Friday, January 4, 2013

A soup kind of day...

Good Afternoon, my dears.. 
How are you all doing?  

As you know Terry and I have been down with the flu and we are thankful for your prayers.. 

We just start to think we are getting over it when it hits us again.. 

So annoying when you have dead pine boughs drooping and empty Kleenex boxes all over the place.. 

I noticed yesterday that the pine on the fireplace mantel here in the family room had turned a nice rusted color.. gross.. 
I could not stand it and when Terry went to the doctor I decided to start gathering some of it up.. 
At least it and the ones on the kitchen sill and such are gone.. 

There are of course some higher up but I am quite week and decided falling off of a chair once in the last few days was quite enough.. smile.. 

Lovely oranges are so good when you have a cold, eh? 

I did start to make something but just could not finish it today..

What do you think it is I am making?  

Here is a soup that I did yesterday ... 

My Gram always called this ... 

1 large chopped onion.. 
3 or 4 peeled and chopped potatoes.. 
Almost cover it with chicken broth (Gram used just water)
Add some salt and simmer away until tender.. 
I usually don't need to drain any of this but if you have a lot left then drain until you have about a cup left.. 
Then add about 1 cup of milk and some cereal cream until you 
have the amount of liquid you like.. 
A knob of butter, freshly ground pepper and a handful of chopped parsley.. 
Yummy with a crusty roll... 

You can double or triple this according to your family... 
This serves 2..

Hope you like it..
It is really good for what ails you.. smile..

Doing a little reading today.. 

Love old books like this.. 
A source of inspiration... 

Thanks so much for dropping by and listening to me complain.. 
God is good and we are fine.. 
Just a little under the weather.. 
And frustrated because there is so much to do... 

Perhaps tomorrow I will have the mystery stuff finished and can show you..

Meanwhile let me know what you think it is.... grin.. 
You guys are fun.. 

God bless you all... 


  1. Awe~
    So wish we were closer,
    I'd drop a lil-home made
    soup off! Yes, bread also Smile!
    Some times things that are simple and dropped off made just for us with prayer are so good and healing!
    Please know we are praying that soon, very soon you will both be feeling better and up and about once more!
    Hugs-prayers-blessings to you both~

  2. I love your poor man's soup. When my grandma cooks for us grandchildren, this is one of the soups she makes most often. I have very happy memories associated with this soup!

    I hope you two get to feeling better soon!

  3. When Papa here is under the weather his fave soup is chicken noodle . Your soup looks YUMMY ! I do hope you guys get well soon . It is very windy here today sounds like lions roaring out there ! Have a good evening !

  4. Faye,
    I'm sorry that you've been fighting the old flu.
    I'm sure that that yummy looking soup will help heal you.

    Take care, and take your time getting well again.

    Warm wishes...

  5. I love soup...made a pot of veggie soup yesterday! Feel better over there!! Happy New Year!

  6. The mixture looks interesting, could it be a salve or cream for the skin? Soup looks good too. Healthy. Hope you and Terry are feeling right as rain again soon. xo

  7. Oh is alright to complain, we are here for you :D I make soups daily. They are my everyday lunches. I come from Colombia, South America, and soup is always on the menu :) Have a blessed day! and praying that you'll begin to feel better :) mb

  8. I think you're making what I have been intending to make... liquid soap! Am I right?
    Your soup sounds wonderful, my mom used to make a soup like that and she would put baby clams in it occasionally to make clam chowder... yummy!
    I hope and pray that you are feeling better very soon, sweet lady. And please be patient, the work will be there when you're feeling better, so wait for that time.
    Love and prayers, Cindy

  9. Awww, you poor dear! Complain away! That is what friends are for. I wish I could come comfort you! I don't know that I could make soup. Chili or hot chocolate maybe? Or I could climb up to those high places for you! No more climbing for you! I will be praying for you, my dear Faye. For feeling poorly, you still posted such wonderful things!

    Love and hugs!

  10. I'm sorry you and Terry have such bad colds. Murray is just getting over one but it hasn't hit me yet. I hope you are both on the mend. I see that you made soup and I'm guessing you're making soap. Don't get them mixed up when you eat!! :) Take care and be well soon. Hugs, Pam

  11. I am sorry to hear you are still sick. Hopefully your on the tail end of it. I 'll check back to see what your making. I also am guessing soap. Since you already made a white soup.

