Friday, March 2, 2012

Vintage Dishes in the Bathroom

Good Evening everyone..
Hope everyone is having a happy Friday night.. 

I thought I would share a little bit of  decor tonight.. 

I was cleaning the bath off of our bedroom and thought that I should do a little

On the wall I have a little dress and shoes that my Mom saved that I had worn...
I love using antiques for decor and I think as these are over 50 years old then they must be antique.. grin.. 

I had a small collection of vintage type green transfer ware  dishes 
and decided to use them on the vanity to hold necessities..
I have been gathering them from thrift shops and of course my Mom gave me one.. smile.. 

The commode pitcher holds Terry's shavers and the old sugar dish holds my hair pins and brush..
There is a large mirror over the vanity but all you would see is me taking the pic.. grin.. 

An old depression glass goblet has Q tips...

I have been using the sugar dish to keep my homemade salt scrub for my hands.
The recipe is HERE

One of my favorite toiletries.. 
It is lovely..

Then the  old vegetable bowl holds a miscellaneous pile of toiletries..

Homemade oils, salves and lotions.. 
All of these recipes are on the blog here.. somewhere.. smile..

You can find vintage dishes at thrift shops or yard sales.. 
It is just a little different twist for old vintage dishes.. 

Tomorrow is our Keepers Meeting so I will get back to you all and give you an update... eh?

Thanks for the visit and I look forward to hearing from you all.. 

May God bless and keep you.. 


  1. I love old dishes! Yours are beautiful!
    Love your baby things, just so sweet.
    Please update us on the meeting.

    Tornadoes everywhere tonight. Two were close here, just down the road. One touched down at my Sissies 5 1/2 hr. away from here. Several formed near my son, 3 1/2 hr. away in the other direction. We are all okay.
    God is faithful, even in the storms.

  2. How lovely to use everything you have...the bowl and the pitcher are just lovely. What a blessing to enter the room and be gifted with so much beauty.


  3. Hi Faye...I love the baby dress and your little shoes. I am glad you are enjoying them and nice of Mom to save them for you. I have my first baby booties..they are pink and beige and like kid leather. do you know what I mean? They still have the little pink ribbons in them. Your use of the old green and white china is fun and pretty. It is great when we can put to good use the things of the past. The green and white isn't very plentiful anymore.

  4. Faye, I absolutely love it. All of the decorating, it's beautiful. The pitcher, sugar bowl of hand scrub and veggie dish are so beautiful.I took your hand scrub recipe the other day. I have my baby shoes and my daughters. I should put them out like you did. It's darling. I love what you've done.


  5. Hi Faye,

    I love your wall decor. :) And the dishes are lovely. Can't wait to get out and go to yard sales. When the snow is gone of course and the temp goes up a bit. And I am not sure if we have a thrift store anymore. :( I will find out soon though I like checking out what they have.

    Take care, Janet W

  6. I love your use of the little dress and shoes that you wore as a small child. I enjoy all of your posts and, since I just found out on Wednesday that I have cancer and require surgery as soon as possible, I find your posts to be a balm to my wounded and frightened soul. Blessings to you.

    Joyce P.

    1. Good Morning, Joyce.. I was just checking my site before I left for Keepers and as I read you comment I wanted to tell you that we will pray for you this day and afterward.. I was diagnosed with cancer and I know how you feel.. The Lord brought me through and gave me a complete healing much to the doctors amazement.. I will find the link and post it next time..
      Jesus Christ is still our healer today.. By His stripes we are healed..
      Praying the God will send you His peace through the next days..

    2. Faye, thank you so much for your wonderful, uplifting reply. I am more grateful for your prayers than words can convey. I am holding on to my faith and feel surrounded by God's love, although I was very shocked at first and frightened. I am so happy that you had a complete healing and I will be going into surgery with a positive attitude as well. I know all things are possible with Him and His love will sustain me. Blessings to you.

