Thursday, March 15, 2012

This day...

Good evening everyone.. 
For some reason I can not get my posting done in the mornings.. smile..

I seem to have to get by the day and then pick something I've done to blog about.. Perhaps one of these days I will get turned around but for now it is almost bedtime before I do it.. I do take the pics through the day, though.  

I am not a late sleeper just slow, I guess..

Today was another happening day here.  Snow blowing but kind of mild out.  We received about 4 inches of snow through the night..
We don't mind the weather.. Just feel so blessed to live here. 

This morning Terry and I headed for the basement to get our workshops cleaned or make a start at it.. 
We THINK we will start working down there a bit.. 
There are a lot of supplies and I need to use or get rid of them. 
It was kind of fun as I came across some neat things to work at.. 
One thing I found were the stars to finish up my mat. 

I started it before Christmas.  Then I cleaned out the sun room and we took down a lot of stuff and they were buried, I guess.. 
Anyway, I brought the stars up and sewed them on this afternoon.. 
It is just a thrift store mat with some homespun stars sewn on.. 

Our goal is to work a few times a week in the workshop creating stuff for the shop.. 

I found a large box of old antique dowels that will make some lovely prim candle holders and make dos..

 Also, we used to have an old piano that we couldn't get rid of as no one wanted it..We took it apart and burned a lot of it..We saved some of it, though. To make a  long story short there are some neat boards that will make a few shelves.

.And a great window for a cupboard..  

Stuff like that.. smile..

I am probably boring you silly so I will just show you a special bunny that I have..

She is hand carved and painted. 
A friend of mine made her.

I love bunnies.. 
Not Easter bunnies... just bunnies.. 
I found a lot of fabric ones downstairs that I want to prim up .. 
I will keep you posted.. smile.. 

Well, dear friends thanks so much for your lovely visit.. 
Perhaps, I will have something more awe inspiring tomorrow.. 
We can live in hope, anyway.. 

God bless..


  1. Hi, Faye:
    My night is going quietly along like yours. Very mild here and we had the windows open for the last two days. I'm sewing another doll for Ashley and I'm tea dyeing the clothes and body right now. We're making her a mini 3tier cake with fondant for icing.
    I'm so glad you found the stars. They just seem to give a good finish to things. I like stars.
    The bunny is precious.

  2. Hey Faye:
    Everything you do is inspiring to me . I love your crafts and the ideas you come up with for them ! Cute mat. Your posts are never boring I look forward to your posts every evening ! Still got snow there wow we have had summer like weather here in Ontario sunny and highs of 20°C . Its nice but strange for us to be soo summer like in March we have hit recored temps this week and next week is to be even warmer ! Guess we by passed spring and headed straight into summer ! Bad thunderstorms during the night tonight thats ok with Papa and I we love thunderstorms lol. Have a good day !

  3. Such a cute bunny. Good luck with the cleaning out. I have been busy but not much to blog about I guess. You always make the best posts. Blessings and stay warm, spring is almost here.~Sara

  4. Good for you guys....getting at it, straightening up and cleaning out. I can't wait to see the projects you two come up with. Nice that Terry will work right along side of you. Have fun!


  5. I think the mat is going to be great! A clever idea.

    I thought you might like to know i am feeling healing from the Lord and through
    dear friends at the moment. You are one of them.

    Reading your posts is like a having a large frothy mug of hot chocolate, Faye.
    Now, how could that be boring??!
    God bless you,
    xxx Hazelnut

  6. It feels so good to have a tidy up doesn't it? I like your rug, it looks cosy. Looking forward to seeing what else you make down there! :) x

  7. Hi Faye, I love each and everyone of your postings. Dad and Mom came for supper last night and I was just telling her that I am only working Tuesday-Friday in the summer. We will definately be down to finally see your shop.
    PS My lentils are sprouting! :) I am so excited now to start an herb garden.
    xoxo Krista

  8. Hi Faye, that bunny is beautiful. I love bunnies, too. I think I saw an old piano turned into a planter on Pinterest. xo

  9. Afternoon Faye Henry!
    Love the mat and the sweet Bunny. What a talented friend.
    Hugs to you

  10. I love your bunny, the pin suites her! The mat is wonderful. I think one of the reasons I like seeing what you're doing is the different way you dress things up. It helps me to look at things in a new light, but they are also simple. Some of the ideas I run across are just too complicated or alwyas mean buying new supplies. I really like the way you marry old things together. I love old piano boards. I have used several through the years for different things. I still have a couple stashed out in the rafters of the carport. It might be a good time to dust them off when you two show some things you do with yours. Have a wonderful weeekend.

  11. It's late in the evening and I've found a few minutes to visit so it's great to visit with you, Faye and catch up! The rug is just right for a homely touch.
    But oh your bunny is so,so lovely with a black and white face! So special!
    best wishes

  12. Hi Faye, I love your bunny, it reminds me of the ceramic cat I made for Denny, dress & pinafore as well! The mat is a cute idea, I am now crocheting a mat from cotton strips. Sorry to hear about your Aunt Eva, going to visit with my grandmother tomorrow! Talking to your mom at Cosco the other day, she is so cute! Oh, by the way, your boys are very handsome! :-)