Monday, October 31, 2011

A Stormy Evening in October..

Good Evening everyone..
Just posting a few pics of our evening last night..
We were able to get out to church in the morning but the roads were slippery and so we stayed in ...
Quite a storm, eh?    Especially in October..
 Well, I guess it is not the first time... smile..
 Today was sunny and most of it is gone..
But last night we just snuggled down for the evening..

The lamps were lit and I hinted for a fire in the fireplace but it did not happen.. grin.. Another evening, perhaps..

A night like this did call for some homemade soup, though...

Bean and Ham...
The recipe came from HERE...

We don't have dessert a lot as neither one of us need it..
BUT.... last night I made this..

Apple Upside-Down Cake...
I found this recipe HERE...
I will say, though that their picture looks far more tempting.
We thought that it was pretty good.. A little rich, I think but a very nice treat..

Yes, it was a snowy evening ...
I expect there will be many more during the next few months..
Hope all is well with you wherever that might be..

Another Monday is almost over and I need to get to bed..
Thanks for the visit..

Love and Prayers..


  1. Hi, Faye, the snow is beautiful! It is nice to be snuggled up indoors with a bowl of soup when there is snow on the ground. :) The apple upside cake looks delicious. My mom used to make pineapple upside down cake. :)

  2. Faye, Those photos are beautiful. Is this storm early for you there as well? Here in the south we rarely get measurable snow. Last year was an exception. That soup and cake both yummy. Stay warm and be careful in the snow.

  3. The snow is beautiful. We had wind today and some cooler temps. We did get some rain during the night.

    Your recipes look good. Have a wonderful evening and stay warm.


  4. Morning Faye Henry!
    Those sure are some beautiful pictures.
    Snow, soup and cake..Three very good things in my book :) Hope you had coffee too.
    Never heard of upside down APPLE cake. I will surely try this one.
    Hugs Trace

  5. Thank you for sharing those beautiful snow photos! I can only dream of weather like that : ) The soup looks good! I'll have to give that a try : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  6. Your supper looks good! I love bean soup. Blessings from a nice fall day here in Wisconsin - we missed he storm!!! Yay -

  7. Time sure flies. It seems like it was just summer and now the winter comes creeping in. Sitting in front of a cozy fire would be wonderful. I made homemade veggie soup for us yesterday with grilled cheese sandwichs.

  8. Love seeing that old farmhouse through your windows! It does seem that Winter is on it's way.....sigh. Good thing we have hot soup, roaring fires, good books and warm blankets to curl up with.
    Hope this first day of November finds you healthy and happy .

  9. Yes it was a good evening to hunker down. Your photos prove cozy. ;) Our turn took place on Saturday eve.

    Hey... I just nominated you for an award on my blog - when you get a chance come check it out.

  10. Snow already. We had a few flurries Sat. morning but nothing lasted. I enjoy snow just not the bitter cold and wind that seems to follow it. I hope you stayed nice and warm. Your soup and the cake look delicious. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  11. How much did you finally end up with? I am surprised we still half of that snow left... I am glad it is melting slowly though. There are still a lot of people here without power. We lucked out!! It flickered a couple of times and hubby and I looked at each other and figured sure enough we would be out but nope, was not a happening, YAY.... lj

  12. Mmmm! Hot, homemade soup and a warm dessert on a cold day; there are few things cozier than that winning combo!