      Joyce Pickett

    3. We prayed for you this morning, Joyce.. All of us ladies and we will continue to..
      I said I would leave you the link to the little story of how the Lord healed me ... Here it is.
      or just use the search engine on the side..xoxox

    4. Faye, I am so grateful for your prayers and those of your friends. I feel very blessed to have found you in this great big world of cyberspace. And thank you for the link to your story of healing. You are such an uplifting, inspiring person. I wish I lived close by so I could give you a grateful hug!

  7. How wonderful to have your baby shoes and a sweet little dress that you wore!

    Your green transfer ware is gorgeous! I have been picking up dishes here and there to use in my crafting area. I hadn't even thought about the bathroom, that is a wonderful idea Faye! I am changing our bedroom (I say changing, it is the one room in the whole house that is still as plain as it was when we married 15 years ago) so I need to be on the lookout for some pieces that I can use in our bathroom. I was just thinking last week that I need to be on the lookout for those matching bathroom sets that you buy at department stores. I would much, much rather have re-purposed antique dishes in there! Thanks so much for the idea! =] Too bad I didn't see this earlier today before I headed out antiquing. Oh well, gives me something to hunt for on the next trip.

    Have a lovely weekend~

  8. Oh I love it. Just beautiful and very creative. I just found your blog and I love it.

  9. What a fun little tour! Thanks for sharing, have a great time today at your Keepers.

  10. These are great ideas for old dishes. I love transferware and your green and white pattern is so pretty. Have a good weekend my friend. Blessings, Pamela

  11. Love the old dishes and a great way to use them...thanks for sharing it has given me an idea since we are remodeling one of our bathrooms.

  12. your green antique dishes are a great recycling use! i absolutely love the little dress!! i made an 'antique' gown and slip for my 6 g'children to be baptised in...white batiste with ivory thread, pintucks, lace, very long! i was so honored to have someone in church that Sunday compliment the fact that it looked like a real 'antique' to her!!! (w/o me telling her i made it until after her comment!) i will have to find the pic and post it on my blog.. ^)^linda

  13. Those are beautiful dishes, and what a great idea!

  14. Yes, I love to do things like this in our home, too! Lovely ideas truly!

  15. I always love seeing all your tweaking - I never thought to use my antique treasures for dishes/storage in my bathroom.
    I just may have to get some out and see what I can do with them.
    Love all you have done.

  16. Boy, i'd take that bowl and pitcher off you hands if ever you wanted to be rid of them. *smile* Those are hard to find for a price I am willing to pay. *smile* Haven't seen them in my neck of the woods, not that I don't look, they're not here. That and a good treadle machine intacked. Most of the ones I have seen here are skeletins. It's so sad. Though maybe getting the parts would be doable, I hadn't price checked that. *smile/sigh* The cost of getting such amazing tools from days gone by is incredible! Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing the beauty in your ladies room. *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  17. Oh I love how it all came together, and I am in love with tranferware!
    I have my baby things that are over 50 yrs old....are they really antiques????

    Oooo nooooo that must mean that I an an antique!!!! How did that happen sooo fast!

    Hee hee hee
    Blessings, Linnie

  18. Faye
    I love your use of old dishes
    in your bathroom. They are so
    lovely, why limit them to dining!

  19. Such a sweet tour of your lovelies....always inspiration abound here at your place Faye..I'm under the weather here, had what you had a few weeks ago, we all have won't let go...and this too shall pass won't it?

  20. I simply love the shoes. There is just something about tiny little feet :)

  21. I love using dishes in unusual ways. I love the bowl with the homemade goodies in it. I love it. How wonderful that you have a baby dress and shoes that belonged to you, so sweet. You've displayed them very nicely.
    Hugs, Cindy

  22. I am in love with those dishes.I look for green one's all the time but so far have not found any.

  23. Oh my stars Faye Henry I am lovin that green transferware.
    Oh how we love our dishes. But never have seen green like that before.
    Love all the new touches friend.
    Hugs to you