Monday, March 12, 2012

Heading North...

Hello my dears.. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.. 
We headed up to the north of the province to spend the weekend with some lovely friends of ours.. 

We headed out early on Friday after we had taken Sammi in to my Moms.

It turned into a lovely sunny day... Mountains in the distance..

There are several big rivers ... 
We followed the St. John River most of the way and then the Tobique River..

After having a lovely evening with them and their family and a good nights sleep we went across the border to the USA...

Our friends told us that some Amish folks had moved into Northern Maine and that they had a shop or two.. 

We happened to be able to drive by ..

Be still my heart.... grin. .

I so love the Amish people.. 

Is this not a beautiful sight?? 

We pulled into their shop which sells steel roofing..
One dear lad came over to the car and invited the men in to see their work.. 

So kind... 

The men actually were more interested in the new way of collecting sap from the maple trees.. See the blue bags..

It was the first time that they had not seen tin buckets being used.  
The lad said that they heard that  the plastic type is coming in and will be used for collecting sap.. 
I wonder why....

In back is their sweet church...

It says FRIENDS over the door.. 
Lovely, eh....

We did some shopping and enjoyed lunch out and when we returned home this guy was waiting for us..

Such a pretty cat:-)

We were so blessed to attend two church services with them..
We enjoyed it so much.  The music was wonderful and the presence of the Lord was awesome..

There were friends attending the church who I had grown up with and not seen for so long.. Such a joyous reunion.. 

Just imagine what heaven will be like.. 

Eternity with the One who died for us and glad reunions with dear ones who have gone on before.. smile.. 

They sang a song that has stayed in mind ever since.. 

I 've come too far to look back 
My feet have walked through the valley
I've climbed mountains, crossed rivers
dessert places Ive known
But I 'm nearing the home shore
The redeemed are rejoicing
Heavens angels are singing
I 've gone too far to look back....

So true....

That is only the chorus but you can look it up on YouTube..
The Hoppers sing it, I think.. 

Anyway, dear hearts have a blessed week and take care...
So glad you dropped by and looking forward to hearing from you all.. 
God bless.. 


  1. Hi Faye. Did you notice that I also took a photo of the TCH the other day? lol Great pictures. How nice to stop at the Amish farm. I love to see the buggies. I've never seen sap collected in bags before. Kings Landing has it's sugar bush weekend coming up for the next 2 weekends. I hope to go for one of them, depending on the weather. Have a great week. Hugs, Pamela

  2. I think the Amish people are neat! (Are you sure you didn't forget me at the hospital?! LOL)...I'm hoping to go to the sugar woods either this Sunday afternoon or next... I'll keep my eye out for those blue bags :)
    PS- I probably drove your stats through the roof...I've been looking for stuff for my website project... I only found 1 keepers lesson (the journal challenge, which by the way, I did my HW last night)... Perhaps if you need a blog topic over the next week or two, another keepers lesson would make a wonderful post...wink, wink--hint, hint... LOL

  3. Wow! I love your pictures of the Amish. They fascinate me. I just finished reading a series of wonderful Amish books. I know you had a great trip. So good to see "old" friends and catch up. How weird that I read your post tonight. I was just listening to songs on You Tube and listened to this very song by the Hoppers. How neat! :) I hope you have a wonderful night. Blessings...Holly

  4. Hi Faye, Sounds like you folks had a wonderful trip. I love to see and hear about the Amish. Your pictures are beautiful.


  5. I love your photos, they are beautiful. I have never seen the sap bags before either So good that you had time with your special friends. I also did not know the Amish used church buildings, I thought they only met in their homes. That one looks very old and beautiful. I bet the sanctuary is lovely!
    How wonderful it is when the Lord comes in His Spirit to bless our worship.

  6. Hi Faye,

    I just love Amish buggies! And that church is sweet.

    I haven't seen the blue bags before. I just love real maple syrup.....mmmmm :)

    Thank you for taking us along.

    Have a great Tuesday. Take care, Janet

  7. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with family and friends, and the photographs are gorgeous! It was a treat to see some snow photos, since it does not snow where I live.

