Thursday, January 17, 2013

January Days....

Hello everyone.. 

Just a short posting for you tonight.. 
It has been a couple of days since I last posted so am sharing a few pics of our doings...

A heart that I made... 
It is made from a tea towel.. 
But I believe I will tea dye it some more... 

Yesterday we had our city day.. smile.. 

Dropped by the Big Stop for breakfast first.. 
We have a favorite waitress there.. grin..  

Visited my Thrift Shops looking for Homespun Christmas ideas.. smile.. 

 While we were in the city the snow started coming down.. 
By evening the roads were hazardous and Bible Study had to be cancelled but we arrived home safe and sound.. 
Thank the Lord.. 

Made some rolls today with the no knead recipe that you can find 

The inspiration came from our lovely daughter who emailed me to say she was using the recipe and making rolls.. 
I told her Dad and he wanted some, too.. smile..

She sent me a pic of her first try .. 
They look great,eh?

My sprouts are turning out rather well.. 

Another couple of days and they will start going into some salads... 

I don't have any pics but have been tweaking the kitchen for Heart month... 
I will show you some pics soon.. 
I need to make a couple of hearts for the centrepiece... 
Have a new runner, curtains and such.. 

Someone in this house is very happy that the NHL is back on the air..
He is looking forward to watching my sweet cousin.. 

He is playing this weekend, I think.. 
Brad Marchand... smile.. 

I had a couple of lovely long conversations on the phone today.. 
People don't seem to do that much anymore, do they? 
I find phone conversations so more enjoyable.. 
Do you? 

Thank you so much for your visit... 
So glad you dropped by and thank you so much for your lovely comments.. 

What are you doing on your January days?  
God bless sweet friends.. 


  1. lovely post Faye!
    now I want rolls too!
    hope the season goes great for your cousin!
    we have our first big snow, over 6" of the big wet sticky kind, lows tonight in the 20's.
    the snow will stay with us a few days.
    I love the little heart!

  2. I bet a lot of Canadian hockey fans are happy now lol , I know my mum would of been if she was still here may she RIP she loved hockey . Buns look YUMMY ! I am glad you two got home safely after your city trip ! Cute heart you made . It is cold here but still no snow as of yet falling still green here ! Have a good evening my friend !

  3. Hello Faye, Terry must be a very good driver to get you both home safe in a snow storm. The Lord was with you. And then....I bet it felt so good to be home! I love the heart that you made. I love everything about it...expecially the country and prim.......and the wire for hanging. Good job there, girl. Shonda's rolls will go quickly with the boys in her house.. They look like yours and just delicious. I have to take some time and make that recipe.I have always wanted to. Where does the time go?

    Good luck to your cousin and the hockey team he plays for. You all must be very proud.

    Blessings and peace,

  4. Those rolls look so yummy Faye. Will have to check out that recipe. Well, you will get a good laugh when you hear about my day. We had a "Looking for a Snowflake" lunch here at the home place today. Holly brought over soup, and a dear friend came and joined her Darbee Rae and me for a great lunch and then we were like little kids {just like Darbee} looking out the window as we were suppose to get snow. Nothing that was going to stick, but snow nontheless. Well darkness arrived and we never saw a flake. We were all disappointed but had a fun day of conversation and food. You take care

  5. The rolls sure look yummy! I think Shonda did well with hers too. ;) I spent the day in town, at the dentist for my check up - not at good as the last 2 years - and some shopping. I was going into the grocery store and a huge snow squall came up. It was wild for about 15 minutes and the wind blew like crazy then the sun came out again. Yesterday's snowfall was so pretty. We got about 2 inches of fluff. I forgot that Brad is your cousin. A lot of people are happy to see hockey back on TV. We don't watch it at all, hockey that is. I hope you have a good Friday and weekend. Hugs, Pamela

  6. Sorry you missed your favourite waitress, I believe she was on Cape Sable Island, N.S. for a few days! lol The rolls look delicious, I must check out the recipe sometime, even though I am allergic to the I had forgot you had a cousin that played hockey, that would make it so much more exciting to watch. Be careful on those slippery roads & enjoy your date night tomorrow!

  7. Faye the rolls look so yummy!One of these days I am going to get brave enough to try making some.We still have not had any snow.Lovely heart that you made and I am so looking forward to seeing more of your decor for Valentines.Hugs,Jen

  8. What nice rolls, bet they taste even better. How nice to have a famous athlete in the family. Stay warm and cozy. xo

  9. The rolls look delicious. I always enjoy hearing about your day. Have a blessed day!

  10. Hello Faye,

    I have looked for a while to all your cozy and beautiful photographs on your header.
    I like them all!!

  11. I love this nice pics! Cozy and I wish I could bake such yammie things!

  12. HI Faye;

    Your heart looks lovely - what a great idea. I look forward to seeing the pics of your heart decorated kitchen.

    With the experience gained using your no knead bread recipes I was inspired to tackle a Parmesan Herb no knead bread recipe from last evening. It called for a 1/2 c of Parmesan to be mixed in with the flour. It went great with the hamburger soup I made for supper.

    One of your readers commented on a 15 minute snow squall. Yesterday we watched one in the late afternoon come up and drive against our windows. When we went out for a walk awhile later we saw evidence in the form of little balls of snow that looked fake, like movie snow.

    I had a great telephone conversation yesterday too!


    1. You can be sure - "NO KNEAD" to fear... these will be made today.

      You have inspired me... for sure.

      I'm pulling the ingredients right now. ;)

  13. Those rolls look delicious. I can almost smell them. I may have to make a big ole pan of those for supper tonight. Have a great weekend.

  14. Your rolls look delicious. I am glad you made it home safe and sound. We got snow yesterday. It is so pretty here. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  15. I had forgotten about the fact that Brad Marchand is your cousin, I guess his dad isn't sending out posters anymore, I haven't received mine, that's all right. No worries. I had forgotten all about it!
    Your rolls do look lovely as well as Shondas, I think I will try them as soon as I'm done this. I have the bread making itch lately, my husband is loving it. :) But my waist is not... if it's there I must eat it, I love it so much!
    Have a lovely weekend, my friend, love and hugs, Cindy

  16. The rolls look so delicious! I can taste them from here. Mmmmm.

    So neat that you have a cousin who plays hockey! My husband and one of his friends really love to watch hockey, so they may even know who he is :)

    Hope you have a great weekend, Faye!

  17. Sweet heart Faye, I also made one with a pocket.......Those buns look so yummy, always find myself hungry reading your blog, Smile........Yes, I'm glad hockey is back, we just got our team back in Winnipeg last season so we are really happy to have them play again now.......Blessings Francine.

  18. how exciting for your cousin! reward him with some yummy rolls!

  19. Mmmm~ those rolls look so yummy, Faye. I sometimes wonder why I come here and let you torture me with all your yummy pictures. *grin* But I do keep coming back...
    Sounds like you all have been getting some bad weather... we had 3 inches of snow here yesterday and true to form here in the South, everything shut down.
    (Don't laugh.... 3 inches is a blizzard to us! *ha*)
    Hugs, sweet friend.

  20. Hmmm... I think I don't do enough in a day... :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  21. The rolls look yummy. Been missing phone conversations! Have a wonderful weekend. Live ur postings. Pam calhoun

  22. Sorry spelling live should be love

  23. Love that sweet heart...and those rolls...Oh,yum is all I can say :) Stay warm....Blessings