Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Fall Day at Home...

Hi everyone..
I wanted to thank all you sweet ladies for praying for my Mom. .
She is feeling great and is going home tomorrow..
 God is so good..
She could not even walk on Friday but now all is well..
Thank you, Lord.. He is always so faithful, eh?

It is a rainy day here today.. A bit cool and it certainly is Fall.. 
Kind of a stay at home day.. Especially since we have been either sick or on the road for two weeks.. 
I did up a few chores and made lunch and a batch of cookies and then I sat down for a while.. 
This is one view from there...

The dining room is in there through the French doors..

We love antiques... Did you know that?  Smile...

See the apples are still hanging from the old apple trees...

I love looking through there to the outside...Especially when the wind is blowing the branches around.. smile.

Here is the recipe I promised you..
I can not take the credit for it... smile..

Although, I did substitute ham for chicken and used zucchini instead of green peppers...And I used  a cup of the following recipe for zucchini pineapple instead of the can of pineapple called for in the recipe...

Sweet and Sour Ham we will call it...

We had it served over rice... Terry loved it and I liked it.. smile..
Depends on your taste buds, eh?  I think chicken would be nicer..

I also found the recipe for this at the same blog and made a batch on Monday..A farmer's wife we know still had some yellow zucchini... 
Pineapple Zucchini...

I did two mason jars which I will keep in the fridge to use.. They sealed but it was recommended to do a water bath so  I froze the rest in plastic containers...  
I love this.. She said you can use it like you would pineapple in BBQ sauce and such..
Here is the LINK FOR PRECIOUS PEAS BLOG...  where I found the recipes...

Thank you, my dears for stopping by..
I was happy yesterday to have so many visitors..  
I really look forward to hearing from you all..
I have a few ideas on my mind to share with you in the next while.. 
Perhaps some homespun Christmas gift ideas and some recipes out of an awesome book I found.. It is much older than I am..grin.. 
So keep checking.. ok? 
Hopefully, things will slow down a bit here.. smile..
God bless...


  1. Thank you for sharing! I just love the view out your door into your dining room, through the glass and out to the tress. Those apples look delicious. I love visiting with you this way! The recipes look so good, I will surely have to try them!

    We had our biweekly women's Bible study today on the righteousness of the Lord, so many scriptures, such good fellowship. Lunch afterward was Cowboy Beans, Cornbread & Strawberry Jello Cake. So good just to draw in, and celebrate the good life we've been given. The mountains are still glorious, but the peak of color has gone. A hard freeze is headed our way this weekend.

    When I read your blog, and your comments, it's just like that, being in s group of close friends who love the Lord. Such sharing!! So thankful your Mom is doing better! Blessings!

  2. I love seeing that old apple tree through your window. Beautiful!
    So glad to find out that your mom is doing so much better. What a blessing.
    Thanks for sharing the delicious looking recipes with us. I'll put them in my 'need to try' file. Hope your day is wonderful.

  3. I love the view out your door and am so glad you mom is feeling better.

  4. Oh Sweet Faye Henry are you blessed. Not sure I would ever get anything done with that view. And the dishes. Ya know I just heart dishes.( Like you :) The recipe looks yum. SO enjoy visiting you friend.
    God is soooo Good!
    Hugs Trace

    can't wait to see Homespun Christmas ideas!!

  5. I am so glad to hear your mum is doing well . I love your photos especialy the ones looking through your lovely dining room french doors. Recipe looks YUMMY. Have a wonderful eve.

  6. So great to hear your mom is better. And thanks for the recipe. Hubby loves sweet and sour and rice so i think he'll like this one.

    Lovely photos of your dining room and apples on the tree. A perfect fall picture! :o)

  7. Thank You for sharing and glad your mother is
    better. Love your blog and the photos of the outdoors are breath taking!

  8. Glad to hear that your mom is better.The view from your doors of the apple tree is beautiful! Thanks for the recipes,I must say that they both look yummy!Hugs,Jen

  9. I just love your pictures. Such a lovely view of the apple tree. Thanks for sharing the recices. I really want to try the zucchini pineapple. It sounds and looks delicious. I am so glad your Mom is feeling better and coming home. God is so good. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  10. So happy your mom is getting home and thank you, Lord for your goodness!
    What a lovely view to the old apple tree! You've definitely got the best seat in the house!

  11. I love the photo of your dining room! The ham dish looks yummy; perfect for a fall day. I'm cooking turkey and dumplings for my hubby and daughter tonight. One of my favorite comfort foods!

  12. I love the picture with the apple tree through the windows. You have a way with taking pictures.

    Your recipe sounds good. Have a wonderful day and I am so glad that your mom is able to come home today.


  13. hello
    I love the view of the old apple trees! Your dinningroom looks nice.
    Thanks for sharing the recipes!!!!
    I am so glad,that your mother feeling better now.
    Have a wonderful week,
    Blessings Regina

  14. Makes me happy to hear that your mom is so much better. Your pictures are so cozy. Makes me want to wrap up in a blanket and have a warm bowl of soup. :) Thank you for the recipe!

    Have a nice evening.


  15. Somehow I missed this post?? Especially when I check so regularly... How wonderful that you mom is feeling better...There's no doubt that God hears our prayers when we call on Him :)

  16. Mmmm... the Sweet and Sour Ham looks really good.

    I like the pictures of your dining area, peeking in through the window...

    thanks for sharing, came over from the barn hop...Pat