Friday, March 16, 2012

Old Books and Organic...

Happy Friday everyone..

I guess the day is almost over.. In this part of the world anyway.. I have been reading and didn't think I would post tonight but then I decided that perhaps I would after all.. smile..

We had a lovely day.. The weather was wonderfully Spring like although we still have snow.  For a few more days anyway.. 

Please note the pic above.. I have finally found a much easier way to sign the pics..

It's kind of neat doing it once in awhile.. 
Blogging is so creative..

 No wonder that I love it.. Then meeting all you sweet ladies is the icing on the cake.. grin.. 

Today Terry and I had a DATE DAY.. You can do that when you retire.. smile.. 

We went to the city for the afternoon..

He had to get license for vehicles and such.. 
We went for lunch and then stopped at a couple of places..

Some organics... 
As you know I love sprouting and their barley and such are a good price..

I love buying organic garlic.. Do you know that the garlic that we buy here at our supermarkets comes from China?  That drives me nuts.. Imagine.. Have I said all this before?

Pardon me, if I have but why can't we have Canadian garlic for heaven's sake.. 
No offense to China but it is garlic..

Speaking of organic... grin...

There were many deer in the fields on the way home.. On the road, too.. smile.. 

Here is some reading that I plan on getting started on this weekend.. 
I read everyday... 

It is a habit I started as a child..

We did not have a TV and I believe the habit was really established because of that.. 

I found Christ the Healer downstairs yesterday.. I scanned it and I think it is really a great book.. 

The other one I bought at a Thrift shop.. 
Cape Breton is part of Nova Scotia and I think it will be interesting.. 

The vintage cook book was only one dollar.. 
And the other one looks good, too. 
We shall see.. smile.. 

Do you ladies like to read and what is your favorite type of book? 

We came home and had supper.. The evenings are much longer, eh? 
Well, my dears I guess it is bedtime.. 

Have a wonderful weekend.. 
Enjoy your dear families... 



  1. I have the Lily Wallace cookbook! It was my grandmother's.

  2. Those books all look like wonderful reads, Faye! Sounds like you've had a wonderful day... but I'll bet you will sleep good tonight~ road trips do that to me, anyway.
    Loved the deer picture...

  3. I have so enjoyed the pictures. I have never thought about where my garlic comes from. We enjoy growing our own garlic but are pretty new at it. *smile* Elephant garlic doesn't have much taste so we don't have much of that. Due to your great pictures I hope to share some from our most rescent trip. Have a blessed Friday and thanks again for sharing the pictures with all of us. I missed the picture, but I got to see a bald eagle on our trip. *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  4. We aussies are very wary of fruit and vegetables etc. from China!
    Can't be sure they're not genetically modified and they are flooding the country with them.
    Crazy, when we grow so much of our own produce!
    Our backyard garlic didn't grow so well this year..perhaps our strange weather ruined it.
    I love reading and finding old books at op-shops too.
    You can pick up some lovely old treasures some times :-)
    Have a blessed weekend..Trish

  5. Hello Faye....Reading is my most favorite hobby! I started when I was a young girl and my Mother said- "It is summertime and you need to read everyday all summer long!" Well, that sure did get me interested. I think I have read everyday since. I love books. I could sit for hours and look through books. Right now I am reading an historical novel - "One Thousand White Women - the journals of May Dodd". I have been reading many Amish books. I do like to read Sandra Brown and James Patterson. I love cookbooks. Hubby and I are reading a daily devotional book that we are enjoying. I think reading is the one hobby for me that truly takes my mind off of everything and helps me to relax.

    My neighbor grows garlic in her 2 acre garden. We are blessed that she generously gives us some.

    Have a wonderful weekend and say hello to Terry.

  6. Hi Faye,

    Sounds like you did have a wonderful day. Your books look interesting. I love reading, always have. I mostly read the scriptures, or other religious books. I like cookbooks old and new. I think I have seen that one that you have. I used to work at a bookstore, new and used books.

    I guess I am like you in that I wish we can make our own foods and such instead of importing everything. I know that this helps the country and foreign relations all, the importing/exporting thing, but, I think it is a little much. Think of all the people here who could have jobs. Wait... I gotta stop or I will be up on my soapbox. lol Sorry

    How did you label that picture?

    Have a great weekend. Take care, Janet W

  7. Sounds like a good day ! Love the deer photo ! I Like to read right now I am reading a book by Fern Michaels I love her books . I also read books by Dean Koontz and Barbra Smith a Canadian author ! Have a Happy St Patty's day !

  8. Hello my friend,
    I love to read and yes, I read some every day. I like to read something that teaches me something or challenges me spiritually. I also like to read novels about life's challenges. Right now I'm reading a novel about the Shakers, they haven't been around for several decades, but it's interesting to learn about them. The author claims to have done her research before she wrote about the Shakers. So sad to hear how some have taken a little bit of Bible knowledge and turned it into a religion that glorifies them, making them equal with God. Apparently it was started by a woman who did that.
    Sounds like you had a good day, I hope this is a good day, too!
    We will be in the 70's today and all weekend into Monday, maybe even the hotspot of Canada!
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  9. I'm glad you had such a sweet day. I read everyday, also. I like the classics.

  10. I love to read. Seems like I haven't been doing as much recently as I would like. Not sure what is up with that. I never ever thought about where garlic comes from. I think I will check out where our local supermaket gets it from. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  11. I love to read, too. I really like classic novels, like Jane Austin's. Lately, I've been reading mostly health books and cook books, to try to figure out how to feed my son since he's not allowed to have dairy for at least a month. It was amazing to me how many times I was serving dairy foods a day - quite a mind bender, here! I'm also reading a really good book by Harvey Yoder, called "God Knows My Size!" about a girl who grew up very poor in Romania. I've borrowed it from a friend, and am trying to get it finished by Tuesday so that I can give it back to her when I see her again! I can't understand about the food, either. I'm in the United States and we have the same issues.

  12. Another great posting - Pam

  13. Looks like wonderful books on your reading list.

  14. i, too, am interested in labeling pics. i have Photoshop, but haven't 'taught myself' how to really use it! maybe now is the time! how did you label your pics? i am trying to read a daily devotional Bible, but seem to get behind... spring is 'sprung' here in Iowa & i want to be in the midst of gardening, but the plants aren't yet in the nurseries!! ^)^linda

  15. How fun to be retired and go on day dates! I love to read but these eyes are growing dim. I've put off getting glasses about as long as I can. Sadly, blog reading has taken up a lot of my book reading time. Nothing replaces a good book though.
    Have a great week!