Friday, October 14, 2011

A really long Friday night ramble...

Good Evening Everyone..
Here it is Friday night again.. Last Friday night Terry and I were at the cottage getting ready for our family to come for Thanksgiving Dinner.. Now, here it is a week later..
I did not accomplish very much this whole week, though.. Ugh... (this stupid flu) ...
Oh well, I went to the blessed doctor today and will soon be on the mend, I am sure..
Thank you sweet ladies for all your prayers and sweet comments and emails.. 
You guys are 
It's just that I wanted to get at my Fall housecleaning..It was such a beautiful week here and I could have had so much bedding(quilts, blankets and such) and curtains all out on the line.. My pantry has to have a overhaul every Fall as does my sun room/sewing room and linen closet.. Oh dear...
Then Terry has the bathroom walls finished  and it is just waiting for me to do the finishing touches but I just did not feel up to it..
Hopefully, next week and then I will FINALLY show you all.. I THINK I will like it..
Being frugal really pushes your imagination..
I actually have a whole board of bath decor on PINTEREST trying to be inspired with some CHEAP ideas.. smile..
Also, I have more sauerkraut to make and I want to make some apple stuff.. smile..
I was talking to my 77 year old Mom today and she was peeling away at apples as we chatted.  She was making pies..  Last week she and hubby (he is 80) helped make 60 pies for their church..She rolled out 120 crusts... smile.. My Mom can roll out a pie crust in a heartbeat..almost.. grin..

Well, there are some things I kinda wish I had accomplished.. How about you girls?  
Some of my friends who write their blogs tell of doing gallons of juice, applesauce and so much more.. It kind of makes me feel inadequate..grin..

Our son and friend was here today.. I thought I would make some spaghetti and tomato sauce. It is easy to do and is a favorite in this household.. Well, they were late getting back from biking and guess what?  There was hardly enough left for them.. grin.. Terry loves this stuff.. More sauce on his plate than pasta.. smile.. 
Well, they didn't have time to eat anyway..

I thought you ladies might like the recipe.. 
I am sorry, though that it is one of my pinch of this and that kind of recipes.. But really you cannot flub it up.. 
I will just tell you as you go .. OK?
In a large frying pan put about 4 tablespoons of good oil.. olive or canola..
Add a pinch of hot pepper flakes or as much as you like.. I actually used a half of a jalapeno pepper today.. We like mild hotness.. smile..
Then add a bay leaf or two..
salt and pepper ..
Have ready a chopped medium onion and as many chopped cloves of garlic as you like.. I used 2 large ones..
Let this saute for a few minutes and stir.. Don't let it burn and ruin your garlic..
Then add a large can of tomatoes..
I used the diced ones which I put in my Braun and puree for a bit..
Let this simmer away while your pasta cooks..
Meanwhile, chop up a good bunch of basil or parsley.. 
When your pasta is done drain it and add about a 1/2 cup of pasta water and stir.. 
Then at the last add your herbs... 

Sooo good... Serve over pasta along with fresh Parmesan (if you have it) and a lovely salad and crusty bread.. 
Well, to be honest we did not have anything except the pasta and bread... smile.. 
I was good.. I did not eat very much... smile.. 

Oh, do you like my little leaf garland at the top?  That is at least 3 years old..
Just press some pretty leaves between wax paper and tie with grocer string..
A fun little project with the kiddies..

I thought I would add this YouTube of one of my favorite songs that rings so true to my heart.. 

My, this is one long posting...Sorry..
Thanks so much for dropping by and I so look forward to hearing from you sweet ladies..

God bless..


  1. Oh ..My dear Faye....I am so glad that you are going to be back to the wonderful Faye that we know. It was good you went to the doctor.

    Faye...I love music and I love to sing. "The Only Real Peace" is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.


  2. Sorry to hear your still feeling under the weather glad you went to see the Doc. Your pasta sauce looks and sounds Yummy. You are far from inadequate to anyone you are not feeling well and you do so much with your home made foods, crafts and things your a talented lady if anything . Have a wonderful eve.

  3. The post was great...and not too long! Will listen to the song after typing this out.

    Rest is always needed with the flu...and the work..well, it will always be there...but health is have a sweet rest and don't worry about "things" getting done. It will happen.

    Blessings for your weekend.

  4. So glad you are getting better and getting the help you need! My fellows love spaghetti.

    While my Son was away at college, he found out we were eating it. I promised to make him some. On Monday, I did because he had to go back to college on Tuesday. Monday, he said, "I've been wondering when I was going to get this, I've been home four days already!" He had way too much, but maybe enough to hold him until he comes home again for thanksgiving. It's a guy thing for sure!
    I hope you have a joyous weekend! God bless you!

  5. I know how you mean you feel inadequate I read about women who make their own bread and I have never been able to make 1 beautiful loaf. I'd love to be more of a scratch cook but sadly I am not.. I could do so much better.. your spaghetti recipe looks delicious thank you for sharing it. I am praying that you start feeling much better.

  6. Faye, hope you are feeling better - that tomato sauce is bound to help! It must have medicinal properties, it sounds so delicious!
    You are such a wonderful homemaker I feel inadequate!
    You need some R&R!

  7. Hello Faye. Thanks for coming by and leaving your sweet comment over on my blog - I appreciate it. I'm so glad I came by to visit yours.

    Your "homefire" burns warm and bright,here and I truly felt at home.(smile)

    Blessings to you,too.

    Come back to visit anytime over at Treasured Up and Pondered.