Thursday, March 8, 2012

Is it Spring yet?

Good Evening all.. 
Just a short posting tonight. 

It has been a long day.. smile.. My dear Mother woke me up this morning from a sound sleep to tell me to go and look at the sun..  
Can you imagine?  grin... 

I guess that is what mothers are for.. Keep us on our feet no matter how old we are.. 

Anyway, out I came.. Bleary eyed and staggering to look at the sun..  It looked the same to me.. Hardly up yet.. I had to walk around the house to find a window where there were no trees so that I could get a glimpse of it... 
It just looked bright.. smile.. 
It supposed to, though.. right??? 

Anyway, that reminded me of the time several years ago.. 

My dear Dad had passed away and my Mom decided she might get a TV just for company, eh? 

Well.. she calls me one night after supper and was almost hysterical telling me we were having all of these meteors coming from the skies and what should we do.. 
She said it was on the news on the television.. 

Well, I switch it on and walk over to the sink and look out the window.. (rolled eyes)... all the time I am listening to 
the NEWS..
Sure enough they are forecasting the end of time as we knew it..  As I walked back over to the phone I realized that it was a movie and my poor Mom thought it was real... LOL..

Oh my.. we laughed for days over that one..

Needless to say.. the television is  not one of my mothers 
past times.. Just the real NEWS... and the odd cooking show..

I hope I am not boring you to death but I still grin to myself every time I think about walking over to the window and actually looking out.. lol...

We are having a real wind storm here in New Brunswick.. 

Yesterday, we had snow and the poor crow was looking for some bread I threw out to him but tonight the snow is almost gone under the tree, there.. 

Our fields are like little lakes.. 
It actually felt very Spring like today.. 

When I mentioned last posting about Spring bringing work; I meant work for the shop.. 
Jams, jellies, pickles, salves, toiletries, crafts and such.. 
That kind of work.. 

Oh well, I have had a lovely long Winter just doing what I wanted..
Can't complain about that, I guess.. 

Do you girls ever make BUBBLE AND SQUEAK???
Just click on the above words for the recipe.. 

This one turned out pretty as I used a bit of red cabbage.. 
At the market last weekend they had big bags of cut veggies for stirfrys for only two dollars.. 
I made a large stir fry and a bubble and squeak with it.. 
Frugal meals... 

Well, I must go and get to bed.. 
I am kind of excited.. We are visiting some dear friends who live up near the Quebec border for a few days.. 
On Saturday we are planning on going ACROSS...(the border, that is to stateside...)
Thanks so much for your dear visit.. 
Looking forward to hearing from you all if I haven't put you to sleep yet.. 
Wakey, wakey.. grin... 

Love and Prayers 


  1. I have never heard of Bubble and Squeak, perhaps you could post the recipe some time.
    That is such a cute story about your mom, mine might have been the same way if she had ever gotten a tv, but she never did. We have never had one, but I hope I would know the difference when I turned it on. I see it in the hotels and yes, I believe I would know the difference.
    Have a good night, Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy.. If you click on the words Bubble and Squeak it will take you to my recipe... I should have said that.. Blessings..

  2. Dear Faye:
    That is a sweet post. I can't tell you how many times my mom did something like that to us. It's nice to reminisce. I can't believe the differences in our weather. It was in the low seventies today! I don't know what happened to winter.
    Have a nice time visiting your friends. Welcome to stateside when you get here!

  3. Your mother is smart as there isn't a lot on the tv, at least on the 3 channels we get. :) Wasn't that a gorgeous day today? I hope you have a lovely trip and visit with friends. Blessings, Pamela

  4. Thanks for the lovely post.I am enjoyed the stories about your mom,poor thing thinking that a movie was the news.Have fun with your friends.Thanks for the lovely pics,we have had almost no snow this season.Hugs,Jen

  5. Hi Faye, your story just made me laugh right out loud and I can't quit even now! So funny! I think I would love your Mom!

    I really need to know what Bubble and Squeak is? Do you think you could post the recipe sopmetime?

    lastly, I hope you have a marvelous and safe trip. It is always so good to get away. But Home is always best..when we come back home to it.


  6. We had a 70 degree day here in Pennsylvania, U.S. It was lovely. I'll send some your way. :)

    Thanks for sharing the story about your mom. I got a little giggle out of it. Always have need for a good giggle. :)

  7. I laughed so hard over that story, I can just seeing you going to look and her telling you about it all. So sweet, but today's, the sun? Just lovely! Hope you have a great time. Do you ever go to Machias, Maine? I have a good friend there.

    My Momma's birthday is tomorrow, she is gone on to Jesus, I still miss her, but my Beloved boy will be home tomorrow for his Spring break.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Hi Faye,

    Great post. I love the snow, as you know. We really haven't gotten any in the past couple of days here in Wyoming. In Utah it was nice out. When we got back home today (Thursday) it was a bit nippy. We really need more snow.

    My mom and TV: She is so funny I think she drives the cable people crazy. She orders cable cause no channels are available without it. Then on the few channels that we watches the programs are so old and boring or reruns. She thinks ' and I am paying for this?' lol So she calls and cancels the cable. She does this a few times a year. She isn't well and can't get around well so tv is her only connection to the world. Poor dear. And I really wish that she was here near us and not 1,000 miles away :(

    I haven't heard of Bubble and Squeak before either. Sounds interesting. :)

    Always love my visits here, dear friend. Have a great day, Janet W

  9. Oh how fun your mom must be. What a hoot.
    What glorious SNOW! I kinda love snow. :)
    Bubble and squeak..Oh my thats a new one for me. I must try.
    Hugs to Faye Henry my Friend

  10. Cute story about your mom, Faye. At least you both can laugh about things which is great. My dad has a great sense of humour and the one thing he has taught me is to laugh at myself...which can be quiet often! :o)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. There was supposed to be a meteor shower the other night. They thought it might cause some problems with GPS, the electrical grid, but fortunately it did not happen. Your Mom sounds so cute. xo

  12. I so enjoyed the story of your Mom and the TV. Reminded me a lot of my mom. I hope you have a safe trip and lots of fun. I made the apple pie cake and it was very good. Definitely a keeper. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  13. It's tres windy here too. Your poor mum, I can't help but laugh at her thinking the tv show was real! Have a great visit to Quebec.

  14. Good posting. Luv ya ::). Have fun in P R - Pam c