Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thrifted silverware and a Cleaner Recipe and more...

Good day everyone...
Hope all is well in your part of the world..
We have had a busy day (as usual).. smile.
This morning I met Shonda and we drove in to see Mom..
She went home this afternoon and is very happy about that..
After we had visited with Gram we went out for lunch and then shopped for a bit.. It was nice.. We don't get to do that too often..
Then I met Terry and Shonda drove home in time for the boys getting home from school..Terry and I did a bit of shopping..
I went to a thrift shop while he went to Walmart.. He is not a thrift store shopper.. grin.. I was looking for some 100% wool to make
a few crafts that I want to try... I actually found 3.. smile..
I have to felt them first.. Have any of you girls tried felting anything?

And then I did get a good deal ... All this silver for $5.00...
There are several good pieces there.. Some Rodgers...a couple of pairs of tongs in neat shapes... 
It will need to be cleaned and I thought I would share this homemade recipe for cleaning it with you...

Hot water
1 T. salt per quart of water
1 T. water softener per quart of water
a sheet of tin foil
Place the tin foil in the bottom of the container that you are using to wash the silver.. I use a rubber dishpan.. Add your HOT (boiling) water, salt and water softener and stir.. Place silver on top of tin foil for 10 seconds and rinse in cold water and then buff it...
If you don't have water softener you can use baking soda... 
Pretty easy, eh?
And no chemicals which some people are allergic to..
There are other recipes online but this is one that I have used

I love picking up old silver cutlery.. I like using it everyday especially when it does not match.. Martha Steward recommended that years ago and I have done that since..I have a lovely big set at the cottage.. My everyday set here has ivory handles but it is diminishing for various reasons so I will add most of this to my everyday set here..
Another reason I like to find old silver cutlery is so that Terry can make wind chimes..
We sell them at the shop but I do not have one for myself.. smile..
Here is another idea I found on line ages ago but do not know where it came from.. Before the days of pinterest.. grin..

Drawer or door handles.. Neat, I think.. It would look nice on an old kitchen hutch or even regular cupboards..
Just an idea for you..
Also, here is a LINK to another posting I did with a neat idea on how to store your cutlery...

Here is the old recipe book I told you I found.. It was in a collection of books and I just came by it..  

See the date?  1953.. I made a mistake when I said it was older than me... grin... Almost but not quite.. smile..
Here is a little recipe from the first page.. OK?

5 Tablespoons flour
2 Tablespoons mustard
3 Tablespoons white sugar
Vinegar diluted with a bit of water to make a SMOOTH paste..
I think I would whisk it with a whisk...
Let stand overnight..
So I would say that this is just a homemade mustard like you would put on meat or whatever.. right?
I may try it tomorrow as I still have some ham left over...
If you make it first you can let me know.. please.. 

Well, dear ladies that is all for tonight.. Hope someone finds it interesting.. smile..

I will get at my felting, too as soon as I can..

Oh, and I visited a lovely prim shop today, too.. My sweet friend, Judy works there.. It is a glorious shop and perhaps I will take some pics next time... Judy told me she reads my blog everyday... grin..
Guess we will find out, eh?  grin..
Take care sweeties and I look forward to hearing from you all..

We serve an awesome God; don't we?




  1. You do come up with the best ideas for things windchimes made out of stainless steel cutlery WOW how cool is that. Wonderful post. Have a great evening.

  2. I love the silver! I have seen it on cupboards or drawers before, but only in photos. Also the chimes, maybe time to have one for yourself? The recipe, let us know how it turns out! Mustard is good on ham. Momma used to bake hers spread lightly with mustard, then brown sugar sprinkled on, and pineapple rings laid on, for the holidays. I still do mine the same way. Glad your Mom is back home!

  3. Faye, So good to hear your Mom is home. God is good and still answers prayers. Isn't it nice to spend time with our daughters? Glad you got to shop, have a nice lunch and visit. Oh my, Terry could take my place at Wal Mart any day if there was a thrift store close by. Love the silverware. Great deal. Thanks for the cleaning recipe. I have never worked with wool but have always wanted to learn to felt. I see tools at Hobby Lobby used in felting. Have fun! And have a blessed Thrusday

  4. So wonderful to know that your mom is back home again, and doing so much better.
    I am in love with your thrifting find. What luck! I was reminded that years ago, I had a windchime made from old siverware... hmmm wonder what ever happened to that?
    How wonderful to find that old cookbook too! Let us know how that recipe turns out.
    Have a beautiful day !

  5. I am so glad your Mom is doing better. I love your thirft store finds. I have never thought of using silverware as a handle for cabinetry. That is a good idea. I know absolutley nothing about felting but will be interested in how you do it. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  6. You're always up to something neat Faye Henry!! Thrift Stores again... They should give you a special discount for being a frequent shopper - LOL ;0)

  7. I am so glad that your mom is home and doing better. You always have great ideas. I like the silver polish recipe.

    Have a wonderful day.


  8. Cool forks and spons faye.


  9. Hi, Faye, I am catching up on my blog reading today. I am glad your mom is home. I know she is glad too. :) I am loving all your silver, especially the tongs. I now have something new to search for when I go thrift shopping. Thank you. :) I will try the mustard recipe soon. I am out. My fridge keeps tearing up, and I keep throwing things away!

    Have a nice weekend.


  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love hitting the thrift stores and yard sales here. I found some great yarn for $1 a skein at a 7 mile yard sale we had a few weeks ago. :) Have a blessed day! ~ Nikki

  11. We sure do Dear Faye Henry! God is soo Good. Glad your Dear Mama is home. No place like Home.
    Thank you for sharing the recipes with us too.
    I love the silver. Beautiful.
    Waiting for snow. I just love it.
    Hugs Trace

  12. Beautiful silver! I never thought of using mix and match with the silverware! I need to start hunting for some pieces as about half of my forks are missing. :( How does that happen??