  12. Faye I am so sorry that you and Terry are still sick.Praying that you both are feeling better soon.I love oranges anytime and that soup sounds yummy,momma makes one similar.I am guessing you are making soap.Hope that you enjoyed your books and the house cleaning will wait till you are feeling better.Hugs,Jen

  13. Faye, I hope both you and Terry are feelinf better soon. I think I will make a seafood casserole this weekend. I wonder if u r making some homemade soap? Get lots of rest Faye. Hugs to u.

  14. So sorry to hear you are still under the weather.
    Hope tomorrow you are doing better.
    Looks like soap making?? rebatching??

    Tomorrow we are going to make your soup, sounds just like what we need.
    Hugs & prayers!

    Here's a hint to file away. You know those trash picker upper things that look like a hand held cane and have the squeeze handle that compresses the little grabbers down at the end? they work very well for getting things up high that are light weight like those pine boughs, so you don't have to climb on chairs or ladders. Not good for heavy items but work well for light weight things. I use mine for a lot of odd job things around the house, not just trash, it saves a lot of bending and stooping down too.

  15. Hugs...hope you're on the mend now :) my guess is a soap of sorts... I'll have to check back to see if I'm right

  16. Hello Dearie......I was hoping you would be a lot better by now. I have heard it is bad and it takes a while to heal and be your old self again. I'm glad to see you have some great reading material...hope you find many things to share...hint,hint!!! I love old books.

    Jim came home with a bag of oranges today...oh, they are huge, sweet
    and juicy. He got them at Sam's.

    My guess is that you are making a scented milk bath for soaking in a nice warm bath. Oh...that would be very luxurious!

    Take care Faye, and wish my best to Terry. I hope you both are on the mend.

  17. Please get better!!

    Praying for you...and Terry. That soup sounds yummy and similar to what my Grammy would have made a lot.

    I would say the mystery stuff would have to be some sort of lotion in the works...

    I noted Tea Tree Oil... for sure, that is right up my mom's ally.

    Blessings on your day.

  18. Sounds like you've hit a rough time with your health. God is the ultimate healer, so I'll add your name to my prayer list.

    For now, you've gotten me hungry for soup. I'm heading to the kitchen to see what I have to throw in the pot. Its so cold here this morning.

    God bless you,

  19. Hi Faye;

    Lavender and Tea Tree have healing properties so my guess is a complexion soap???

    I have heard that it takes at least 10 days to rid one self of a bad cold or flu - I am sure that it feels longer though. I hope you are nearing the end of that countdown.

    I took my daughter to the airport this week. To cheer myself up I hit three thrift shops in Moncton/Dieppe. I think we would have had fun together.


  20. I certainly hope you are feeling better. The soup looks delicious. I make a soup very similar to this and the girls and I love it. Enjoy your day, rest and take it easy. God bless.

  21. I think the flu bug has cross many miles this seems to be everywhere...I am just getting a little better from it myself. That soup looks yummy. Hope you are well again very soon...sending up a prayer for the both of you....blessings

  22. Oh dear, I am just getting over a wretched cold or flu bug myself. I wasn't feeling well Dec. 24 night or next day. Sigh! Good thing I was feeling ok when our kids were here Dec. 24, got a fever later that night. Sure took the strength from me. I had to work as well. Am finally feeling better and now my daughter has a small version of it. Alot of people have it where she is working. Sigh! At least we had a good day with our son's family for Owen's 2nd birthday lunch then husband and I went to an aquarium for his late birthday gift. Son/wife/family didn't go cuz of child complications...sigh. But we had a good time and was so fun. Will go back since we got a year's pass for Christmas as well! Get to feeling better soon. I enjoy your posts.

  23. it's me again... missed you this morning at church...praying for you, Terry and your momma to feel better

  24. To my favorite mother in law Faye,
    Sorry you continue to be under the weather. Once you feel like having Shonda, the boys and I up again to stay the night, let us know. We had a good visit at Christmas and maybe we need to not wait so long the next time. If you make more rice and homemade bread I will come. I have a new journal for you and a nice new pen. Tell Jake I said hi. Your favorite son in law,