Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another good day..

Hello everyone.. Hope all is well in your world.. 
It has been a bit cold here after such a mild day yesterday.
I had to do household chores today.. 
Nothing very interesting, I am afraid. smile.. 

Laundry seems to take so much longer than it used to even though there is much less of it.. 
Then the floors needed a wipe up and a bit of cooking..
 Run of the mill kind of stuff.. I was hoping to get at some crafting but perhaps later.

What have you been busy at?  I suppose a lot of you from the south are into gardening and such.. Soon we will be, too.. smile.. 

Anyway, here are a few pics that I took for you.. 
Nothing serious.. smile.. 

Remember when....

real wool.... 

thanks, dear Jackie..

hanging from the spinning wheel..

an old butter press..

old button box..

old serving pieces...

an old recipe with just a speck of flour still adhered to the page... smile..

an old velvet crazy quilt..

an old hymn book with a song of an old time past time.. 

 Jesus is coming soon and if we ever needed to watch and pray then dear hearts it is today.. 

It was so nice visiting with you all ... 
Thanks for dropping by and you all know that I dearly love your comments.. 

Take care my dears and remember to 

God bless..


  1. It is almost 70 degrees here today,it has been mild for a few days with more to come. Crazy, isn't it? I am going to try the cake recipe. xo

  2. A post that was nearly as good as a hug! There's no place like home!

  3. It is almost 70 here as well but more seasonal temps come in tomorrow. Still I think everything will green up early this year with the wonderful weather we have had.

    Loved all your pics from around the house. So much history in each one!! If only they could tell us the WHOLE story huh??

    Enjoy the rest of this wonderful week!! HUGS!!

  4. I agree with Christine!
    Love your photos!

  5. You have some sweet reminders of the olden days when work for the woman of the house was much harder than it is today. I'm so glad I don't have to make butter aren't you? I have a velvet crazy quilt that was my mum's. They are so pretty aren't they? We're getting freezing rain here tonight then changing to snow later. The roads are very slippery. Blessings, Pamela

  6. I love all of those old things. Jesus IS coming soon!

  7. You are so right, we do need to watch and pray.
    So nice to hear from you, I hope you had a good time up North. I'm very glad that I don't have to make my own butter and card my own wool in order to have yarn for a much needed sweater. We are so blessed to live in the 21st Century!
    I have had a very sunny, warm for us, day today. 12 deg!!! It feels like Spring.
    I do love the velvet crazy quilt, I should make one of those one of these days.
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Lovely post and photos ! My mum had a spinning wheel. We used to spin our sheeps wool on our hobby farm and do the carding as well when I was a kid after they were sheared ! It was a lovely day here in Ontario sunny and warm temp was up to 16 °C and another warm sunny day for tomorrow ! Spring has sprung for us ! Have a good day !

  9. another great post. Thanks for sharing :) ~Sara

  10. Hi Faye...we went for a lovely ride today in the warm 70 degree sun. It was extremely pleasant. I really love your old time country pieces but I could not help but notice the sweet "berry spoons". I have one but have never used it. It was my Grandma's and I do remember her using it. Just something like that brings back so many wonderful memories.

    Be careful of your wonderful buttons. One day I stuck my hand into a mess of buttons and came out with a few pins stuck in me! HAHA!

  11. Faye
    I loved my little trip down memory lane!
    I actually hired a lady to wash, card, and
    spin wool from our giant Malamute! It was
    a lot of work.
    I will continue to watch and pray, for sure.

  12. Low 80's for us today! Love the pretty.The wool really caught my eye.Thanks so much for sharing .Hugs,Jen

  13. oh yes Praise God!! COME JESUS COME!!!
    Great pictures!
    Blessings and Hugs, Linnie

  14. Hello, friend. Lovely photos, Faye. I hope it warms up soon. We're in the mid sixties all week.

  15. I love your photos Faye, they always raise a smile! My favourite recipes always have something on their pages too! And your wool photo has reminded me to pull out my fleece and get started on some spinning :) xx

  16. Still warm here today Faye. Thanks for sharing your pictures and thanks for reminding us that Jesus is coming very soon.


  17. Faye,
    such a fun and sweet post.
    Love the buttons!

    Here's hoping warm weather heads your way very soon :)

  18. Hi Faye! Love your remember when post. We raised sheep and my mom carded it and spun it and knitted with it. Real homesteaders! She was amazing, thanks for the smiles. Hugs~Lori