Friday, October 28, 2011

A short post about nothing much....

Hello ...
How is the weather in your area?  We have had a very cold day and evening here in the Maritime provinces ... We have had such warm temps that this is a shock! smile..
Snow is in the forecast for Sunday.. I wish it wouldn't snow until Christmas Eve.. grin.. Really, that is not too far away, eh?
With that in mind I thought I would show you one idea that I have been working on.. I made a couple last Winter and enjoyed them..
They really do keep the coffee hot. 
I have several on my gift list who would like these...
I thought I could include a coffee gift card and perhaps some chocolate or such...
What do you think? 
I felted my sweaters today and did one bag.. I did not do a good enough job to show you but I will use it for my crochet bag..
Hopefully, the next ones will turn out better.. grin..
Here is the link for making them..

I also came across this idea in one of my files ...
I wanted to change the wall over the bed in one of the spare rooms..
I loved this..

Two simple shelves with photos..
I think this is from Country Living ...
I am still waiting on my dearest to put the medicine cabinet up in the bathroom.. Patience is a virtue.. Right? ... Smile...

Have a great weekend dear ladies..
What are you all doing this weekend?


  1. Lovely photos. yup being raised in the country is great thats where I was riased in the country on a hobby farm I think we take the country every where we go it's in our blood. Have a wonderful eveing.

  2. Ahhh...Canadians and their Tim Horton's coffee! :o) What a great gift idea, Faye. I think coffee or tea drinker would love this gift.

    Stay warm this weekend. It's colder here in southern Ontario but no snow...yet.

  3. Great little warmer! I like the picture frames over the bed, I know yours will turn out well.

    We will be at home, still raining here, foggy, chilly, so we'll be tucked in here together. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    I mixed up some granola: rolled oats, a tiny bit of cocoanut, some walnuts, some sunflower seeds, and a jar of home canned sugarless applesauce. Put it on a cookie sheet, 325 degrees, about 30 min., stirring every few minutes. Came out chewy, but good. I'll use it to sprinkle in my yogurt.

    Time for sleep now, blessings!

  4. What a wonderful gift idea! That is so clever. Have a wonderful weekend, Faye. We are supposed to get up to 15" of snow today. Crazy weather for October!

  5. O Dear, I looked at your post at a bad time... you see we are all out of water so I couldn't make my morning coffee... excuse me for a minute while I drool... I can't use our tap water in my machine because coffee comes out tasting like a swimming pool. I'll just have to dream about drinking it today- LOL
    I especially like the little button on the side of your cozy- CUTE!

    On another note--- Please Remember to bring that baby bottle tomorrow... Thanks Faye Henry.

  6. That coffee warmer is so cute! Off to learn how to felt.

  7. You are always so busy doing something creative. You inspire me.
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    We're off to spend time together as a family .

  8. Well I'm glad we're not forecast any snow - just more rain! Smile! I know you like those stormy kinds of evenings but I could use a little sunshine.
    I too know a little more about patience and hanging cabinets...
    Keep cozy

  9. I love the cup warmer. So cute. I also checked out the sweater bag, very nice. I have 2 shelves on the wall behind our bed-just like in the picture. I keep family pictures there. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  10. I love you Faye Henry! Thank you for the coffee... You're sweet! I know it was you (...your picture was on sitting on my messy cupboard when I walked in just now)... I just wish I had been home...

  11. The coffee cozy would make such a cute gift, and I love the pictures hanging above the bed. It has turned cold here today too. We even saw snow this morning-yikes! Just three days ago it was nice and warm, and we were working outdoors.

    I hope you are enjoying your Saturday.