Thursday, March 29, 2012

Give away Reminder and Blanche...

Good Evening .... 

Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight... 
So glad you all stopped by..

Hope everything is lovely in your part of the world..

We are having cool but sunny days and working away at things..

Isn't there a lot to do this time of year?  
Besides the regular things we are trying to do a bit of spring cleaning and getting things done for the shop.

Today I finished this lady ...

Her name is Blanche...

Her dress is made from calico and her apron is an old dresser scarf...

She is holding a real nest with eggs and dried cedar.. She is hanging on the closet door in the foyer... 

Thank you all for joining in on the little lady giveaway.. 

There are only 2 more days until the draw for the giveaway ...If you have not signed up just click HERE and 

if you haven't joined me over at Like a Bubbling Brook for a 

guest post on Lentils and recipes please click HERE..

Thank you, my dears...
I really appreciate you guys and your sweet comments..

Welcome to all of the new followers, too..

Praying for you all... 


  1. Miss Bunny is soo cute ! I love the crafts you come up with ! The weather here has been chilly with sun and cloud . Have a good evening !

  2. I love your bunny, just so sweet!

  3. Hello there Dear Heart...How are you? Blanche is just tooooo cute. I love her. I like the dresser scarf made into an apron. Pretty smart, Faye. I love your give away doll, too.

    It was kind of a dreary day here today....we were spoiled when it hit 80 for a few days!

    Have a sweet nnight.


  4. She's a sweetie!
    I adore her! You did such a beautiful job!
    You inspire me to get busy and create.

    Have a lovely evening....I'm off to relax with the family :)

  5. I love her too, Faye, she's a beauty!

  6. Oh my goodness, Faye! Blanche is adorable! You did a wonderful job on Her.
    Thank You for sharing! Have a wonderful evening!!

  7. Blanche is a beautiful bunny! I enjoyed your post very much over at Bubbling Brook. xo

  8. Blanche is so lovely. I wish I was there to see the other things that you make.
    And to visit your shop.

    Glad you are enjoying the weather. :)

    Take care, Janet W

  9. How sweet is Blanche! I really love her apron!
    Have a blessed day

  10. Morning Faye...well this sweet gal looks like a Blanche! Very cute.
    You are a lady of so many wonderful great is that.

  11. The bunny is so adorable! I love it! Have a blessed weekend!

  12. So are very talented to make something like this:-)

    Have a blessed weekend.

  13. Faye, Miss Blanche is adorable. I love her apron and the nest. I'm sure your guests will enjoy meeting her when they enter your home. Blessings, Pam

  14. What a sweet bunny, I love the use of the vintage table scarf and real birds nest..simple and yet joyfilled. Thanking you for stopping by
    my place as always, and yes it is the beloved old fashioned Corning Ware...I now have 3 pieces...another joy...:)

  15. oh Faye, Blanche is absolutely delightful!!
    have a blessed Sunday!

  16. What an adorable bunny! I especially love her name... the name of my grandma, Blanche (Anna). She was the oldest of 12. So are you going to make 11 more? Hehehe!