Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Salmon Salad Recipe for you....

Good Morning dear ladies..

What a beautiful day we are having again this week.. Yesterday was so Summer like that I thought we should head for the Bay of Fundy.. 
We didn't... smile..

Instead we headed for the hills to our old farm.. It was a lot cooler there.. But all of the snow in our lane was gone and the brook was overflowing it's banks..

Terry put a fire on and guess what I did?
I worked on my homework for Keepers. 
I found a few ideas in some old books that were there..

How are you ladies making out getting it done?
It is more of a thinking and dreaming process this month.. eh?

Anyway... I thought I would share a couple of recipes with you ... 

I made this and we really loved it so I thought you might, too..

Every once in awhile I will buy some fresh salmon..

I had this old menu from Kings Landing and happened to come across it the other day and thought that I would try and make their salmon salad which is called...

 Skoodawabskoosis Salad...
That must be an Indian name...

Well, let's just say I made my version of it.. smile.. 

Poached Salmon... 
In a frying pan add.. 
1/2 cup of water
1/2 cup of white cooking wine
1 green onion chopped
1 piece of fresh parsley
1 tsp. dried dill  
(my dear man does not like the texture of fresh dill so I try and use dried) 

Bring to a simmer and add your salmon fillets or pieces.... You could use steaks, too..

Bring back to a simmer and cover.. 
Cook on medium heat for 5 minutes or until cooked through.. Do not overcook..
Season with pepper and cool... 

Now this is the dressing that I made.. 
We are not great lovers of tarragon so I did dill.. 

In a small bowl whisk together.. 
1/4 cup of yogurt (I used Greek)
1/4 cup of low fat mayo
1/8 cup of milk
1 tsp. lemon juice
1 tsp. minced dried onion
1 tsp. dried dill or fresh chopped
1 tsp. fresh parsley chopped
a small pinch of red pepper flakes.. 

Whisk together and let sit for a bit ....


Wash and dry some lettuces.. 
I used a Spring Mix... 
Add some chopped celery and red onion..
Slice some English cukes thin..

Place all of this mixture on your serving plate except the cukes which you can arrange around the edge...

Place your drained and cooled salmon in the centre.. 
Drizzle with dressing and add a few capers if desired.. I love them and he doesn't.. smile..


You now have a Skoodawabskoosis Salad..
If you can say it you can eat it.. 

Have a wonderful God blessed day dear friends.. 

Isn't God good.. 
To give us so many blessings.. 
Undeserving that's what we are .. 
Want to thank Him.. 
Love and praise Him.. 
A little more today and whole lot more tomorrow.. 

Remember that old chorus??? 

Thanks for the dear visit and welcome to you new followers.. So happy to have you.. 
Looking forward to hearing from you all.. 



  1. Faye, that salad looks tasty! I just made salmon on Monday, it was so good - I'm just sad no-one else here likes it!
    I am just writing on my blog a bit about my homework from you, and what a help it has been to me, thank you :) I'm very much enjoying my tasks...and the direction they are taking my little family in.
    God bless you and your family Faye :) Enjoy your salad!
    Carly xx

  2. Looks so fresh and zesty - perfect for spring!
    Thanks for your care and friendship too

  3. Good morning again Faye!
    I just caught up with your lat post - I must say your dinner of Salmon looks wonderful but me not being any kind of a fish eater I can't say as I'd enjoy it but my husband sure would...

  4. This sounds so fresh and yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe! ♥

  5. Good morning Faye !
    It is another beautiful summer like day here , some of my Daffodils have bloomed and the others arent far behind ! Miggy and I went for our walk this morning , Then I cleaned my windows ! Taking the rest of the day to relax and enjoy the sun and nature here ! Awesone recipes look and sound YUMMY ! Have a good day !

  6. Sounds very interesting. Our family loves salmon..especially our African children. And we have four large salmon in our freezer. Probably time to bring one out.

    Thanks for the recipe...and have a blessed day.

  7. Hi Faye, this salad looks absolutely amazing. I love the step by step instructions, I am going to buy some fresh salmon and make this. Perfect for me as I do not eat meat on Wednesday and Fridays during Lent (and I am thinking of continuing this all the time!) xo

  8. Afternoon Faye Henry
    The salad looks yummy. I can't wait to try.
    I have been eatting more salads and this looks like a wonderful change.
    I can't wait to get my next homework.
    Love In Him

  9. This salad looks and sounds so good. I love salmon and salad so they can go together well. And I even tried to pronounce the name, which was easy, but I can't remember it! lol Dark clouds are rolling in so I think we might get a shower this evening and then the temperature will be back to normal for March. Hugs, Pamela

  10. Hell Dear Faye....Yes....I am thoroughly enjoying my homework. I keep thinking that my children will read my journal someday and I will be so happy that they do. They will know so much about me and my faith. It is fun and easy. I look forward to the next homework assignment.