    I'm currently reading a book about Amish Proverbs, and it's proving to be very inspiring and educational, indeed!



  8. Good Morning Faye Henry
    Beautiful post and photos. Oh the church is beautiful.
    I felt the Lords presence in this post. Funny,uh?
    Love to you

  9. This post did my heart and soul good!
    I did gasp at the pic of the Amish buggies - so, so lovely!
    There's definitely something about the Amish that captivates my heart too!
    Thank so much!

  10. Oh I would love to go to Amish country! Your photos are gorgeous! And what a wonderful time you had. I can just imagine. We had Tim Spell over the weekend and he sang that old song, Won't It Be Wonderful There. I cried just thinking of seeing all my loved ones again, especially my grandmothers. What a day that will be!

  11. I found your blog about 6 months ago, and really enjoy it. Was very excited when you posted the picture of Mars Hill Mountain, as I live right at the bottom of it. My grandfather owns a large part of the mountain so cool you were so close.

  12. Nothing more pleasing than to spend time with dear friends.

    Your pictures of the Amish farm are wonderful...makes me long for PA even more.
    The blue Sap bags are all over our areas now - not sure why they are changing but I guess progress is the word, eh?

    I have not been here for a few posts...i read on down and I had to giggle at your 'mother' story...she's a doll - thanks for sharing your precious memories of her with us.
    I'm glad you walked through the house to find a view of the sun - it probably made her day (and yours too for that matter).


  13. The Amish are in Maine? Wonderful. I'm glad you had a great time.

  14. We are in Amish country here lots their farms around us. We also have a Amish friend Sam whom gave me a horse shoe for our front porch ! I love seeing them in their hores and buggys and tilling their fields with the beautiful Belgin horse team! Your photos are awesome thenks for taking us along ! Pretty kitty ! Have a good day !

  15. Thanks for taking us along for the ride, Faye... I needed a little vacation today. :)
    I loved seeing your pictures, especially of the church; it reminded me of the Mennonite community near us~ they have a bakery and you can smell the goodies long before you pull up to the door. *grin*
    I haven't heard that song in years... thanks for sharing the words and bringing it back to my memory!

  16. so glad you had a wonderful trip. Isn't it great when our loving pets wait for us to get home? You're right Faye he is a pretty cat.


  17. what a wonderful trip..thanks for taking us along.;)

  18. My husband looked at your pictures he says the church looks like the one in Fort near the Amish if its the same church its a Historical Monument, theres hidden rooms under the stage where slaves were hidden before crossing to Canada. My husband will be jacking the church up this summer to put a foundation under it.

  19. I didn't realize I had missed one of your posts.
    What an interesting time you had, I would love to see an Amish farm. There is an Amish community in Manitoba, but I haven't seen it, only one of them going down the road in a black buggy with a beautiful black horse pulling it.
    Glad you got back safely!
    Hugs, Cindy

  20. i'm a day behind...i celebrated my bday yesterday Mar13 w/family/friends at lunch! very low-key which is my preference! no fuss! then helped my husband get himself into two NCAA pools! hope he picked all winning teams! i finished a baby sweater for a relative's new baby(see SimpleGifts blog) ~we have an Amish community of several towns within 15mi of Iowa City - Amana Colonies - maybe you've heard of them -and a Mennonite town-Kalona- also very close with LOTS of Yoders/Millers!! Main Amana is where they used to make Amana Radar Range that preceded the current microwaves! i used to go every yr to the Christmas Store to buy an ornament!! you post brought back lots of memories! great trip!!

  21. Oh yes, some more or your beautiful land pictures! Isn't our Creator just magnificent? I can't imagine what Heaven will be like. So very pretty Faye, thank you for sharing.

    I admire the Amish and their simple life. You have some wonderful pictures of their place! How fun that would have been to visit with them and take in their way of life. I heard that the Amish are moving towards the bags now instead of the buckets. Not sure why.

    How wonderful to visit with friends and see friends that you haven't seen in awhile. I always enjoy going back to my old home country church where time seems to have stood still. It's always nice to visit with those that I haven't seen in awhile and sing those wonderful hymns that I grew up on... I know what you mean. =]