Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Giveaway for you all.....

Hello there everyone.. 
Just a short posting tonight as I may not have the time tomorrow and I wanted to do it before the weekend.. 
This doll is handmade even her face.. A girl by the name of Pam McFarland  made her.. I do not know this girl but I bought it at a craft show in Augusta, Maine ... 

Anyway, my dear husband and I will be celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary on Monday.. 

Can you imagine?? 

Forty two years.. 

We are getting old but do you know that even though our bodies are slowing and ageing our hearts are as young as ever.. 
He still makes my heart sing and I still see that dear twinkle in his eye when he tells me that he thinks I am beautiful.. 
Now that must be love, eh?  smile.. 

This blog is about HOME... 
It is about keeping our homes and loving our God and our families.. 

I kind of thought that this doll reminds me of the keeper of the home.. 

She has just collected her eggs...Can you see them?
I don't have chickens.. I wish I did.. smile..

So, if you would like the doll then these are the rules..

1.. Be a follower of this blog if you are not yet then you are more than welcome..

2.. Leave a comment on this post ... 

3.. If you post about it or put it on your sidebar then you get another chance but please let me know.. 

So you can have as many as 3 chances.. 

We will make the draw on March 31...

I will also include a  surprise... OK?

Thanks for all your lovely visits and comments.. 
I really appreciate them.. 

May God bless and keep you..


  1. Oh my I would love to be entered in this drawing. She is so beautiful. I do not have a blog otherwise I would put it on my blog.

    Did you get my email yesterday that I sent.

    I am a follower, so please add me to the drawing. Thanks for doing this and a Very Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby.

  2. Well, Happy Anniversary to you! Your doll is beautful, I don't know how you can part with her.

  3. Faye , I am a new follower and look forward to reading up on you and getting to know you better ! Happy Anniversary to you both ! Your doll is beautiful ! Have a great evening ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  4. A very early HAPPY ANNIVERSARY wonderful. 42 years is awesome.
    Please add me to the list of hopefuls! What a beautiful doll...

  5. Yes 42 years is awesome. :)

    Would love to be in your drawing for the doll she is beautiful. I'd love her to 'keep my home' when I can't. :) Does she do dishes? lol Boy, am I a tired gal.

    Happy Anniversary early.

    Take care my friend. I will get her on sidebar. ((HUGS)) Janet W

  6. Oh Faye she is a beautifully made doll and I would love to be entered. I would enjoy farm fresh eggs. Happy Anniversary to you and Terry. You make a wonderful couple. xo

  7. Happy Early Anniversary, YOU TWO LOVEBIRDS! May you have many more to love each other dearly. Please enter my name. She is a darling doll. Look at her face! Very nice of you, Faye...and a very nice give-away!


  8. Happy Anniversary to you both Faye :) Thanks for the lovely comment you left for me...of course you may link to my post, it would be lovely to know how you and your girls are going too! I'm very glad I joined in with you! xx

  9. Happy Anniversary Faye & Mr Henry!
    I would love to be entered. I have learned alot here that has blessed me as Keeper of my Home. God uses you big to share His love with us all.
    Love & JOY

  10. What a precious little doll, Faye! I just love her face, and the eggs in her apron reminds me of my grandmother. I tried to carry eggs in my coat pocket once when I was a little girl... you can just about imagine how thrilled my mother was with me. (Notice I said "tried"...*grin*)
    Hope you and Terry have a wonderful Anniversary, 42 years is not a very long time. (I say that because that's how old... I mean young... I am. *ha*)

  11. Good Morning Faye, An early Happy Anniversary to you and Terry. Such a special blessing from God that you have spent 42 years together. Love between husband and wife is rewarding. Love the doll. So kind of you to part with her. Would love to share our home with her. Please enter my name in your giveaway. Hoping you have a blessed and fun weekend.

  12. Happy Anniversary Faye! 42 years is a lifetime together so many special times I'm sure..The doll is a lovely gift and I love to give her a home should I be so lucky.I'm a follower as well.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  13. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. Best wishes for many more happy years together.

    The doll is beautiful and I would love to be included in your giveaway. I am a follower and I will happily post the giveaway to my blog sidebar.

    Thanks so much!

  14. Happy Anniversary to both you and Terry! When I talk to you, and speak of Terry, I can see how much you love each other. You both are truly blessed Faye! I am going to work hard at having that same relationship with my husband. It will be 25 years in June. :) I love the doll and have just the perfect spot for her in my spare room. Hugs to you and have a great weekend.
    Krista xoxo

  15. Happy Anniversary! Hope you two have many more years of happiness to come!

    You know I follow you, I posted the give away on my blog.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekewnd!

  16. Hello,
    My name is Lynn and I am a new follower, #298. Congratulations on 42 years of marriage!! Hubby and I will celebrate our 30th anniversary on October 15, 2012! Time flies when we are having fun doesn't it!! I would love to be entered in your giveaway! Thank you so much and have a wonderful week!

  17. I am a new follower and would love to win the Beautiful Doll. She would be the special one in my collection. I will post this on my side bar and will also be putting a link to your blog in my favorites. It is very sweet of you to offer your Doll. Have a great anniversary
    P S come visit my blog when you get time :)

  18. Happy Anniversary to you both!! How blessed you both are!! Enjoy your day and God bless. Oh, yes, I almost forgot I would love to win the doll. She is beautiful.

  19. please add my happy wishes to all these. I know you and your husband have worked very hard to establish a good marriage and a blessed home. I am sure that God smiles upon the two of you. Sweet little doll and wish I had chickens too.

