Saturday, October 29, 2011

A little Fall Field Trip to the Cottage...

Good evening everyone..
Here it is Saturday night.. Terry and I went down to the cottage to finish closing it up.. It was a lovely very cool Fall day..
The leaves are almost gone here in Eastern Canada.. But the Bay of Fundy is beautiful in all of her glory..
Here we are at the top of Birch Hill Mountain just a little distance from St. Martins..
Can you see the Bay there in the distance?

Here it is at the end of our street where our cottage is..
The tide is on its way in...
Well, we have to go to the cottage and do some work..

It looks pretty bare down there compared to the Summer ones that I took, eh?
All the Summer folks have gone home...

I need to pick a bit of my comfrey to make some salves for later.. There is some left...
I also picked some oregano, parsley, and sage..I may as well take it home as it will soon freeze..

It took several hours to do everything..
We had to finish cleaning out the fridge, putting all the planters and such away..
We also had to go to the shop and put up drapes and bring home a few more things..

Here is the man I married 41 years

Before we head for home we always head down to the harbour..

The tide is in by now..
The fishermen are gathering up their traps..

The sun is starting to go down ...
Gorgeous, eh?

Well, we need to head back home..

Back up over the mountain...

Here is a lake that is up there..

It is lovely and calm today..

A pasture with cows..

The beautiful fall colours are almost gone..

New Brunswick is dotted with covered bridges..
We saw 4 covered bridges today..

Boy, we are hungry.. All we had today was a sandwich for breakfast..

What do you want for supper, dear?
He never really cares.. Just whatever.. He hopes it is quick, though.. smile..

How about some meatballs left over from yesterday and some fresh picked Oregano
 Roasted Potatoes and some homemade pickles?
Sure... grin..
It tasted good to these two hungry people.. smile..

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day..
Looking forward to worshiping Him... 

Thank you sweet ladies for checking in.. 
I know I always tell you how much I delight in hearing from you all.. But I do.. 

Hugs from this little part of the world.. 


  1. Oh, such beauty! And the dinner looks yummy too!

    Have a blessed Sunday, Faye!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day today. Thanks for sharing it with us. Can't wait to go out east and see it!


  3. Oh My......what gorgeous pictures you came home with today! I loved it! Each shot is fascinating. And how about that nice looking hubby of yours. That's a great picture, too.

    How are you feeling? Much better, I hope.

    Yes, tomorrow is The Lord's Day. Deuteronomy 6:5. That verse is one of my favorites.

    Blessing to you and your loved ones,

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your day with us! I love that you were able to give us a glimps of your lovely day. I'm certain it is a lot of work to get everything winterized, but what a blessing to have a nice summer place to spend with each other, and family. Your hubby has such a warm smile. Aren't we blessed to have such good men as husbands ?!
    Enjoy your Sunday, and the good feeling you must have from having another Fall chore finished.

  5. Just such lovely views today, the water is magnificent! I love traveling around with you! Amazing you still had herbs to gather waiting for you at the cottage. So happy your dear husband is by your side. The meal looked wonderful!

    Hope you have a wonderful service, and all glory to Him. Rest,peace, and joy to you!

  6. lovely photos.. I love to read your posts.. they exude peacefulness and trust in our Savior. Hugs,

  7. I enjoyed the photos & the post very much : ) The meal looked wonderful & it was nice to see your hubby : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  8. I think each season has its own beauty. More wonderful pictures to look at.

    Have a wonderful day.


  9. You have such a scenic drive to your cottage. So beautiful!

    I hope you have enjoyed your Sunday.


  10. All ways such beautiful scenery! I loved the harbor shot. There's always so much to do to get ready for the winter. Hugs dear friend!

  11. Thank you Faye :-) Your turn to share sea side photo's :-) fantastic photo's they are :-) X X X

  12. What a nice day St. Martins had on Saturday! It'd be neat to see pictures after all the snow we had yesterday :) I think they would probably look a bit different -LOL