, the sun makes it all so cheerful. I can not wait until spring gets here. We are really looking forward to it this year. Faye, I have not commented back to you as usual. I have been down with the they say! It was so very painful!!!! But today the swelling is starting to go down and I feel a little better. It sure was not any picnic. Your soup looks so yummy. I have to get back to making my soups. I did try (with Jim's help) to make Tortellini Soup. It tasted so good. Nothing is any better than our home made soups...right? Well, off to bed I go. Take care and the Lord be with you!


  7. What incredible snow photographs, I do love the snow but, yours is just a tad too much. Your bean salad looks very good, as I have just gone veggie, would love the recipe. Stay safe in all that snow. Woo xx

  8. I love snow pictures, and yours always remind me not to complain about the winter we've had!

  9. Faye, A lovely post as the snow pictures your blog. God Bless( Hugs)

  10. I love those snowy backroad photos. When I was a girl and Mum would take us for a country drive in Albert Co. she would pick out an abandoned house in good shape and dream of having it for a country home. I think the one you photographed would be a perfect one for her with the moss roses in the summer. :) I hear you have more snow coming tonight and tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to returning home and seeing all the snow! Take care.

  11. Perilous days indeed. Our pastor gave sad statistics this morning in his sermon. He said that revival has always been preceded by prayer and so we must pray and pray and pray.

  12. Hi Faye, I am your newest follower. I live in north Georgia and we recently had an ice storm that shut down our town for a couple of days - no power for 50 hours! Your pics are so pretty. Like you, I am looking forward to spring. My late mom had moss roses growing at her home, so I enjoyed seeing the photo above. Have a nice week. Mildred

  13. I just love your blog Faye, your photos are wonderful!

  14. I know what you mean about the air changing I can feel , smell see and hear it all changing to spring is on it's way and nature knows it ! Beautiful photos , I love Tim's English Toffee coffee my fave ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  15. Wow, that really is a lot of snow isn't it. I do hope that spring comes to you soon! xx

  16. I never tire of snow, really! We had more but not nearly as much as you. I think it looks nice and soon enough spring will be here.

  17. Wish I could send over some of our spring sunshine, but your pictures are fab, keep warm and take carexx

  18. I love your snow pictures I never get bored with them thanks for sharing you day with us. Have a blessed week!