  20. May you both know more of the Lord's grace as you celebrate 42 yrs of marriage!
    I think its wonderful!
    And you're so generous to part with such an amazing doll! I will post on my sidebar.
    God bless

  21. Happy Anniversary to you...what a blessing! My husband and I will celebrate 37 years in May. It certainly gets sweeter as the years go by! Thank you for the opportunity to win this sweet doll. I grew up in Maine and actually have a brother who lives near Augusta. We now live in SC but do travel to Maine to see family every now and then! Many blessings for your special day!!

  22. I love the doll! She reminds me of my grandmother--she always used her
    apron or dress tail to gather and carry eggs. March 31st happens to be my
    51st birthday! Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetie!

  23. Congrats. Forty-two years is very honorable. I love the doll. She is unique and she reminds me of a farmer's wife doing some duties of her home - gathering eggs. Her outfit is what one would wear to go out to the chicken pen. I so enjoy your comfy peaceful blog, especially the pics and recipes. Oh, and the music! constanceoc@yahoo.

  24. hi faye! happy anniversary to you and the Mr.! and many more years to come! i am amazed at all your new followers!! that's great! you are a great inspiration to all of us! you are so giving to part with the 'egge layde'! i'll be glad for whoever has her become a 'permanent' family member in their home! stay 'young-at-heart' like you feel!! ^)^linda

  25. Congratulations on your 42nd wedding anniversary, Faye!
    What a wonderful blessing for you and your beloved husband.
    I hope you have a fabulous celebration!
    We just enjoyed our 35th :-)
    I have put your sweet doll on my sidebar.
    Thanks for wanting to share her -she's lovely!
    many blessings..Trish xx


  27. Congratulations babes :-) I have another ten to catch up with you :-)
    You know you only have to ask once and I'll add this :-)
    Have a really great week and as always be young at heart :-)
    :-) X X X

  28. Congratulations on your anniversary!!!! It's pretty amazing how fast the time goes, we have been married 21 years. Have a wonderful weekend!

  29. Love your blog. Hopped over from Granny Trace. I visit both of you almost daily. I love you both because I am a full-time RN and live through you gals. I would love to stay at home full time. Maybe later. I am inspired by you to use my time wisely and my family appreciates my homemade meals, quilts, purses and of course the replaced buttons. I praise God everyday for ladies such as you. Thank you for sharing. Blessings*

  30. Happy Anniversary and many more!!! I would love to give that little doll a home. She will have lots to do to keep her busy here, with the grandchildren and all. Blessings ~Sara

  31. Happy Anniversary to you and your Hubby!
    Best wishes for many, many more years!

  32. Hey Faye, Happy Anniversary to both of you, may you be blessed with many, many more to come! I have to tell ya, that I have ya beat, hubby and I will be married 43 yrs in July! It seems like we got married, maybe 20 yrs ago....How time flies, when you are having fun! I hope you have a wonderful day together.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  33. Which one of us keepers does the doll look like? lol

  34. Happy Anniversary Faye. Your blog is such an inspiration, thank you for always making my day. Jan

  35. She is a sweet doll....Happy Anniversary and blessings.

  36. Happy Anniversary!! The doll is lovely, I'm a follower & now I'm leaving a comment :-) Just love your blog!!!

  37. I am a follower, I love your blog. Hugs, Cindy

  38. So now I'm leaving a comment, I love the little doll, so sweet! And yes, she is definitely a little keeper of her home and her hen house, too, it would appear. She's adorable, I would love to win her. Now go over to my blog for my giveaway! I have a birthday giveaway, and you have an Anniversary giveaway, isn't that funny?
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  39. Happy Anniversary! I somehow missed this post but would love to be entered in your giveaway.That doll is simply adorable and reminds me a lot of my grandmother.LOL!She was always carrying things in her apron.Spring blessings,Jen

  40. Dear Faye,

    Thank you so much for having this giveaway...I would just love to win this doll! I hold a special place in my heart for dolls...and love to make them. And Augusta, Maine...well, well, well! That's my stomping grounds, dear friend! We live about an hour from there...on the coast in a little fishing village. Whenever we go to "the big city"...we either mean Augusta or Portland. What a surprise to hear that the doll came from there!

    Again, thank you so much for sharing!
    Sweet blessings,

  41. Happy Anniversary Faye. You are an inspiration.

  42. Faye,

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway if that's OK? I would post it but Google is not working for me right now (something new)and i am not sure as to where that will be before Saturday.

    Hope all is well (I can't get to my emailed either to see if you emailed me back after I answered your questions!).

    I have not done my homework yet but I hope to get to my journal cover very soon...I am so far behind that I think I am at the beginning sometimes!

    Thank you for the peace that you give all of your followers, especially me :)

    Trusting in Him,

  43. Hello and a Very Happy Anniversary to you and your Hubs. I am a follower - The doll is definitely a keeper. She reminds me of my Mom- 92 and has raised five children. She always tells my hubs and I never to go to sleep mad at each other. Your blog is so inspiring, Thank you! (((Hugs))), Anna

  44. Lynn wilkins soon-to-be HutchinsonMarch 29, 2012 at 7:22 PM

    Hey Faye, you sure are getting a lot of comments. I love that doll, you were right does look like me if I don`t win her, I want one for my Christmas present ok.haha hint hint.Happy Aniversary!! were married the year I was born almost to the you..that`ll get me points Terry pick me!!!

  45. Evening Faye, The doll is a sweetie, Would look great in our log home....Have a good weekend and the best to the winner!!

  46. Oh I love this doll,I am also a collector of prim and I also have chickens.I love going out in the coop and spending time with my girls and some of the guys.I have lots of babies right now.I have an old swing that I sit in and watch my chickens.I so miss that nice music when I was readking.Donna