Monday, January 21, 2013

and now it is Monday again..

Good Evening everyone.. 
A rather nice but cold day here in Maritime Canada... 

I just wanted to thank you dear girls for all of your sweet comments on my last posting about looking forward to the Lord's Day.. 
We were blessed with good weather in this part of the province and it was a lovely day in the Lord... 

And now it is Monday again.. 
As you girls who have been around a bit you know that I always love Monday and look at it as a day that looks forward to a week of potential.. 

This week we are planning on having some sweet company towards the end of the week.. 
Looking forward to that.. 
So this week I am planning some menus and trying to clear a path.. grin.. 

I find January a month of inspiration.. 
Do you? 

I use this month to search books, pinterest and such for some lovely home keeping ideas.. 

I look for  cooking, crafts, homemade cleaners, toiletries and such.. 
And of course some decor thrown in there.

What inspires you ladies? 

The pictures above include a runner and napkins made from a table cloth when I was a guest on my friend's blog.. 
You can see it  HERE...

Then I am saving some citrus skins to make a lovely basket of fire starters that I found in this book HERE..

Some spice mixtures for some lovely Middle Eastern dishes that I made Terry experience.. smile..

And then my sprouts were delicious in a sandwich with homemade bread.. 
A wonderful breakfast..

I included a couple of pics that I love from Pinterest.. 
Just a wee bit of inspiration from there.. 
I love white ironstone dishes and have a collection.. 
I like the tile on the wall, too.. 
If I only had room for the old window.. smile..

Thank you for dropping by and I hope we get to chat again soon.. 
God bless... 



  1. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I enjoy your blog very much. I read your posts to my little daughter and she enjoys them, too!

  2. Lovely inspiring photos, my friend, good food, lovely table and pretty sights to see in the white ironstone. Have a really nice evening.
    Hugs, cindy

  3. Hi Faye , Lovely photos . Good to hear all is well . The temps here are awfully cold and the wind is just a roaring . January is cozy or hunker down time for us after we bundle up and take our Miggs for a walk in the crisp cold air to get into good books under a cozy blanket , read awesome blogs like this one, make lots of home made soups and stews , with the wood stove going and our fur babies beside us and enjoying watching the birdies at the feeders . This is our simple winter life ! Have a good day !

  4. Hello Faye, I just wanted you to know that I've made your NO NEED TO KNEAD BREAD twice now and am very happy with it. It's dense but delicious. It makes great French Toast...and a nice gift to give away.

    The first time I made it, I added Oats to the top and sea salt. Then I drizzled it with olive oil when I took it out of the oven.. Today, I just kept it as is.
    It was okay... as is. I think next time I will top with butter when I pull it from the oven.

    I am hoping you won't mind me posting your recipe and linking back to you of course, on my blog tomorrow(?) - I'm planning for tomorrow, anyway.

    Have a good evening.

    1. Hi Bevy.. help yourself and post away.. Thanks for the kindness of linking back, though.. I appreciate it..
      The no knead breads are all different in this blog but the one we use most is the rosemary no knead one.. I love the daily bread one but Terry thinks it is too crusty and dense so I make the other...
      God bless my friend...xo

    2. I just wanted to tell you, Faye, that I've been making your bread here like every other day or so. We keep one and I give one away (Mission Kindness - I talked about that on my blog when I posted the recipe)... anyway. Thanks again!

      Yesterday, I decided to substitute the sugar with honey. :) and used 3 cups Bread Flour and 1 cup Whole Wheat Pastry Flour. That right there was my favorite way so far...

      Delicious! Actually, I have yet to try it with Rosemary... hehee... I need to get me some.

  5. Hi Faye, I like the photo of your dining table. It looks so pretty with the blue and white china and your repurposed table runner. Great Pinterest photos - love the open cupboard. You sure do find some interesting things to make off Pinterest. Blessings, Pamela

  6. Gorgeous table setting, Faye! Who wouldn't want to sit down and have a delicious meal at one of your table settings?

  7. What great pictures. I love the sunlight coming in and shining on the food. We have not seen the sun like that in a few weeks.

    Have a wonderful evening.


  8. I love your photos, Faye. I imagine the citrus fire starters must be heavenly. I miss my wood burning fire place, maybe one I will have one again. If not to be, at least I have nice memories of it. I am glad you have music back o your blog. I always loved that version of Amazing Grace. This melody is lovely, too, and it suits your blog so well. xo

  9. Loving the photos, as usual.
    Wondering what else is on that sprout sandwich?
    I love the Pinterest photo of the cupboard,
    everything just looks so great with white.
    Your own table runner and settings are just so pretty.
    Hoping you have a wonderful week, dear Faye!

  10. Morning Friend
    Love all the beautiful photos and beautiful music here this morning.
    Oh I so love mornings.
    The quiet and peace.
    Woolie Love to you

  11. Hi Trace...
    We are going to the city so only have time for one reply right now.. But..
    What music.. I can't hear any and can't remember where I put the widget..
    Will look when I get back..
    Enjoy.... smile...xo

  12. Beautiful pictures! The table setting is beautiful! Enjoy your day and God bless.

  13. Hi Faye;

    Before Xmas I made your citrus cleaner. I used organic lemon peels and vinegar. It has been sitting in the window since then looking very pretty but I know it has a better use. I don't use spray cleaners except in the bathroom - do you think it would work as a disinfectant in that room?


  14. Beautiful table setting Faye! Have a wonderful week! Isn't pinterest full of inspiration!!
    God bless

  15. Your sandwich with sprouts looks yummy! I've been wanting to make my own sprouts but I never get around to it. I need to schedule it so I'll get it done!

  16. Lovely post with so many beautiful pics!Love visiting you my friend.Hugs,Jen

  17. there's music on here??? I think I'm getting ripped off- I can't remember the last time it played over my computer...oh well, I'd probbly get distracted while trying to read- I'm not a good multitasker-lol
    ps- Pinterest is cool :)