Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just a few photos and a song...

Good Evening, ladies...
Sorry that I have been slack but it has been very busy..
Just thought you might enjoy a few pics that I took awhile ago...

These were taken on our field day to Kings Landing..
I told you that I had a lot.. smile...

Hope you all enjoy them..

Leaving you with this song ... 

God bless .... 
Thank you all for your prayers but please keep praying for my Mom in the hospital..
Hugs to you all...


  1. Hi Faye, Sorry you're having trouble adding my blog to your list. Below is my blog addy, hope this helps. :o)

  2. Hello Faye . Lovely photos . Hope you are feeling better now and have got rid of that nasty cold. Have a wonderful eve.

  3. Hi, Faye, such nice pictures. Keeping your mom in my prayers.

    Have a nice Sunday.


  4. Hello Faye, I enjoyed your photos so much. I hope you are feeling better, praying for your Mama in the hospital.

  5. What a wonderful day from all your photos. Love that little calf photo! Praying for your dear Mama too! Hope you're having a blessed weekend!

  6. Praying for your Mom. Thank you for the photos, they are wonderful!

  7. Hello Faye...yes, I am praying for your Mom and I will continue. Hope she improves and is able to come home soon. You take care of yourself, too. Don't get too tired out! Love your pictures. Superb!


  8. Faye, I am praying for your Mom, and for you too, dear lady.

    Thank you for the photos! Love that quilt...what a great place that must have been to visit.

  9. Faye ... I definitely enjoyed the photos! Thank you for sharing. Praying for both you & you mom : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  10. Great photo's Faye :-) HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY :-) X X X

  11. Beautiful pictures! I will be posting similar pictures(hopefully today) of a field trip we did yesterday. Praying your mom is feeling better. God bless.

  12. Lovely pictures. I really like the quilt one.

    Have a wonderful evening. I will be praying for your mom.


  13. Good Morning Dear Faye Henry!
    Oh how I just love all your beautiful photos.
    And your bread looks so yummy.
    Praying for your Dear Mama from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes.
    Blessings Trace

  14. These photos speak to me of simpler times and good living. Thanks for sharing. I'm thinking of, and praying for your mom, and for your family to be comforted.