Saturday, January 26, 2013

Making it all a little more country.....

Happy Saturday Evening everyone.. 
How are you all today? 

This week has flown by and another weekend has rolled around .. 
We had a lovely evening with our company last night.. 
I did not take many pics but will share them with you next week.. 

For tonight I am just showing some changes that I have slowly been managing to do in the dining-living-sun rooms... 

As you recall I posted these pics of before.. 
 and shared with you that I wanted to make the room more country and primitive.. 

Although, we probably won't get the floor done for a bit nor the painting I have changed it enough to make me happy.. 
happier... you know ... compromised... 
And that is a good thing.. 

I will putter away and add and subtract as the Winter goes on.. 
Terry thinks we need a new counter top and such before we start on that project but that is fine.. 

I love the new fireplace mantel and a few of the added touches.. 

I took the carriage to the farm but will sell it in the shop this Summer.. I hope.. smile. 
The border and lace is all gone and more homespun and less frilly stuff.. 

Shall we say it is a nice change.. 
I moved the old chair in here.. (sun room)

I can't bear to part with it as my Mom gave it to me for my 40 th birthday.. a long time ago... 

I guess that is all for tonight... 
Tomorrow is the Lord's Day and I have a few chores to do.. 

Our oldest son and family are coming for dinner after church so have to do a bit of food prep.. 

Thanks so much for your visit.. 
So happy to have you dear new followers..

Take care and enjoy your families.. 

God bless...


  1. Looks lovely. You have some gorgeous pieces - love the spinning wheel and the vintage sewing machine. I hope you have a blessed weekend,

  2. It looks so nice and inviting... you have a lovely home.

  3. I think your house is lovely ! Oh my mum had a spinning wheel and the carding combs when we had our sheep sheared she would card the wool and then spin it and that sewing machine is exactly like the one she had as well I loved the way it popped out of the desk awesome ! I am glad you had a nice visit with your friends . Have a good evening and a nice lords day !

  4. looks to me Faye as if you might have to come over here and help me :-) x x x
    WHAT.. not a cobweb in sight :-) ;-) x x x

  5. Your house looks so peaceful and homey, Faye!

  6. :) Do I smell coffee in that sun room?

  7. I like the changes you've made Faye. Love the old sewing machine set up at the end of the love seat and the teapot and biscuit jar (?) on the coffee table. The old fireplace is beautiful. Your living room is nice and bright with the wall of doors/windows. Have a wonderful Lord's Day. Blessings, Pamela

  8. have the most beautiful home :) The treadle, the big Wheel in the far corner...just lovely :)

  9. Faye your home is so cozy and welcoming.Love the old sewing machine and the spinning wheel.The changes are lovely.Enjoy your Sunday and the visit with the family.Hugs,Jen

  10. Beautiful & welcoming!
    Thanks for stopping today...
    we are ready for evening bible/family time
    so off to the living room!
    Everyone just left....big day & ready for 'bed' smile
    Have a blessed Lord's day.
    Hugs & blessings~
    Lori for all

  11. lovely changes! sometimes compromise is so refreshing! grins!
    love the mantel, the china cabinet, oh everything!
    I have the women in yellow picture too. a tiny bit of a story to that, another day to tell.
    blessings and hugs!

  12. It looks great! So welcoming and cozy. I love the cabinet in your dining room. It's so beautiful!

  13. I love it all...looking so wonderful! I truly believe I could come to your home as if on a tour, so many things to take in and see. You have so many things that say my name :)

    I hope your Lord's day is blessed, and your lunch is filled with joy!
    In Him~

  14. Sweetie, That is coming together nicely and looking much more quaint and prim. I am alwways workimg on mine and changing is fun!I really like your new valances and the old sewing machine is a gem and makes a great sewing display, The carding is marvelous and are those some heats you have made.? Getting prim, Faye, I enjoyed seeing your major change. Of course, I love the big walking wheel like mine.No doubt about it , I think we have similar tastes. I've got Jim laid up with crutched at least until Tuesday and then we will see.

  15. I think it looks wonderful. Very warm, cozy and inviting (as any well decorated country home should be :)

  16. It looks very cozy.Enjoy dinner with your family.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  17. Morning Faye, what a wonderful cozy country home, looks so inviting......Enjoy the Lord's day with family, Blessings Francine.

  18. Really like your "decor" there. How cozy it looks. You have that special touch Faye.

  19. Hi Faye;

    Your rooms look lovely. I like all of your special touches like the yo yos pinned around the tea pot on the table.

    I have the same picture that you have of the little girl with the big hat. It appears that yours is hanging beside a spinning wheel, mine is hanging on a half wall beside a table.

    Thanks for sharing, as usual you are inspirational.


  20. It is warm and inviting, just as you are. Thank you for the tour, as always inspiration is found here...

  21. Your home is beautiful! You are such a good decorator. Enjoy your day with family. God bless.

  22. Beautiful! I love you open floor plan and your window placements.
    You have a very cozy style.

  23. Nice Article! Thanks for sharing with us. Jungle Cottage

  24. This is the first I've seen how all your dining room pieces are a set -- I just love that dining room set! Especially the tall china hutch. A very lovely room...

  25. Your house looks so cozy and inviting. I hopefully will get the living painted this year. It will be an off white and then I will put up my photography work in black frames. My own gallery. That's the plan. We are out of the cold, freezing weather we've had for a week. Now it's chilly with rain, but that's Oregon for ya! Hugs and blesses week to you!

  26. It all looks lovely Faye...You have been a busy lady. Blessings!

  27. Hi Faye,
    What great are well on you way to the prim/country life. So warm and cozy looking.

  28. Your changes are really nice, I enjoy seeing the prim style. The hearts, the little dress and your checked toppers are really nice! Your turquoise chair is gorgeous! A very comfy room!
    Hugs, Cindy

  29. So many lovely touches here and there, Faye! It's all about compromise!
    God bless

  30. your home says welcome!!! lovely lovely!!!

  31. What a lovely home you have! New reader and RSS'd your blog!