Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Musings...

Good Evening to you all..

I would like you to meet Mable..
She is my Mom's.. Not ours..
I am a cat lover but we do not have one at the moment because of Sammi.. (our inherited dog who belongs to our son).. Anyway, he does not like cats so I just enjoy Mable..
One day I went in and she was curled up in Mom's huge crystal bowl on the dining room table.. Of course, I did not have my camera..

Anyway, how was your weekend?
We kind of laid low as this cold is still hanging on.. We did get to church, though which was a blessing and I tried not to pass it along..After church we had some sweet fellowship with some great friends..

Today we had to go to Moncton and my hubby bought me a lovely OLD wing back chair for my Sun room.. It has the highest back and is an Autumn rust color.. I love it and the best part is that it was only $25.00..Isn't God good?.. That is the amount I wanted to pay and I was telling my friend Lynn that I wanted a BIG and OLD wing back and she told me about this one at a thrift store.. I didn't realize what a great store it is..Thank you, Lynn.. smile..I will show you all when I get it situated..
Oh, and they had old and new cookbooks for $1.00 or less.. I picked up an old Country one and a new Homemade Kitchen Gifts one.. Just in time for getting my gift pantry stocked again.. smile..

Then after supper I made another batch of sauerkraut... We love it and the last batch I made a few weeks ago turned out great..
It is soooo good for you.. You can read about the advantages all over the Internet..
This is the link with the RECIPE...

Please excuse my old beat up tins..

This is well worth the hour it will take you to make .. And so good for your family..
Let me know if you make it.. OK?

Don't you love geraniums?
I have to repot a bunch and bring them in for the Winter.. At Kings Landing they are on most windowsills.. Such a lovely old fashioned look to them..

Well, dear mamas that is all for tonight..
Have a blessed week and I look forward to hearing from you..
Welcome to the new followers of the blog, too. 


  1. Faye, Love the picture of Mable. Reminds me of my own cat that we had for 13 years. He's been gone for a few years but I still miss him at times. Glad your cold is better, sometimes it takes a while to get over it. Take care of yourself. Can't wait to see a picture of your chair. What a great price. Mr. P. does not eat sauerkraut but I love it. Never tasted homemade,but I could eat it straight from the can. I am off to check out the recipe. You have a great week.

  2. In Which store did you find the bargains? Do tell...I love a good thrift store!

  3. Oh Mable is cute.
    I love wing back chairs have been looking for one for ages there are so many styles of them I am looking for a certain style. It has been cold and windy her is southern Ontario I think we will be getting snow soon the air seems to have that winter smell to it now. Have a wonderful eve.

  4. I love the geranium picture! Looking forward to seeing your new chair, what a deal! I have been wanting to make sauerkraut for awhile now. There is a lady on you tube, I don't know the link, that says if you put a piece of fresh horseradish in your crock, it will not mold. I hope I get to try it. Do you rinse yours to remove excess salt? Hope you continue to feel better. Blessings and hugs.

  5. I like the picture of the cat. What a nice comfy spot for her to curl up on. Geraniums are pretty.

    Your chair sounds like a great find for your sun room. I hope that you have a great evening.


  6. Mable is a beautiful kitty. Reminds me of our Bootsie. :) We have 10 tiny kittens outdoors-wish I could share one with you. When they are older I will bring them in, bathe them, teach them to eat, litter train them, and find them a home in time for Christmas. It will be hard work for sure. I hope your cold doesn't linger for too long. I love finding old chairs at thrift stores. I can't wait to see yours. :) I love cabbage especially sauerkraut. I have one pot of geraniums. Maybe I should repot them and bring them inside. Do you keep them watered throughout winter and just put them back outdoors come spring?

    Get well soon. :)


  7. I hope you post a picture of your lovely chair. Are geraniums difficult to grow? Do they bloom during the Winter? I am not good with indoor plants but I'd love to have a flowering plant thru the Winter..

  8. What a beauty Marble is! I also love cats. We have one cat named Sophie. She is 12 years old now & quite a sweetie but very skittish when strangers are around. She would not be happy if we brought more kitties home so she is all we have ... but she is enough : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  9. Good Morning, Girls.. just to answer your questions..
    Lins.. the store is called Habitat for Humanity on Barker Street... You will love it...
    Vicki.. You treat the geraniums just like your other plants and water them as often.. Then I just put them back out in the Spring...They should be put on a windowsill, though.. They need light...
    Andrea... They do flower all winter.. Last year I had a huge pot that not once was without lovely red blooms.. I believe there is a picture on this blog somewhere...
    Thanks for dropping by everyone...

  10. Hi Annie.. No I do not rinse the sauerkraut ...
    I don't find it salty at all.. Of course, we are salt lovers.. shame on us..
    You could, though, I think...
    Thanks Ann...

  11. What a sweet kitty.
    We too have a dog, and cats for us.
    I love the geraniums! How wonderful that you can keep them for months to come!
    Can't wait to see your 'new' chair. Just in time for winter reading too :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  12. Love to see your new chair...we were lucky enough to have a matching set given to us some years wonderful new. Love the geranium picture...I have some in a pot on my back porch.

  13. I make my own sauerkraut all the time and we like it so much better than store bought. Mabel is beautiful! If my children weren't so allergic to them, I would definitely have a cat.

  14. I make sauerkraut almost every year. It is so much better than store bought. How do you use yours? What is your favorite way to eat it? We like kraut and weiners. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  15. The cat is so sweet. I can't have a cat because my daughter is allergic! I am thinking of getting a dog...just thinking though. I LOVE your blog!!!

  16. Faye, what a wonderful blog you have, I have delighted in reading it's content and viewing your lovely photos. Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. Greetings from Dog Trot Farm, Julie.